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Running a Parent Group Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

You’re in the right place for time-tested solutions and strategies school parent group volunteers crave.

Let’s start you off on the right foot with our free guide outlining 7 costly and painful mistakes to avoid as a PTO / PTA volunteer.

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Hi, I’m Christina, PTO volunteer nerd and attorney turned Professional Organizer!

I remember when I first started out as a PTA leader… it was overwhelming and exciting all at the same time.  I was so nervous I’d made a mistake by stepping up, and terrified I was in over my head.

But over the past decade plus of experience as 5 time President to Room Parent and everything in between, I’ve learned hard lessons from missteps and enjoyed plenty of wins too!

PTO Answers started because there wasn’t enough realistic guidance or even clear answers to lead school parent group volunteers to success while avoiding embarrassing and costly mistakes.  I knew there was an easier way.

Giving back to your community should be fun and rewarding… not a hassle or headache inducing!

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You can be an awesome leader

Snag a a role-specific freebie to get started!

Top Resources… just add volunteers!

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Looking to connect with PTOs for your business?

Although I don’t offer coaching or mentoring for individual leaders or volunteers at this time, I do offer “pick my brain”consulting sessions for businesses looking for advice as it relates to school parent groups.