President’s Success Kit

You’re simply overwhelmed by all that’s involved in heading up a PTO or PTA.  There’s so much to learn and you’re exhausted from trying to stay ahead of the next curveball.  Does it really have to be this hard?
Starting with practically nothing
The outgoing President handed you a binder of outdated, disorganized and useless information.  You’re tired of being worried that you’re missing something important because you don’t have what you need.
Spending too much time
Not only have you lost your life and “free” time to being President, you’re scrambling at the last minute to find the right resources and answers.  And even when you find something, you’re wondering if it’s what you actually need.

It sure did to Karen…

printable volunteer sign up sheet on colorful desktop

Resources galore with 145 pages of calendars, trackers and section divider pages to keep organized and close at hand.

printable inspirational quote binder divider page for pto pta on colorful desktop

The detailed startup guide makes it easy to set up an organized President’s binder in mere minutes.

Event budget planner printable on colorful desktop

A comprehensive collection of all the lists, forms, and trackers you’ll need for a successful term as PTO President or PTA President.

Click to download the 145 pages of resources.  The fillable PDF files come in a compressed ZIP file for faster downloading.  Files are immediately available.  No need to stalk your mail carrier!
Choose what to print from the clearly labeled files  at home or send to your local print shop.  No more wasting ink on pages you won’t use!
Next, it’s time to assemble your binder!  Simply load the sections you need right into a 3 ring binder and in just minutes you’ll have a fully organized President’s resource jackpot!
Everything within reach

This system puts everything you need right at your fingertips.  No more wasting time searching for what you need again!

Confident, stress-free

With everything you need on hand, you’ll have less stress and won’t be scrambling last minute to find things.  Be the confident, stress-free leader you dream of being!

Ready for anything

There’s nothing better than having a plan to follow to reach your goals.  This kit gives you not only the plan, but all the tools and resources you’ll need to execute the plan!