western themed teacher appreciation ideas

How to Put on a Western Themed Teacher Appreciation Event

There are a lot of teacher appreciation themes that teachers are over. Anything with apples, for example. Just ask a teacher what they think and I’m almost certain that they’ll grimace. Instead, why not treat your school staff to a Western themed ho-down teacher appreciation event? This post will give you a bunch of ideas […]

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cinco de mayo teacher appreciation week ideas

How to Put on a Cinco de Mayo Teacher Appreciation Week

Cinco de Mayo often falls during Teacher Appreciation Week… So why not go all out with this theme by showing them they’re Nacho Average teachers? Thanks for putting up with that dad joke… Onto the good stuff! Cinco de Mayo Decorations First, you will want to have a lot of fun with decorating for this […]

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survivor themed teacher appreciation ideas

How to Put on a Survivor Themed Teacher Appreciation Week

By the time Teacher Appreciation Week comes in May, you bet that teachers are definitely feeling like they’re survivors! As much as they love their jobs and the children in their classes, the reality is that post-Spring Break is a real struggle. So play up that fact by putting on a silly theme that they’ll […]

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