Running a parent group doesn't have to be complicated.

You're in the right place for time-tested solutions and strategies school parent group volunteers crave.

Let's start you off on the right foot with our free guide outlining 5 costly mistakes to avoid.

Welcome Amazing PTO/PTA Super Star!

We’re so glad you found us because that means you have a huge desire to do great things for your kid’s school community.  And questions.  Probably lots of them!

Like how to be the best volunteer…
And how to be the run a successful group…
And most importantly, how to not have it all take over your life!

You’re in the right place, my like-minded-friend!

Here at PTO Answers, we know all too well the challenges of trying to fit volunteer time to an already packed schedule full of responsibilities and you need more than just great resources (which we have).  You also need a strong support system (we have that too).

Just like all smart volunteers, simple guidance is a blessing because life is complex and you should never have to apologize for sometimes having an unpredictable schedule.

You can become a really successful (and confident) leader in your PTO / PTA without it turning into another job or everything becoming completely overwhelming… you just have to know how and we’re going to show you how easy it is!

I’ll be your guide… so let me introduce myself.

Hi, I’m Christina, certified PTO Nerd!

I remember when I first started out as a PTA leader… it was overwhelming and exciting all at the same time.  I was nervous I’d made a mistake by stepping up, and terrified I was in over my head.

But over the past decade plus of experience as 5 time President to Room Parent and everything in between, I’ve learned hard lessons from missteps and enjoyed plenty of wins too!

PTO Answers started because there wasn’t enough realistic guidance or even clear answers to lead PTA/PTO volunteers to success while avoiding embarrassing and costly mistakes.  I knew there was an easier way.  Giving back to your community should be fun and rewarding… not a hassle or headache inducing!

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I'm brand new to my volunteer role and have no idea what to do first.  

Learn the ins and outs of your PTA/PTO position so you can start leading your group with confidence and have a wonderful experience that doesn't leave you regretting stepping up.



Our group needs to raise money so we can avoid budget cuts.

Check out my vast collection of resources for eliminating all uncertainty about selecting, planning and executing a wildly successful fundraiser!  Raising money for your group can be fun and easy!



I'm no party planner and need help planning a crowd cleaning event.

Let me help you master the basics so you can start planning and running events for your group with confidence and make any event happen.



Simultaneously boost the organization and reduce the stress of your PTO/PTA life with our resources!

Planners, form templates, treasurer software workbooks, plus appreciation printables for every facet of your school parent group.

Our products let you have the best term possible, recruit the next generation of volunteers more easily and set your group up for long term success.

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Craving organization and expert guidance?

The Success Kit bundle provides just that as well as the confidence you need to run your PTO/PTA with ease.

With resources for every leader and volunteer in your group, you'll use the resources now and for years to come.

Come join us in the Super Star Leader Facebook Group- it's free!

Get advice, support and inspiration when you need it from thousands of leaders just like you.

When you join, you'll have access to a fabulous community of like-minded volunteers, ready to share either very best ideas, advice and understanding.

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Easily manage your PTO/PTA's finances without the headache!

A simple and straightforward way to create a budget, track income, expenses and profits.  No math or annual subscription required!

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Looking to start a new parent group?

Whether you're starting completely from scratch or reviving a long dormant group, it can be an overwhelming process.

Check out this step by step guide that outlines how to quickly get your group up and running, doing fantastic things for your school community!

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Looking to connect with PTOs for your business?

Although I don’t offer coaching or mentoring for individual leaders or volunteers at this time, I do offer "pick my brain"consulting sessions for businesses looking for advice as it relates to school parent groups.

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