When you agreed to be President, you thought you’d be given all the resources and support needed.  

Instead, the outgoing President handed you a binder of outdated, disorganized and useless information, leaving you frantically trying to piece it all together.

There’s so much to learn and you’re exhausted from trying to stay ahead of the next curveball that come your way.

You’re terrified you’ll drop the ball and at best, look bad, and at worst, get into a pickle.

You’re excited to step up and lead your PTO.

What you’re not excited about it how much time it’s taking to learn what you need to know or that you have to create everything from scratch.


People wondering why you haven’t been President before…

And they hope you’ll stay in the position forever!

Because they’ve never seen the group so well run.

Everything is so organized and all the details taken care of…

And what’s more you your life isn’t consumed with all things PTA/PTO! You actually have time for your family and “free” time!


The first of its kind system for all Presidents, no matter the group’s name!

PTA / PTO President's Success Kit with binders for President, Teacher's Liaison and Principal all in modern rainbow color scheme



rainbow color scheme pto planner for presidents

Set Up Instructions

Get your entire 70+ page President’s Binder beautifully set up to perfection in printed paper format or in the new digital format with the easy to follow instructions.  Or both.  You choose how to roll with this to make it work for you and your group!


A 12 month calendar plus a thorough list of Holidays and Observances to help with planning events, programs and staff appreciation celebrations!

Cover + Divider Pages + Tabs

Customizable Cover plus a version for PTO and PTA
Customizable Spine Labels
Section Dividers and Back Cover Page
Inspirational Quote Pages
Customizable Tabs

Forms + Lists

Board Member Summary
Committee Chair Summary
Contact Lists
Meeting Attendance Trackers
Volunteer Hour Trackers
Meeting Childcare Sign In
Membership Lists
Volunteer Sign Ups

Planner Pages

Account and Passwords Tracker
Event Planning Worksheets
Event Budget Trackers
Event Summary Sheets
Supply Checklists
Goal and Idea Trackers
Meeting Notes
To Do List
Year at a Glance Planner

Templates + Monthly To Do Lists and Guidance!

Editable Meeting Agenda Template

Monthly Reminders customized for just Presidents.  Know exactly what to do and when to do it.

pTO PTA Presidents Success Kit. Rainbow themed planner to organized your life as President.

Resources galore with 70+ pages of calendars, trackers and section divider pages to keep organized and everything close at hand.

Officer and Committee Chair Contact Sheet to be used digitally or in printer form shown in iPad on colorful desktop

A comprehensive collection of all the lists, forms, and trackers you’ll need for a successful term as PTO President or PTA President.  Use with your favorite digital planning software or print out for an instantly organized binder!

pTO PTA Presidents Success Kit. Rainbow themed planner to organized your life as President.

Use the pre-designed PTA or PTO cover or add your preferred wording to the customizable cover.  Aside from the cover, none of the other pages have a specific group name listed.


Ready to get the inside scoop on what’s really involved with being PTO President?

This 28 page guide will take you from overwhelmed and without a plan to a clear headed President with a mission!

Skip over common mistakes and get on the right track from the start!

  • The Unwritten Job Description of PTO President The Most Important Thing All Presidents Need to Know to Be Successful
  • Do THIS, Not THAT
  • How to Delegate (the Right Way)
  • Dealing with Criticism
  • How to be a Better Public Speaker
  • Systems That Save: 10 Easy Ways to Get Organized
  • 12 Essential Forms


rainbow stripe Principal's PTA / PTO planner

32 Pages to help your Principal feel part of the team and on the same page as your parent group

Cover + Divider Pages + Tabs

Customizable Cover
Customizable Spine Labels
Section Dividers
Back Cover Page
Customizable Tabs

Planner Pages

Assembly Ideas
Family Fun Ideas
Fundraiser Ideas
Fundraiser Notes
Meeting Notes
Monthly Reminders Tracker
Officer and Committee Contacts
Program Ideas
Things to Share at Meeting Tracker

Monthly To Do Lists and Guidance!

Annual Planner broken down by month with tasks to help stay on track with PTO/PTA.  Know exactly what to do and when to do it.


geometric rainbow themed teacher liaison's planner kit

28 Pages to help your Teacher Liaison stay organized and included as the integral part of your group that they are

Cover + Divider Pages + Tabs

Customizable Cover
Customizable Spine Labels
Section Dividers
Back Cover Page
Customizable Tabs

Planner Pages

Meeting Notes Notes Officer and Committee Contacts Things to Share with Parents Tracker Things to Share with Staff Tracker

Monthly To Do Lists and Guidance!

