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Rockin’ Teacher Appreciation Week with a Fun Rock Star Theme

Teacher Appreciation Week is the perfect time to celebrate the hard work and dedication of the educators and staff who work tirelessly to support our children’s education.

And what better way to show our appreciation than with a Rock Star themed celebration?

Here are some tips for planning a Rock Star themed teacher appreciation week hosted by the PTO any group can easily pull off.

Form a Committee

Staff Appreciation is a great cause to get parents involved and pitching in to lighten the load of the Staff Appreciation Chair.

Get a group of parents, PTO volunteers or not, who are enthusiastic about planning a Rock Star themed week.

This committee should include a mix of creative minds and logistical thinkers, who are willing to help make the week’s events happen.

Ask for help with everything from decorating to menu planning and coming up with gifts and other fun celebrations, both big and small, to honor the teachers and staff.

Develop the Theme

Come up with a some ideas to incorporate the Rock Star theme for the week, such as “Rock Star Teachers Rockin’ the Classroom” or “Bluestone Elementary Staff are Rock Stars.”

This name should be used throughout all of the week’s materials, such as flyers that go home to invite participation from students and families, bulletin boards in the school, the invitation sent to all school staff, and social media posts showing the daily events.

If a parent with great design skills can lend a hand, ask them to create a logo or graphic that incorporates the theme to use on the invitations and promotions to celebrate the week.

Invite Staff

Sometimes communication breaks down in schools, especially near the end of the school year when schedules get hectic in the closing days of school.

So be sure all staff know about what you have planned for them by personally inviting them.

Decorate to Impress

By selecting a single theme for the week’s celebration, you can save money on decorations by reusing them throughout the week.

It’s also a time saver since you decorate once and then the staff gets to enjoy your efforts all week long!

Cover the front of the event room door with this fabulous sign that with signal to the teachers and staff that they’re in for a treat as soon as they walk through the door.

Another way to tweak the atmosphere of the room just a bit with some fun is this party light.

Cover up a wall with this stage backdrop.

This collection of tinsel curtains and balloons layers nicely with the backdrop. 

This group of records, musical notes and guitar decorations could be use in myriad of ways in the event space to decorate cabinet doors, used as table toppers, hung from the ceiling or used as wall decor.

Hanging musical notes is a fun way to decorate an unexpected place, the ceiling!

Mix in balloons with different colors, like this set of metallic balloons. The slight shimmer is really fun!

If you’re leaning hard into the hard rock of the rock star world, these balloons will appeal to metal heads for sure.

Hanging a disco ball in the staff lounge or event room may be a touch impractical, but you can still bring in something to evoke the same feeling.  And who knew they made disco ball balloons?  

Plan Daily Celebration Ideas

Delight your staff with a different treat each day of the work week!


Kick off the week of celebration with a delicious dessert bar.

Set up a decorated table to show off the delicacies.

This disposable tablecloth sets the right tone for the week-long party and will make clean up a snap.

Confetti is another way to add a layer of dimension and texture to the table decor.

One of the ways to create a gorgeous display is to add varying heights to the items on the table and using this riser set makes it easy.

And they can be used to bring other appreciation week themes to life!

Cupcakes are an easy go-to dessert. Fit them into the theme with these rock star cupcake liners and topper set.

Decorated sugar cookies are also a super fun way to incorporate the rock star theme. This music cookie cutter set has lots of good options.

For a take and go treat, these rock candy sticks are a good choice.

How about some microphone cake pops? Bake up some cake pops, cover with fondant and decorate with an edible marker.

Opting for a throwback 90s rockstar theme?  These plates and napkins are so adorable and perfectly sized for desserts!


Pop a personalized note of gratitude and appreciation into each staff member’s school mailbox.

Drive home the rock star theme for the week by include one of these fun rock stickers with the note.

A bunch of stickers (500!) come in the pack, so you can also use them to decorate with throughout the week and also give to staff again in a different way later in the week.

More details on ideas for that in a bit.


Treat staff to lunch to help them get through the mid week hump day.

Enlist parents to bring in different dishes to feed the whole school crew or partner with a local caterer to provide the food.

On theme plates are always a fun decoration and this tableware set is good if you’re going for a hard rock look.


Set up a snack cart and deliver treats to staff members in their classrooms or offices.

Prepackage popcorn in these musical cello bags for a super cost effective treat.

If you don’t have a popcorn machine at your disposal, get some bags of Skinny Pop to offer.

Pringles are a popular salty snack choice.

As are Cheez-Its.

Also be sure to offer some sweet options as well and a lot of people love Oreos.

A slightly healthier option are these Kind granola bars.

And having a nutty option that can go sweet or savory like these trail mix packs is a fantastic idea to round out the snack cart offerings!


End the week with a gift they’ll love!

These boom box gift boxes are sure to make them smile and are a great way to dress up small gifts.

Add a lanyard to the gift box that they can wear for the day and then throughout the rest of the school year too.

Help staff bust stress with a star stress ball.

Chocolate kisses are a classic favorite for gift bags and buying in bulk can help save your PTO some money while planning all of the fun for the week!

Over to You!

A Rock Star themed teacher appreciation week is a fun way to show appreciation for the hard work of the teachers and staff in your school.

With a planning committee, a catchy theme, and a variety of events and decorations, you can create a memorable week that will be appreciated by all.

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