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The Ultimate PTO Membership and Involvement Guide

So many groups unfortunately struggle to boost membership and involvement.

But it doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth to get parents involved!

We have a ton of blog posts and resources to both help inspire and motivate parents to step up as volunteer and leaders for your PTO and improve your school community.

There’s so much goodness here, so grab a cup of your favorite beverage and settle in to read and learn.

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Top Membership Advice and Guidance

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How to be the Best PTO Membership Chair – All the best ideas and tips for being hands down the absolute best Membership Chair for your PTO. Simple ideas that break down this sometimes intimidating board position.

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How to Set Up the Perfect PTO Membership Table – Learn how to set your membership campaign up for success and have everything you need to sign up dozens of new volunteers and members!

Tips and Tricks for Boosting Membership and Parent Involvement

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How to Get Engagement on Facebook for Your PTO – Looking to expand your PTO’s reach beyond the take home folder or email inbox of students and families? This post outlines strategies for getting more eyeballs on your PTO’s Facebook posts.

7 Events that Get Parents Involved in PTO – Sometimes seeing is believing and these school events will inspire parents to not only participate, but motivate them to get involved in your PTO to help continue the awesome events!

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Does Your PTO Really Need a Welcome Packet? – Learn if Welcome Packets are a waste of time or an essential part of your membership campaign. You’ll be surprised to learn the true answer!

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The Secret to Getting Parents Involved in PTO – Pssst, I know you want to be let in on this well kept secret, so give this post a read!

managing volunteers

How to Recruit and Manage Volunteers for Big Events – Need a bunch of volunteers for an upcoming event? You’ll want to read this article for tips on filling up your slots with willing helpers!

the biggest volunteer recruiting mistake PTOs make

The Biggest Volunteer Recruiting Mistake PTOs Make – Sad to say, but too many PTOs default to this method of getting new volunteers and it almost always backfires. Learn what to avoid.

how to keep PTO volunteers coming back

How to Keep PTO Volunteers Coming Back – Getting parents to volunteer one time is one thing. Getting them to sign up to help again, or better yet, step up as a leader is entirely another. Easy strategies any PTO can use to get volunteers coming back like boomerangs are revealed in this post.

A hack for more PTO volunteer sign ups.

A Hack to Get More Volunteer Sign Ups – Fun fact, you’ll get more volunteers when you reduce the barriers as much as possible. This hack shines the spotlight on a huge barrier most PTOs don’t even realize is there!

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Funny T-Shirts for PTO Leaders and Volunteers – A T-Shirt can go a long way in helping parents feel like they’re part of the PTO Tribe. Find some options that’ll give members a chuckle or two.

why parents don't volunteer for PTO PTA or school

Why Parents Don’t Volunteer – Getting PTO volunteers isn’t as easy as the Field of Dreams “build it and they will come method.” Get the inside track on what that is in this article.

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How to Get Even More Parent Involvement in Your PTO Easily – Don’t resort to begging to get parents helping out as volunteers for PTO events! Use these strategies to boost parent involvement the healthy and more effective way instead.

Why Parents Are Running From Your PTO

Why Volunteers Are Running From Your PTO – Ever have a potential volunteer literally turn on their heel and run from you when they see you coming? This post dives into why that is and how to avoid that situation.

How to get parents to not ignore PTO events with clipboard and flowers

How to Get Parents to NOT Ignore PTO Events – It can sometimes seems like parents are straight up not paying attention to what’s happening in your PTO. This post breaks down how to avoid that frustrating situation.

Can you fire PTO volunteers from PTO Answers

Can You Fire PTO Volunteers? – Are you stuck with bad or flaky volunteer or is there something you can do about it? Read and learn!

How to get parents to show up for PTO events

How to Parents to Show Up for Your PTO Events – Planning an entire event and having no one but your PTO BFFs show is a bummer. Read this post for how to avoid that unfortunate situation.

How not to recruit leaders for your PTO from PTO Answers on a purple background with purple galaxy pencils and a pink tasseled notebook.

How Not to Recruit Leaders for Your PTO – Need some fresh ideas and helpers to carry on the PTO workload? Don’t do any of this!

5 Things PTOs Do that Parents Hate

5 Things PTOs Do that Parents Hate – Hold on to your hat for this tough love piece on things that PTOs do that are literally driving parents away.

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How to Get More PTO Volunteers – I know you’re ready for even more tips and strategies for increasing helpers, so give this post a read.

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How to Recruit Leaders for Your PTO- Easily! – Turns out there’s an easy way to get new leaders for your PTO and this post reveals all!

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8 Ways to Recognize Volunteers and Increase Involvement – Showing the love to your PTO’s volunteers will inspire them to come back and help, and here are eight ways to shower them with appreciation.

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All PTA and PTO groups want and need more parents to get involved in their group. Learn the best ways to make parent engagement happen plus mistakes to avoid!

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Use this genius strategy to get and retain parent volunteers for your school parent group, whether PTO or PTA long term. Genius idea that any group can use to get more helpers and grow their volunteer base.

Top Membership and Parent Involvement Resources

In addition to all of the blog articles focusing on membership and parent involvement, we also have some brilliant resources:

PTA PTO Parent Involvement Success Kit in rainbow theme

The Parent Involvement Success Kit combines guidance and forms for everything you need to create a strategic membership drive, pre-worded and designed flyers, New Family Welcome Packet, plus a bank of events ideas to attract and keep families engaged! You’ll love seeing all the fresh faces and volunteers after implementing the strategies outlined in the 7 Steps to Boost Parent Involvement class.
Learn more about this essential bundle here.

pink and blue color scheme room parent kit to organize class parties

A well run Room Parent program is key to keeping your Elementary PTO healthy with a bevy of helping hands at the ready. This expansive kit has everything you’ll need to get your program up and running and equip volunteers to successfully manage their role as a Room Parent. Learn more about this kit here.

printable forms, templates and book for better PTA PTO meetings

Parents who attend PTO meetings are better informed and more likely to become leaders in your group. Learn the fundamentals of good PTO meetings and get some tools to fill the room on meeting nights to boot! Learn more here.

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