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40 Paris Themed Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas

Set the tone for an incredible appreciation week by telling your staff “Ooh, la la, you are fabulous.  Let us celebrate you!” with a fancy week of Paris themed extravagance they’ll cherish!

Give them a taste of what’s to come by in voted each staff member individually with a personal invitation.

These ceiling swirls are over the top girlie, but I bet the male staff won’t mind given all of the ways you’ll be treating them throughout the week!

Adding in another texture for the decorations is so smart, especially since these puffs aren’t patterned and you can use them in the future.

Likewise, having decorations in various shapes and sizes adds so much to the feeling that the space is thoughtfully decorated and will be enjoyed so much.

Wall murals are a quick ways to decorate in a hurry and this large mural is so pretty and covers a large area of wall space.

Flank the mural on either side with these rose gold tinsel curtains to add another pretty element.

Balloons are such an inexpensive and easy way to add literal pops of color throughout the room. This set of black, white and pink balloons is nice since you can ramp up or tone down the pink color by using more or less of the pink balloons.

Paris is the city of lights, so add another fun component to the space with some twinkle lights.

Another way to kick up the feel decor-wise is to add decorations of different heights on the table and around the event room goes a long way in adding to the visual appeal.  This 3D Eiffel Tower can act as a centerpiece for your Paris  or travel themed event, so save it for future use! 

As can this set of table toppers.  Add them to clear vases around the room to spread the decorations out for a bigger bang!

Next, literally set the table for a beautiful experience. Covering flat surfaces in your teacher / staff lounge with a tablecloth does a few things.  It instantly changes up the look of the space, defines the theme and color scheme, protects the surfaces from food and debris and last, makes clean up at the end of the event so easy!

This two part tablecloth and glitter table runner are especially fun because who doesn’t need more sparkle in their life?  And the runner makes it easy to change up the look mid-week without any effort at all.

Sprinkling these faux gems across the center of the table is a fun textural addition, plus they can be used so many more times for future PTO events.

Confetti sprinkled over top of the table is a pretty component that’ll add some glitz all week long.

Daily Ideas


Start the week off strong with a lovely luncheon! Front loading the week is a nice beginning that everyone will enjoy and make them feel special throughout the rest of the week too!

For tableware, carry the Parisian theme though and there are a few different options!

Want to lean in hard to a girlie aspect of the theme?  These plates and napkins are answering the call!

This set of plates is particularly nice since it adds a graphic splash with black and white stripes and the clouds make it a little more evocative of travel.

This next option for a tableware set takes a hard right turn away from anything girly and sticks with the bold stripe graphic that is still totally on point for a Paris themed event.

Especially if you’re serving cheese, be sure to add these tiny French flags into your tablescape.

Paris means fashion, luxury and delectable treats like chocolate, desserts and bread. For your dessert table, there are also many fabulous options!

If you’re offering a portable dessert options such as chocolate covered popcorn, these French fry cups are so perfect.

Cupcakes are an easy dessert to serve. These cupcake liners will keep frosting off a fingers.

For a special display, add a few cupcake toppers. This set of cupcake toppers not only could also be used on a cheese board, but also in these delicious cupcakes.

If you prefer a more sparkly look, opt for these Eiffel Tower toppers instead.

Before we move on from planning the luncheon and dessert table, here’s one last cupcake liner to consider.

How gorgeous would the combo of either toppers with this elegant filagree style cupcake liner be?


A handwritten thank you note for each and every teacher and staff member is such a thoughtful touch. These Eiffel Tower Merci notecards fit the week’s theme perfectly and are super cute for a Tuesday treat.


Put out a spread of coffee and croissants, for a quintessential Parisian experience to brighten their Wednesday! The caffeine boost will help the mid-week blues melt away as they enjoy the flakey croissant treats.

A classic French Roast should appeal to lots of the staff coffee drinkers.

Bake your own, if you have time or purchase one of these done for you croissant options:

These individually wrapped croissants can be enjoyed throughout the rest of the week without getting stale, but I doubt they’ll last the day.

These chocolate filled croissants are quite delicious and a tried and true favorite of my kids.

Or if you live near a Whole Foods, you can order online and pick up these buttery carb beauties.


Begin to wrap up the appreciation week with a popcorn snack.

Popcorn box and allow guests to fill with a treat and take it to go back to their classroom or office.


To finish off the week, put together French themed gift boxes for everyone.

The bow on top of this treat box kinda makes it, no?

If you’re trying to minimize pink to appeal to male staff who are not into the color, these black and white striped treat boxes certainly fit the bill.

For a play on the travel aspect of the Paris theme (unless you’re in Paris!), you can put a twist on the goody box. How adorable are these little suitcase treat boxes?

If you need a goody bag with literally more flexibility, these printed cellophane bags are perfect.

Top off a goody bag with these gift tags

or these stickers.

As for what to add to the treat bags, there are so many different options!

Functional and yummy are good types of times to add.

For the functional, take a peek at these cute macaron jewelry case or pill case.

And another function, and also delightfully fun gift option are lavender sachets. The smell of lavender is so relaxing and refreshing!

For the yummy, well there is no shortage of good options!

Merci chocolate candies are a two-for. They completely follow the Parisian theme and also are another literal way to say thank you! But really, any sort of chocolate if sure to please!

These mini chocolate topped shortbread cookies are genuinely French and look delicious.

For a calorie free treat, pop a few of these Tazo vanilla bean macron tea packets into each gift bag.

Over to You!

How inspired are you feeling now that you’ve seen all of these wonderful Paris themed appreciation week ideas? Have fun planning!

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