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33 Fabulous Hot Air Balloon Appreciation Event Ideas

A delightfully fun appreciation theme sure to land smiles on each and every face is a hot air balloon themed week of festivities!

Because how can anyone not radiate love eyes with such a light and cheery motif?

This post is chock full of dozens of ideas you and your PTO have absolutely license to steal and use to love on your staff or volunteer for your next appreciation event!


Decorating the room where you’ll put on the appreciation event is a really nice touch that can add so much and really communicate how deeply you appreciate all they’ve done for your school community.

For a really impactful look, hang some fun patterned and shaped lanterns from the ceiling.

Add in a mix of clouds between the balloon lanterns to give the sky high effect.

This rainbow banner is nice for creating an cozy seating area.

Balloons are a pretty inexpensive decoration that’ll last for days.

Formed into a column, they’ll last even longer!

Using this air pump can save your lungs and cheeks from an excessive workout blowing up all of the balloons.

This pennant banner is an easy way to add a pop of color to a wall or table edge.

Daily Ideas


Start off the week on a sweet note with a dessert bar!

These square scalloped plates are perfectly sized so attendees can sample a few different treats.

And here’s coordinating scalloped and gold foil dot napkins. Too cute!

Cupcakes are cost effective way to make treats for a crowd. And these reversible cupcake liners make baking even easier.

The pattern on this set of cupcake wrappers are kinda cloud like and dreamy.

For a solid pastel color scheme, this cupcake wrapper set is really nice and you could make enough for all a few times over.

Add a few of these glittery cupcake toppers into a few of the treats for a gorgeous display.

This three dimensional cupcake topper is another great choice to add a pop to the treat display.

These strawberry baskets would look cute to display smaller desserts, like these mints, especially since they look like the bottom of hot air balloons.

Add a gingham liner to keep everything nice and tidy.

Cotton candy would be a fun addition to the dessert offerings. Gives a cheeky nod to the clouds where hot air balloons commingle.


Write a personalized note of thanks to express your appreciation on these hot air balloon notecards.

Or opt for this set of cards if you prefer a more photorealistic look.


Set up a fun popcorn snack bar to liven up the middle of the week.

These striped popcorn boxes in pastel rainbow color array will look really fantastic filled with a yummy treat. And they’ll be a wonderful portable container for on the go snacking.


Begin to wrap up the week with a luncheon for all.

Dress up the tables in the room with disposable tablecloths to not only add another layer of inexpensive decoration, but also make clean up a snap!

Tableware that’s a match to the theme is a fun addition and these pastel hot air balloon plates couldn’t be more perfect!

For a slightly different non-matchy look, here’s another option for theme adjacent cloud plates and napkins.

Sprinkle some confetti across the table for a bit of glitz and sparkle.

Be sure to label food items with allergens with nuts and highlight vegan items so guests with dietary restrictions can enjoy without hesitation.


End the week with a bag of treats for everyone!

Pop them in their mailbox or set in the office for volunteers to easily snag.

Here’s a slightly larger goody bag option.

As for what to add into the bags, here are a few ideas!

Carry the hot air balloon theme through to the gift bag with these super cute keychains. How cute is the smiling cloud?

EOS lip balms are super popular and are definitely a thoughtful little gift.

Everyone will also enjoy having an extra tube of hand lotion.

Dark chocolate is heart healthy and yummy to boot!

As are almonds. Ignore the sugary chocolate as a health benefit, but everyone will still enjoy this chocolate treat mix.

Over to You!

How fabulous are these hot air balloon party ideas?

Your volunteers and school staff are sure to love what ever combination of ideas you use to put on a treat for them.

Have fun and hope you’re inspired!

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