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25 Fabulous Super Hero Theme Appreciation Week Ideas

Teacher and school staff really are super heroes, so it makes a lot of sense to dedicate all the days of Staff Appreciation Week to a super hero theme. This post is going to walk you though the steps you’ll need to follow to put together a thoughtful and exciting week of treats to demonstrate how much you appreciate all they do for the school. And there’s 25 different ways to make it happen, so let’s get into it!

customizable super hero themed schedule of events for staff appreciation week

At the start of the week, give them a little peek at the events for the week with this customizable schedule flier! This is especially important so they can adjust their lunch plans if your PTO will be providing meals.


Choosing a few key pieces of decorations can make your chosen theme come alive, brightening spirits throughout the week to boot!

Here are some fantastic options:

printable super hero alphabet banner

Hang up a banner to let them know how you feel! This Super Hero banner comes with the complete alphabet and some fun symbols too, so creating a custom message is easy.

Balloons are a cost effective way to add splashes of color throughout your school and space where you’ll host appreciation activities. This set of balloons is a nice collection of colors and fit right into the super hero theme, seamlessly. And they’ll last throughout the week too, so nothing to fuss with after set up. Aren’t the confetti filled balloons especially fun?

super hero signs for teacher appreciation week

Add signs on the door to welcome the staff to the fun and hang around the room to carry the fun up onto the walls.

Give staff a chance to blow off some steam with their co-worker friends by setting up a photo backdrop for group pictures or selfies.

Super Hero Photo Booth Props

And give them some props and signs to work with for especially cute pictures.

Add a a pile of punch balloons to further aid in the stress relief!

Table Decor

Next, set up an amazing table to showcase the week’s treats, starting with a base tablecloth layer. This table cloth is full of super hero panache.

Here’s another option that is a striking contrast since it’s an evening city skyline scene.

Then sprinkle on some star confetti to add a fun dimension of sparkle.

Add some pops of color in an instant with this super cute set of super hero and cityscape decorations. Group a few together for a stunning centerpiece.

printable superhero sign

Frame up one of these super hero signs to add to the table space so no one will miss the message.

Daily Ideas

Planning a full week of ideas to love on your teachers and staff is something they’ll love! Here are some ideas you can use each day:


Start the week off with a popcorn party!

These popcorn boxes fit in the theme and make it easy fro staff to grab a treat and get on with their day.

If your group doesn’t already have a popcorn maker, add it to your list to get. You’ll end up using it all the time once you have it and can use it for movie nights, carnivals and of course staff appreciation treats.


Pop a note of support and love for each staff member into their mailboxes. They’ll love the personalized note.


Set up a fantastic display of desserts for a middle of the week treat.

Cups of mousse or cupcakes would look cute on this dessert stand.

And have these plates on hand to capture crumbs and make the treats more portable.

printable super hero cupcake toppers

Top off cupcakes with these cute toppers. You’ll always have the number you need since the set is printable!


Wow them with a luncheon spread. A buffet style set up works best since you can easily add dishes throughout the lunch periods as things run low.

These plates and napkins are on theme and really fun too. Tableware with a themed print is a fun, simple and inexpensive way to carry the theme throughout without hardly any effort at all.

Label vegan, gluten-free or foods with nuts so staff members with different dietary needs know exactly what they can eat with these customizable Super Hero Food labels.

printable super hero water bottle labels

And if you choose to offer bottled water, wrap them in the theme with these super hero water bottle labels.


Top the week off with a goody bag for each staff member.

This bag is great for a set of bigger treats, and nice assortment of candy can easily fit.

And this one is best for a smaller tidbits, like cookies.

printable super hero candy bar labels

Add to the fun by decorating the candy that’ll go in the goody bags with this candy label set.

Super Hero cookie cutters make the task of creating themed cookies so much easier.

super hero teacher gift tag

And if you decide to go with a larger gift, rather than something that’ll fit in a bag, topping it off with this gift tag is so perfect!

Over to You!

Your school’s teachers and staff would absolutely love to be treated to a celebration fit for a super hero! Use any of these ideas to make it happen.

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