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How to Plan a Jungle Themed Appreciation Event

Sometimes a navigating a school year can very much feel like find your way in the wild Amazon, so a jungle themed appreciation event is just the ticket!

Here’s how to put on the most fabulous jungle party for your PTO volunteers or school staff that’s perfect for Volunteer Appreciation Week or Teacher Appreciation Week (or anytime other time!).

Start with the decorations

A party isn’t much fun without some decorations to make it special!
Being subtle with a theme party isn’t never the way to go, in my opinion, so lean way, way in instead.
A jungle or safari themed party is the type of party that calls for layers of colorful and patterned decorations and I’ve found some super options to consider.

How gorgeous is this balloon arch decor set?

Picture it set up in your teachers’ lounge… what an unforgettable special touch that will definitely not go unappreciated!

Make your life easier by getting a balloon arch frame. Once your PTO has this, you’ll be able to create no-helium balloon creations super easily!

For stability, it’s important to fill the weighted bases with water, no matter where the arch is located. You’d hate to see your arch top over and be damaged after all of your time and effort, so this one precaution can save you a lot of heartache and frustration!

And no worries about how to store the arch. It folds up like tent poles for compact storage.

For more tips on creating balloon decorations, check out this post.
When I talk about layers, I really mean looking at all available surfaces and consider how they can be transformed from the ordinary to part of the fabulously themed extravaganza!

These whimsical ceiling wild jungle spiral decorations are really fun and will help add a punch of brightness to any space.

This assortment of tropical leaves will work was wall, door, or add a really lovely layer to the tablescape. They’re also not so specific that you couldn’t re-use them for another event, like a Survivor teacher appreciation luncheon or a beach party themed event, making them a good small investment.

5 events for a full Jungle Appreciation Week

Now that you have some ideas for the room decor, let’s figure out a perfectly themed week of jungle events!


Start off the week with a DIY trail mix bar chock full of yummy goodies like:

Or get individual trail mix packages for a grab and go treat.

If you go with the non-prepackaged route, keep things clean and isolate allergens by making sure to include a mini scoop in each ingredient bowl.

Up the presentation level by creating a beautiful tablescape with a few of the fabulous options:

Start with a gorgeous base

Cover the serving table with a themed table cloth.
This five pack of tablecloths will be enough to get you through the entire week of events.

Layer on some fun confetti to make the table sparkle and add some texture and bits of brightness.

Next, these leaf trays are a fun way to be on theme and functional at the same time.

And last, keep the jungle theme going with these Let’s Get Wild napkins and plates.


Who doesn’t love a surprise treat?

Fill up jungle or animal print bag for every staff member with candy or other tasty bits and add to their mailbox or deliver to their classroom or workstation.

You could also go a non-food route for this day and put non-editable treats like lip balms, de-stress spray and the like in the bag.
Check out this post for some inexpensive gift ideas.

Here’s one more mini-treat bag option that could easily fit a popcorn snack.

But candy and chocolate are never a bad route to go and these green Bulk chocolate Hershey’s kisses will be a fun addition!

Decorate a few with these cute jungle print stickers to finish them off. Decorative details like this really help to flesh out the theme and show ho much thought you’ve given, all of which will be much appreciated by the teachers, staff or volunteers.

Heard of Jungle Jollies candy? How perfectly on point they are for a jungle theme!


Write a personalized note of appreciation for each and every staff member in the building!

These fabulous tropical leaf cards are perfect for carrying the theme completely through.

A quick way to get these done is to dive them out among PTO leaders at the meeting preceding your event.


Send treats to go home with the staff using these adorable animal print containers.

Whip up a batch of yummy brownies or cupcakes and top them off with icing and this fun jungle sprinkle mix.


Finish off the most perfect staff appreciation week by putting on the most fabulous luncheon to celebrate your staff!

Be creative, but don’t feel like you need to have the entire meal be themed. Focus on the yumminess factor!

A few menu ideas:

  • Sandwich board
  • Tropical fruit salad
  • Plantain chips
  • Cheetos Paws
  • Veggie stick “vines”
  • Vegetable tray with Hungry, Hungry Hippo Dip (any dip will do!)
  • Chocolate fondue “mud bath”
  • Banana cream pie
  • Banana pudding

Roxy’s Kitchen has some cute ideas for naming menu items, so check out her post on her safari jungle party for some inspiration on how to style the food.

Don’t forget to decorate the drinks!

Set up a drink station to remember with tropical mocktails!

These drink mixes make it easy to offer a variety of drinks with little fuss or muss.
Get some cases of bubbly water like La Croix, some fun print drinking glasses, as you’l be good to go!

Add some fun to your drink station with these plastic-free bamboo based straws.

These leaf print paper straws are another great plastic free way to jazz up drinks served at your luncheon.

Finally, be sure to label all items with these cute food label cards, calling out allergens, so everyone understands what’s in the dishes.

Bonus Idea

Here’s one last idea to really boost the fun level for any day of your Staff Appreciation Week:

Do a scratch and win giveaway!
Have a small prize for everyone and a larger prize for the “winners”. 
Be sure everyone wins so no one feels left out.

Wrapping up

Now you have some fantastic ideas to throw the most perfectly planned jungle themed appreciation event to love on your teachers, staff or volunteers!

Although no matter what theme you choose, your teachers and staff will love the effort your PTO puts in to make them feel special.

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