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The Ultimate Guide to PTO Fundraising for Schools

Whether you’re a new PTO Fundraising Chair or an experienced leader looking for some new ideas, we have just what you’re looking for to sharpen up those school fundraising skills to rake in the big bucks to meet your fundraising goals.

Explore our collection of tips, tricks and tried and true strategies and resources!

Top Fundraising Posts

How to be the Best PTO Fundraising Chair – Smart and clever tips to how to be the queen bee of fundraising and leave everyone wondering how you make it look for effortless.

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Non-Traditional School Fundraisers That Work! – Tired of ho hum catalog or cookie dough fundraisers? These out of the box ideas will have you raking in the profits!

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Questions to Ask Before Signing the Fundraiser Contract – Be sure to give this post a read before signing on the dotted line so you can perfectly position yourself in a winning spot.

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Four Fundraisers to Avoid At All Costs – These types of fundraisers are stinky and won’t help you reach your fundraising goal, so forget about them before wasting your time.

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Quick and Easy Fundraisers for PTAs and PTOs – Need a quick infusion of cash? These fundraising ideas will fatten up your PTO’s bank account without much trouble on your part.

The Best Way to Get PTO Donations – A different way to fundraise is to get donations of either items or cash. Smart ways for taking the stress out of the ask.

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How Many Fundraisers Should PTOs Have? – Turns out there is a magic number for how many fundraisers your PTO should be running each year. Going over this number could spell disaster for your group!

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How to Double Your PTO Fundraising Income – No matter the type of fundraiser, use these simple strategies for 2xing your income.

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How to Choose the Best School Fundraiser – Sometimes it’s hard to narrow down fundraising options. This post walks you through how to find one that’s the best fit for you, your PTO and school.

How to Avoid a Failed PTO Fundraiser – No one likes to fail, especially in the realm of fundraising! Follow these tips to avoid disaster.

How to Recover from a Failed PTO Fundraiser – What happens after a flopped fundraiser? Read to find out how to recover, no matter how badly things went.

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The Untapped Resource You’re Overlooking as a PTO – Don’t overlook this area for bringing in more money and resources for your PTO.

How to be the Best Box Tops Chair – Collecting pink labels (digitally, of course)? Learn how to make the job easier.

21 Out-of-the-Ordinary PTO Fundraisers – Skip the traditional catalog school fundraiser and opt for something that’s a little bit different, yet just as profitable, if not more!

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A Fundraiser Every PTO /PTA Should Know About – Fundraising for PTO / PTA groups shouldn’t be hard or require giving up a percentage of the profits for “platform fees.” There’s a superior and more modern antidote to boring school fundraising and I have the inside scoop in this post. Pin to read later or click through to get into the loop now!

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“No Stuff” Fundraisers to Try Now – It’s time to freshen up your PTO’s fundraising routine with a product-free fundraiser. Changing up the pace will make school families take notice for smashing results.

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5 Fast Money Fundraisers to Try – If your PTA or PTO is looking to raise some money quickly, these 5 school fundraisers will make that happen. Whether filling a fundraising gap or you just need some extra money, these ideas will put money in your bank fast!

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5 Tricks to Massively Boost Fundraising Income – Steal these fundraising secrets to earn more money for your PTO / PTA or school! Simple ideas any group can easily implement now and going forward to boost the bottom line.

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Steal this Foolproof Spring Fundraising Plan – Take this fundraising plan and use it to run a ton of money for your school, PTO or PTA this Spring! These fundraiser strategies are sure to bring in the big dollars so you can put on events to wow the students and families!

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Shake off stale PTO fundraisers with these 4 tips guaranteed to freshen on your fundraising game plan. Any PTO, PTA or non-profit can leverage these tragedies to earn more with less effort!

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Approaching local businesses to raise money for your school and PTO needs to be in your fundraising playbook, stat! This partnership presents a lucrative opportunity for both parties and your fundraising is falling flat without this aspect. Perfect reading for Fundraising Chairs!

Genius Fundraiser Auction Success Hacks – Steal these fundraising tips to make your next auction a smashing success. Every PTO and PTA will love these clever ideas to strategically raise more money for your school and group.

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A Genius Plan for Simplified Fundraising – This easy fundraising plan can be used by any PTO or PTA to raise a ton of money and fully meet any fundraising goal!

Top Fundraising Resources

We have the very best resources to boost fundraising all while making the job for Fundraising Chairs hassle and stress free.

The Fundraising Success Kit is the very best collection of ideas, practical tips and successful strategies to help your PTA / PTO earn more money for your group’s projects, programs and events without the headache or hassle.

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Inside the kit you’ll find a binder kit to help you get everything organized, a detailed guide that walks through the exact steps to choose and then run a wildly successful fundraiser, as well as a bunch of other must-have resources too!

This kit helps you cut though the uncertainty and busy work and gets you set on the perfect path to profitability without the pain.

Over to you!

Hope this round up of the very best fundraising ideas and resources has soothed any anxiety you have about meeting and exceeding your PTA/PTO’s financial goals now and going forward!

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