survivor themed teacher appreciation ideas

How to Put on a Survivor Themed Teacher Appreciation Week

By the time Teacher Appreciation Week comes in May, you bet that teachers are definitely feeling like they’re survivors! As much as they love their jobs and the children in their classes, the reality is that post-Spring Break is a real struggle. So play up that fact by putting on a silly theme that they’ll […]

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5 Ridiculously Inexpensive Gifts for PTO Volunteers

Looking for a thoughtful gift for your PTO volunteers and school staff?   I have exactly what you need right here!  Many of these ideas come with the bonus of being super affordable.  Like pretty close to $1 a gift, which means that you can get one for everyone on your list! When it comes […]

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19 Ways to Say Thanks

Anytime’s the right time to say thank you, whether it’s Teacher Appreciation week or not!  Here are 19 different ways to thank your school staff.  I’m sure they’ll love whatever you decide to do for them! 1.  Luncheon Themed lunches are a fun way to express your appreciation for teachers and staff.  Here are some […]

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