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The Ultimate Guide to Being PTO President

Being President of your school parent group, whether PTA or PTO or another name entirely, is a really big job!

There’s lots to do to keep a PTA/PTO running and even more to learn.

We’ve compiled a host of handy posts and essential resources perfect for new and also experienced Presidents, so settle in for some great reading!

Top PTO President Posts

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How to be an Awesome Leader – Don’t settle for being just an ok leader. Follow these tips to be the absolute best. They’ll be begging you to come back for another term!

What to Expect as a New PTO President – Get the skinny on what the real deal is with leading your PTA / PTO.

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What to do as a New PTO President – Why guess about the first steps to take as President when they’re all laid out for you in this post?

The Perfect PTO President Job Description – How does this job description line up with what you think the role of President entails?

5 Ways to Get Organized as PTO President – Staying organized makes for a less stressful and more enjoyable term. Learn how to get organized or some secrets to infusing even more organization in if you’re already there.

10 Forms You Need as PTO President – Stop reinventing the wheel and get these tried and true systems instead.

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The Best PTO Planner You’re Not Using – This post is straight to the point and shines the spotlight on an essential tool every President should have at her fingertips.

5 Things Every PTO President Needs – Beyond wine and chocolate, what else helps a President have a successful and enjoyable term? Read to find out!

9 Mistakes to Avoid as PTO President – No one likes to make mistakes, so skip right on past them by finding out what they are first.

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How to Deal with Criticism as a PTO Leader – At some point someone will be critical of you. Learn how to handle it with grace and composure, even if you feel like chucking a book at them.

How to Delegate as PTO Leader – Micromanaging is bad. Delegating is good. Learn how to delegate the right way.

Can you fire PTO volunteers from PTO Answers

Can You Fire PTO Volunteers? – Are you stuck with Debbie Do Nothing or or is there a way to get another volunteer in the role who will actually do the job? Read to find out.

how to partner with your principal

How to Partner with your Principal – Even if your Principal is not the PTO’s biggest fan, these tips will help you establish a good working relationship that’ll set the groundwork for a good year.

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How to Handle PTO Volunteers Who Don’t Do Their Jobs – As tempting as it might seem to wait this type of volunteer out, it’s a better and more healthy option to address the issue with them. Follow these steps for a conflict-free approach.

How to Put Together a PTO Planning Calendar That Works! – Planning is key to a smooth year. Learn the trick to effectively plotting out an agenda for the entire school year.

How to be a Stronger Public Speaker – Talking in front of parents shouldn’t be terrifying! With these tips will help you become a more confident speaker, no matter how bright the spotlight.

Top PTO President Resources

In addition to all of the blog articles focusing on the top leadership role of any PTA/PTO, we also have some brilliant resources:

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Guidance, planners, forms and templates galore for every leader and every aspect of your group can be found in the PTA/PTO Success Kit bundle! Leaders love having so much help right at their fingertips that addresses and helps them avoid common roadblocks and issues. Learn more here.

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The President’s Success Kit combines guidance and organization to give you an organized binder chock full of all the forms and templates you’ll need throughout your term. They’ll wonder how you do it all (we’ll never tell!) Get your kit here.

printable forms, templates and book for better PTA PTO meetings

Running the monthly general membership meetings and Executive Board meetings shouldn’t leave you dreading they day. Learn how to run an effective meeting in an hour or less and fill the room with parents and PTO members clamoring to learn more about how to help with the Meeting Success Kit. Learn more here.

The Bylaws and Standing Rules Made Simple kit breaks down the process of creating or updating your group’s governing documents into easy to follow steps anyone can do. The kit, written in plain English, will help you transform your bylaws into off-putting legalese into words everyone can understand! Get your copy here.

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