19 Ways to Say Thanks

Fantastic ideas for how to say thanks and show your appreciation for teacher appreciation week and more!

Anytime’s the right time to say thank you, whether it’s Teacher Appreciation week or not!  Here are 19 different ways to thank your school staff.  I’m sure they’ll love whatever you decide to do for them!

1.  Luncheon
Themed lunches are a fun way to express your appreciation for teachers and staff.  Here are some fantastic ideas for fun themes that they will love!
2.  Breakfast
Start their day off spectacularly with a bountiful breakfast.  I’ve been able to get discounted pastries from Panera.  Yum!
3.  Dinner
Especially thoughtful during evening conference times.  Make sure that the dinner is highly portable and not a fork and knife dinner if it is conference time so it’ll be quick and easy to eat!  Pizza is a great option.
4. Snacks
Leave them in the teacher’s lounge or pile them on a cart and make classroom deliveries!
5. Massages
We’ve been blessed to have a few parents who are massage therapists who volunteer their services for free to give 10 minute massages to staff.  If you aren’t as lucky, reach out in the community to see if there are local massage therapists who will donate their time.  Maybe they’ll get some new customers!
6. Discount card
Hit the pavement and visit local retailers to see if they’d be willing to give your teachers a discount or even a coupon for your teachers and staff.
7. Chocolate drawer
Establish a chocolate drawer in the school’s office and keep it stocked throughout the year.  We did this one year and it was so appreciated.  Teachers would come in sometimes at 9:30 am for a little break. 🙂
8. Take over car line duty during morning drop off or afternoon pickup.
Bonus point if you take over on a rainy or particularly cold day.
9. Make copies
This is a no brainer monotonous task that you can do to relieve teachers from doing.
10. Organize a storage area
Many times spaces become disorganized when teachers don’t have enough time to keep up with all of the stuff they use.  This was the case with our PE teacher’s office/storage room.  I helped her once a week for 4o minutes at a time to whip it into shape.  She was overwhelmed at the thought of tackling the project herself, and it was fun to do together!
11. Ask what they need help with
Sometimes there are some small tasks that you can do for a staff member that helps them out a lot, so don’t be shy about asking!
12. Show your appreciation at times other than teacher appreciation week.
Consider doing something monthly.  It could be as simple as adding seasonal decorations to the teachers lounge.
13. Celebrate their birthdays
Get a list of all staff birthdays at the beginning of the year and make a birthday card for them, or bring in a balloon! Hit up your Dollar Store for a birthday sash or tiara. Fun!
14. Decorate their doors.
I have assembled a load of ideas here on this Pinterest board!
15. Send a piece of construction paper home with students and ask that they write a note of appreciation to their teacher.  The paper could even be shaped to fit a chosen theme (think: stars for a Hollywood/Oscars themed event).
16. Restock office supplies
Even if you’re just pulling supplies out of the storage area and making them easy to use.  Anything that saves time for teachers and staff is a fantastic idea.  I usually reload the copier with paper as much as possible to save teachers time.  Because who really likes to do that chore?  Nobody!
17. Nominate your teacher for recognition in the local newspaper or tv station.
18. Handwritten notes are a fabulous way to express your appreciation for all that they do.

19. Flowers + Plants
Pick from your garden, or get a donation from a local florist.  For a cost-effective plant gift, get a flat of plants, then cut the cells apart into individual plant pods.  I did this one year in mid-May, when flats were just beginning to be available in my area and the teachers went bananas.  One teacher cried because she was having a super rough day and the plant was just what she needed!  So, I highly recommend this last one.  Super cheap and completely unexpected!




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