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Wizard of Oz Staff Appreciation Week of Ideas

Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue and the teachers and school staff are enjoying a fabulously planned week of Wizard of Oz themed appreciation and love events and gifts planned by you and your PTO!

Here’s exactly how to plan each and every day with such attention to detail, they’ll wonder how you came up with all of the fabulous ideas and had time to pull it off!

Wizard of Oz Decorations

Set the stage for a memorable celebration for the school staff by decking out the staff lounge for the week with a few decorations!

Lead them into the event space with the instantly recognizable yellow brick road with this runner.

Dressing up the table and room will make the staff feel especially loved and appreciated, which is exactly what you and your PTO are going for, right?

Add a splashy image to dress up the walls with this easy to hang Oz cityscape wall decoration and position the runner leading up to it if at all possible for a really connected look.

On the other walls, add some instant color with this eye catching rainbow tassel hanging decor.

Balloons are such an easy way to add a show pop, and this rainbow balloon decor set is one the tin man’s heart would start beating for.

Another options is to get a set of rainbow balloons and create an arch.

If an arch sounds intimidating, then be sure to check out this post with tons of tips for creating balloon arches so easily, you’ll kick yourself for not doing it earlier.

If this rainbow ceiling banner doesn’t cause instant smiles, I don’t know what will! It’s just so cheery and is an easy way to make the room feel decorated from top to bottom.

Table Decorations

Here are some on-theme ideas to add some sparkle and glitz to the table areas:

This blue gingham tablecloth 100% reminds me of Dorothy’s iconic dress.

And these green glitter table runners are a callback to the Emerald City. So stinking fun!

Even if you poppies are out of season when you put on your week of staff appreciation events, you can still put out vases of poppies on tables and they’ll last all week and beyond too!

Daily Ideas

Why limit showing the love to your staff with just one day?

If at all possible, stretch your appreciation throughout the week with a different “event” each day.

Not everything has to be so elaborate, expensive or time consuming.

Check out these daily suggestions:


Chalk the walk to greet staff as they walk in with love notes and rainbows.

This is a great way to get the students involved in showering the staff with love and it’s a low cost too!

Over the Rainbow Themed Appreciation Printable Gift Tag Set

Once they’re in the building, surprise the staff with a goodie topped with a on-theme over the rainbow gift tag along with a snack order form to give them a teeny preview of what’s to come in the week.

This VIP Order Room Service form can easily be customized to give staff a nice selection of yummy options.

They’ll get what they really want and you won’t have the guess on how much to buy! How smart is that?


Pop a lolli and a thank you note into staff mailboxes, thanking them for being part of your school’s lollipop guild. Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself…

If you have a lot of chocolate fans, maybe make Wizard of Oz themed chocolate lollipops as a staff treat.

How cute are these poppy notecards?

It’s more than fine to mix the Wizard of Oz imagery here and deploying the theme in different ways (like the realistic poppy cards) makes the theme feel more well rounded and less like a kid’s birthday party.


Treat the staff to a picnic lunch and set the stage with the perfect plate and napkins!

All the Wizard of Oz goodness on plates, napkins and cups!

There’s such a wide range of options for what to serve for lunch.

Arrange for a food truck to deliver hot meals or put out a scrumptious salad bar for the staff.

As long as you offer options for staff dietary restrictions, you’ll be good to go.


Pop a packet or two of some poppy seeds in staff mailboxes so they can be reminded how much you care all Summer long!

And then deliver the snacks they “ordered” earlier in the week.


End the week on a sweet note with a dessert bar!

Cupcakes, cookies and other portable treats so staff can enjoy after lunch or for a mid-day treat.

Aren’t these ruby slipper cake plates super cute?

I cannot get enough of gingham, so these blue gingham napkins are spot on with the Wizard of Oz theme.

Whip up a few batches of cupcakes for staff to enjoy during the day and provide take home boxes as a thoughtful addition.

Over ordering by just a bit is a smart way to ensure everyone’s sweet tooth is satisfied, and if you need help figuring out how much food to serve, this post is for you!

These gingham cupcake liners are a cute touch and another good option to carry the theme through.

Over to You!

How adorable are these Wizard of Oz staff and teacher appreciation products and ideas?

I’m inspired to try this theme for Teacher Appreciation Week next year and hope you are too.

For other staff and teacher appreciation week theme ideas, check out all the ideas rounded up here!

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