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Fun Hawaiian Themed Appreciation Week Ideas

What’s not to love about a beach, Hawaiian themed Teacher Appreciation Week of festivities?
From the pink flamingos, floral leis and cheery pineapples, and other tropical goodness, there’s not much, if anything.

Let’s dive into the details of how to put on the most fabulous appreciation event with a Hawaiian theme!


First up, let’s talk decorations.

Decorating the staff lounge for the week is one way to not only drive home the theme, but also sets the tone and can really elevate whatever activities you have planned for the week.

So be sure to not skip the decorations!

This grand balloon arch will make quite the statement when the staff sees it!
The colorful mix of balloons and greenery is so much and fabulous and it’ll be a surprise in and of itself for the staff.

I bet you’re thinking you don’t have time for such an elaborate decoration, but check out this post about putting together balloon arches before ruling it out because it really is easier than it seems!

Don’t stop with the decorations with just the balloons!
This super fun mix of bright and cheery hanging decorations will add a whimsical touch to any space.

And so are these swirly floral decorations. Aren’t all the colors just so pretty together?

This floral bunting is an easy way to brighten up drab walls in a jiffy.

Adding a floral lei garland into the mix is a nice way to round out the decorations.

This fun wall mural is another way to cover a big space quickly and make it look tropically on point instantly!

Pro tip! Make your life easy (and simultaneously avoid the ire of custodians) by using these temporary clips from 3M to hang the decorations on the walls without fear of damage.

Table decor

Another space to not skimp on the decor is any table space in the room where you’ll be hosting the appreciation events during the week.

Start the tablescape with a tropical themed tablecloth.
It not only looks great, but makes cleaning up a snap.
Simply fold the corners in and toss it away, crumbs and all!

Once the tablecloth has been laid, dress it further by adding a super fun grass skirt!
The skirt is not only the perfect decoration for a Hawaiian themed event, but also helps to disguise any supplies you need to store beneath the table.

Use these palm tree leaves over top the table cloth to really layer on the decorations.

Next, sprinkle some confetti across the table for some fun sparkle and further dimension.

Go deeper into the theme and elevate all that you serve with these fun leaf trays.

These palm tree trays are also super fun. Mixing the leaf trays is a fun way to add in some variety and not have such a sterile, matchy-matchy look.

Daily Ideas

Read on for some inspiration for a week’s worth of activities to show your staff how much you love them!


Start their week off right with a yummy breakfast of a granola and yogurt bar!

Doesn’t this granola look delish?

Stock the staff lounge with Hawaiian coffee for a perfect breakfast finishing touch.


Give each staff member a personal note of appreciation on this tropical notepaper.

The letters can be written in advance and you can further spread the workload by splitting up the staff list among PTO members.

Mixing things up by having a non-edible treat for the staff is a smart way to go.


Help the staff push through the week with a fabulously delicious luncheon.
Here are some menu ideas along with some links to recipes and ingredients:


Go all in on the Hawaiian theme and deck out the drink station too!

Either use these coconut cups as decoration or spring for a set for the staff as a fun party favor.

These pineapple cups are a nice alternative to the coconut cups, but just as festive.


Give each staff members a pineapple goodie bag filled with tropical treats to enjoy!

Incorporating a goodie bag into the week’s events is a smart way to get some of the workload done and out of the way before Teacher Appreciation week comes.

Get some PTO BFFs together and set up an assembly station to fill the bags and set the assembled bags aside until Staff Appreciation Week.

Then just pop them in the staff mailboxes for a low stress day!

Here are a few ideas of tropical treats to include in the goodie bags:

Including some chocolate is always a crowd pleaser, and this Hawaiian Host option looks especially delicious!

Mamba fruit chews are tastily tropical!

Bulk candy is another cost effective way to fill the treat bags! This mix of tropical candies is sure to leave staff with a sweet taste in their mouth from all your effort for the week.

How can you not give a staff a lei to wear to help feel more festive?
This assortment of silk flower leis give so many color options to choose from at a good price too!


Help the staff unwind and relax for the weekend ahead with some mocktails!

Jordan’s Skinny Mixes are the easiest way to have a delicious offering of drinks.
A little of the mixes go a long way, so this is an economical way to keep people hydrated and refreshed!

You’ll need a drink base to get started and LaCroix is an excellent drink foundation since you can add in additional flavors.

And club soda is another simple, yet great option for a mocktail drink base.

Over to You!

And that’s pretty much what you’ll need for the best Hawaiian themed Staff Appreciation Week.

No matter how you lean into the Hawaiian theme, the school staff is sure to love the time and effort you put in to love on them in this way!

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