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How to Plan a Friends Themed Staff Appreciation Week

Friends nostalgia is running wild these days, so it makes for an especially fun staff appreciation theme.

Could you be more excited about this theme?

I think not!

Let’s get into a whole week’s long work of daily activities to treat your school staff and show your appreciation fro all they do for the students and school community.


Be sure to give staff a sneak peek of what you have planned for them with an invitation featuring the Friends font.


There’s a whole host of options you can go with to flesh out the Friends theme, but a coffee house vibe is a no brainer!

Use this wall mural to decorate an entire wall of the teacher’s lounge in a snap.

Add a fun vibe to the party space by adding some ceiling decorations to the mix.

Balloons are a good way to instantly add bright pops or color to any space and this set of Friends balloons is especially cute!

Want to go big with a balloon arch?

This arch kit makes it easy to pull together the Friends theme.

Dress up any table space in the room with a disposable table cloth, which also makes cleaning up so easy!

Add some sparkle to the table with some lobster confetti!

Then layer on some other table decorations for a thoughtfully decorated tablescape!

And these coasters serve a dual purpose of function and fun!

Daily Ideas

Now let’s pivot (he he) to ideas for each day of the week.


Start the week off with a kick of caffeine with either a VIP coffee delivery or coffee bar.

Check out this post for a ton of coffee themed appreciation ideas!

Serve some pastries, doughnuts and muffins in the staff lounge for a sweet beginning to the day and week.

This Friends plate set is super cute, isn’t it?


For a totally different gift, give them a Friends themed spoon!
Maybe a little weird on it’s own, but totally useful and thoughtful, especially when paired with a cookie or brownie mix.


Serving up some delectable treats for a dessert bar will be a most welcome surprise!

Whip up a cookie trifle as a nod to Rachel’s meat dish, a cheesecake as a nod to “The One with the Cheesecake” and “Nestle Toulouse” chocolate chip cookies.

Whip up some cupcakes and use these on theme liners and toppers to finish them off!

These adorable cake plates are the perfect base for the yummies.

Label everything to avoid food allergy concerns and to make the table look cuter!


Serve a Friends luncheon to remember!

Set the table with a cute Friends patterned plate and napkin duo.

This Friends plate design is also nice.

A few menu ideas:

  • “Joey’s Meatball Subs” – meatballs on Hawaiian buns
  • “The One with All the Thanksgivings” – Turkey sandwiches
  • Spudnik potato salad

Need more inspiration? Taste of Home has a few more ideas for you.

Again, be sure to add food labels to let everyone know what’s being served.


End with week with a surprise in their mailbox!

Dress up some basic black glossy treat bags with a Friends sticker or two.

Add in some lip balm, something every staff member can use.

This coffee cup lip balm is another cute choice.

Socks are an unusual choice and also something everyone can use.

Toss in some blue, yellow and red candies along with Kit Kats (were they on a break?)

How about some pink bunny Peeps to reference Chandler’s costume?

Or dinosaur mints to reference Ross’ work as a paleontologist?

Or banana candies in honor of Marcel?

One last gift idea to include in the bag is an umbrella, perhaps in school colors to make it both Friends related and school spirit!
Again, totally functional and something everyone can use.

Over to You!

I hope this has given you some inspiration and direction for how to really go big with a Friends themed staff appreciation week!

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