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Rainbow Themed Appreciation Week Ideas They’ll Love

The title has warned you that this post will be totally over the top with rainbow inspired party suggestions to help you put on the most fabulous staff and teacher appreciation week!

Of course, these same ideas can be used for any sort of appreciation event or party, such as a volunteer appreciation events, birthday party or employee gratitude fete because who doesn’t like rainbows?


It all begins with adding in an eye catching display!

Set the stage for an amazingly colorful and cheer-filled week by decking out the Teacher’s Lounge in a rainbow hues.

This trio of wall decorations can be used separately or together for a rich, layered look. The textures are shapes are so attractive and really can make the walls pop with color!

Balloons are relatively inexpensive decorations, so you can really go a bit wild with adding lots to your event space! This kit has everything needed to make a balloon arch or garland.

Teacher’s lounges are notoriously boring spaces, so dressing up one or more of the walls with a colorful backdrop is a quick way to add flair to the room.


Top the table with a fantastic display using a few of these decor ideas:

First, lay a good foundation with this rainbow tablecloth, which is totally giving me Rainbow Brite vibes!

Then draw eyes to the center of the table with this super fun centerpiece!

Tables back up to a wall are an especially good place to add another bunch of balloons. This table arch kit has structure to use again and again!

Sturdy plates are a must for any meals you’re providing and these rainbow striped disposable plates are just the ticket.

These square plates add a bolder pop of color and differently shaped option into the mix.

Add a generous amount of rainbow hued napkins throughout the week alongside the treats being served throughout the week.

Daily Ideas

A week worth of events to toast your school staff doesn’t have to be an overwhelming endeavor.

Here are some ideas for each day of appreciation work!


Start the week off with a bang by putting out the most delicious luncheon spread!

I’m not a huge fan of food coloring, so I’d personally keep the rainbow colors restricted to the side dishes, although a quick Google reveals quite the number of colorful dishes should you choose to go that route!

Personally, I’d make or order sub sandwiches for a casual lunch to kick off the week.

All the toppings will add pops of color to the table and then you can add even more with colorful side dishes!

Some on-point sides include:

A rainbow fruit salad. This honey-lime fruit salad recipe from Dole is a tried and true Spring and Summer essential. But you really can switch up the fruits to include whatever’s in season in your area and you’ll still get a fantastic result!

A colorful vegetable tray is healthy and fun way to incorporate the rainbow theme.

And a rainbow pasta salad into the mix too.

Don’t forget to add a decorative touch to the drinks served.

These colorful straws are both functional and fun for bottled water or uniquely flavored (and colorful!) lemonades.


Set up a display of packaged cupcakes for a take home treat!

Whip up a batch of these piñata cupcakes, recipe courtesy of Sally’s Baking Addiction.

Load the batter into a rainbow cupcake liner base.

Add some chunky sprinkles like the recipe calls for, or add to the cupcakes once frosted.

And top it off with this cute rainbow topper!

Then box each cupcake up in this cute package for a treat they can enjoy later at home, to spread the fun.

Finish off with a ribbon for an impressive and gorgeous presentation!


Help them get through the week with a bag full of bright and colorful candies!

There are so many options to fill these candy treat bags with:

A pack or two of rainbow Skittles

Or Twizzlers

Or Airhead Extremes!


Once they’ve come down from their sugar high, give them a warm feeling of love and appreciation with a personalized note!


Finish the week off with an ice cream bar!

How cute are these rainbow ice cream cups?

Give staff the options of having a larger indulgence with these waffle bowls!

If you go that route, here are some larger rainbow themed bowls to accommodate the crunchy waffle base.

Having a variety of toppings will make the treat even more luscious! This trio of Ghirardelli sauces look delish, no?

As do these ice cream toppings from Smuckers!

Don’t forget about the ultimate toppings: sprinkles and candies! Adding in a crunchy texture makes sundaes more delicious.

Set bowls of the dry toppings out with these mini-scoops for easy serving.

Over to You!

And that’s a wrap for this Rainbow Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week of ideas!

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If you’re looking for even more appreciation theme thought joggers, be sure to check out this collection of ideas.

Whatever route you go, whether totally frilly and fancy or more toned down, your teachers and staff will love your effort and thoughtfulness!

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