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28 Fun Ideas for the Best Wizard Themed Teacher Appreciation Week


Your staff will be so delighted when your PTO puts on a Harry Potter Wizard theme appreciation event to thank them for all they do for your school. All they put up with.

All the hours they work.

All the time they spend after the workday is technically done, prepping lesson plans and getting everything lined up to teach kids what they need to know.

This theme is actually pretty appropriate because teachers are kinda magical and wondrous wizards for what they can do with limited budgets, making it all work to get the job done.

So let’s dive into some fun ideas to help make this wizard theme come to life for a week of appreciation events!

Give the teachers and staff a taste of what’s to come by hanging these door banners on either side of the teacher’s lounge.

And give them another surprise by hanging this brick wall in the doorway so when they walk through, they’ll feel like they’ve been transported to Hogwarts.

A simple way to transform the walls is to add a decorative mural.

Carry the decorations up to the ceiling and hang some ceiling swirls for a fun touch.

Balloons are a pretty quick and inexpensive way to add huge pops of color to further help transform the space. Bunch in groups and arrange around the room or make a garland like shown in the picture above.

Add in a few of these printed balloons to further drive the wizardly theme into the mix. If you’ll be serving food throughout the week, decorate them too!

This set comes complete with a matching tablecloth and tableware.

This argyle patterned table cloth with red brick runner duo is a super fun choice.

Sprinkle on this table confetti for some added glitz.

Daily Ideas

Here are some fun ideas for each day of the work week!


Start the week off with a gift bag in every staff member’s mailbox for a nice surprise. Make up a few tasty golden snitches and pop them in the bags.

All it takes is some yummy Ferrero Rocher hazelnut candies.

And a set of wings!

These page clips are another good option for including in the gift bag since they can be used as bookmarks, chunky paperclips, or page markers.

Make up some chocolate frogs for another little treat.


Set up a popcorn bar for everyone to enjoy!

These Harry popcorn boxes are too perfect.

Or make it a to go pop corn bar by making up bags of popcorn and packaging them in these cute cellophane owl bags.


Send each staff members home with a cupcake or other delectable dessert!

And top them off with this fun sprinkle mix.

And for a extra fun touch, pop a cupcake topper in a few too.


Make the end of the week fly by by hosting a luscious luncheon for all to enjoy.

These food trays are a great alternative for plates.


End the week with a fun scratch off game!

As for the prize to give away? Buy or seek a donation for a prize the staff will really love!

Maybe a gift basket filled with a generous gift card

a back massager

some destress spray

a big bag of chocolate

some tension release tea

and this clean swear coloring book

or this coloring book!

A few additional ideas are:

an eye pillow

a set of soy candles

and some self care and mindfulness cards.

Over to You!

Hope you’re now inspired and have some ideas on how to add fun elements to your celebration of teachers and staff, whether for Appreciation week or any other time. Because every day is the perfect day to thank them for all they do for your school community!

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