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27 Dr. Seuss Inspired Ideas for Staff Appreciation Week

A week of Dr. Seuss themed Appreciation events is the perfect way to celebrate school teachers, staff and administrators that help your school run.

It’s such a flexible theme because just about anything goes- crazy color combinations, weird and wacky decorations and anything and everything fun is the name of the game!


The first place to go off the wall with a Seussian theme is with the decorations!

If a wall covered with sparkly tinsel foil doesn’t scream party, then I don’t know what does!

For a less in your face decoration, try this whimsical window wall hanging.

It’ll cover up a very large part of a teacher’s lounge wall, if not the whole thing!

Balloons add an instant pop of brightness to every space. 

Plus they’re pretty inexpensive, so being budget friendly is such a plus when planning a week of appreciation events that can be a big part of your PTO’s annual budget.

Another eye popping decorations are theme red, white and blue paper fans

Extremely versatile, you can also use them with a Super Hero, Circus or Carnival theme too.

This trio of decor pieces can be used to brighten any wall or table space.

Don’t forget about adding some whimsy to the ceiling! Hang a few of the fun swirl ceiling decorations to really deck out the teacher’s lounge or event space!

Daily Ideas

Start the week off strong with a luscious luncheon!


But make sure you cover the tables for easy clean up, and a Seussian themed tablecloth is perfect.

This red and white polka dot flatware set is perfect for adults, yet also very on point with a Dr. Seuss theme.


Set up a decadent dessert table and either pick some tasty treats up from a local bakery, so enlist the help of parent volunteer bakers.

The bonus aspect of baking the cupcakes yourself if the ability to completely customize every aspect.

These cupcake liners are an easy way to make several batches of themed cupcakes.

And topping each treat with this colorful sprinkle mix is the chef’s kiss.

Need a source for a cupcake recipe? Check out Sally’s Baking Addiction. She’s become a go to spruce for all things baked for me.


Pop a stress relief treat bag into each staff members mailbox for this day’s goody for the teachers and school staff.

Load up these cute polka dot bags with donated or purchased treats and thoughtful bits.

Blowing bubbles is a surprising and incredibly easy way to release stress, and the teachers will surely appreciate having a little bottle of bubbles on hand when the mood strikes.

Eliminate any of the stress associated with not being able to find their id badge or keys and give everyone a new Seuss lanyard so everything’s right around their neck.

Not being able to find a pen when you need it is annoying and a little stressful too, so bar that possibility for them with a Seuss pencil pouch. They’ll smile when they see the fun print, too.

A stress ball is another thoughtful addition to the treat bag since they take frustrations out on the ball s needed.

No treat bag is complete without some sweet bits!

Ghirardelli squares make for the perfect addition to any goodie bag because pretty much everyone loves chocolate!

Another beloved candy are Reese’s cups.  Pop some mini’s into each bag.


Begin to wrap the week up with a coffee and snack bar.

This post has a comprehensive plan for putting together a spectacular coffee bar.

Here are a bunch of options for a delicious snacks:

Pop a few batches of popcorn and the smell will let staff know you have treats waiting for them to devour. And these Hop on Pop popcorn boxes couldn’t be more perfect for serving up the treat oh so stylishly!

Bags of Pirates Booty are a nice staple to center your snack bar on.

And chocolate candy bars are always crowd pleasers.

Having a relatively healthy packaged item like these fruit strips is smart.

As is this collection of lower fat veggie straws.

And these crunchy fruit bits, too.

This variety of granola bars will surely find more than few fans in the staff lounge.

These packaged cookie duos will too!


End the week with five minute chair massages. Contact local massage therapists to see if they’ll donate their time and services or give a generous discount so all staff members can enjoy the experience.

Over to You!

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