Annual Planner broken down by month with tasks to help stay on track with PTO/PTA as the Teacher Liaison.  Know exactly what to do and when to do it.

Presidents love this kit and you will too!

Get instant access and be an amazing leader who makes the job look easy.


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As a new PTSO president… I knew that I needed to get organized, but how do you do that for a PTSO!? … this kit was exactly what I needed! … At our next meeting, the principal, teacher rep, and fellow board members were all impressed with the binder. Our school is K-1, so they made me promise that I’d leave it behind for them next year! I can’t believe that I waited so long to get our PTSO organized, when it was this easy! – Erin

I love this planner! I am a new president for my PTO and this is helping tremendously on getting organized and I love how it’s an instant download! Recommend this to all new and present PTO members. – Noel

A clean and elegant way to not only keep a President organized but has the added bonus of inspiration to keep everyone going when the going gets tough! – Karen

Love this. It is exactly what you need to get you off and running. Well thought out, organized and easy to use.  – Kelly

This is perfect! As my first attempt as President this will certainly keep me organized and on track!! Can’t wait to get started. – Jennifer

This will be super useful to me and those members on my board that haven’t done anything like this before – thanks for compiling all the important stuff – it’s hard to be the president and work full-time! – Jennifer

This planner is wonderful! It has been a lifesaver when trying to organize paperwork for the PTA! I recommend this planner to anyone who is on the PTA, PTSA, or PTO! – Regina

Love it! This is the 2nd time I’ve served as PTA President. I have also served 2 years as Treasurer and 2 years as Vice President. This set has everything you will need (and then some)! – Cheri

Has all the right stuff to have an organized, successful year. – Tara

This is such a great planner. I am new to PTA and this is great for helping me get organized. – Leigh Ann

Loved Planner & Organizing Kit it is absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to put it in use!! – Summer

Very well organized system. Especially for someone who is a first time president. I also follow all her videos on YouTube and Facebook to learn more. It’s been so invaluable! – Dianna

I love my presidents planner.  I am ready for September and currently planning as we speak.– Robin, PTO President

Perfect. Just what I was looking as a new incoming president of the PTA. – Regina

Super helpful for this newly minted PTA president! – Beth Ann

Perfect for new PTO board members!! – Laura

This is such a great help!! Thanks! – Arien

Excited to use this for this upcoming year! – Joann

Really helped me kick off the year strong. – Sam

Love the planner!  Thank you so much! – Dani



Click to download 100+ pages of resources.  The PDF files come in a compressed ZIP file for faster downloading.


Files are immediately available to use with your favorite digital planner software.  Save, load and go for a next level resource!


Prefer a paper planner with all the bells and whistles? Using the set up directions as a guide, print the pages you’ll need, load them into the pre-defined sections right into a 3 ring binder for a President’s resource jackpot!



Everything within reach

This system puts everything you need right at your fingertips.  No more wasting time searching for what you need again!

Confident, stress-free

With everything you need on hand, you’ll have less stress and won’t be scrambling last minute to find things.  Be the confident, stress-free leader you dream of being!

Ready for anything

There’s nothing better than having a plan to follow to reach your goals.  This kit gives you not only the plan, but all the tools and resources you’ll need to execute the plan!

Ready to look like and feel like a rockstar President?

Get instant access for $49!


Are the pages specific to PTA or PTO?

The kit comes with pre-designed covers for PTA and PTO Presidents, Principals and Teacher Liaisons, but none of the interior pages reference a group name, so it’s perfect to use with every parent group, no matter its name.

Will I get anything in the mail?

Nope.  Nothing will be mailed to you as the kit is digitally delivered via a link to your email moments after payment processing, so you can instantly get your planning on.  No stalking of your mail carrier needed!

We're not a PTA or a PTO. Any chance I can get a cover with my group's name?

Yes!  A customizable cover is now included in the kit.  It can also be used to make personalized section dividers to organized the binder to your precise needs.


Christina Hidek is a PTO nerd with a mission to make life easier for all parent group volunteers and leaders, no matter their group’s name. She knows what it takes to run wildly successful groups and uses her over decade of PTA volunteer and leadership experience to craft the best resources for PTOs, no matter their name!

Christina Hidek of PTO Answers


Get the kit and start planning out your most successful year as PTA/PTO President!