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How to Put on a Coffee Themed Staff Appreciation Event

One thing all teachers seem to love is coffee or tea, so why not lean into this theme for a fun appreciation event and plan a week of coffee-themed fun?

One of the best things about this theme is that it can work anytime of the year, so it’s perfect for a spur of the moment appreciation event.

Outside of Teacher Appreciation week (first week of May), anytime you feel like staff could use some perking up will work, say during testing month when stress levels are running especially high.

Here’s how to put on the most fabulous coffee themed event to show your appreciation to the school staff!


Start with prettying up the staff lounge!

No time for a full teacher lounger makeover?

That’d be nice, but not needed since a little can go a long way to making teachers and staff feel more appreciated because the thought and effort as evidenced by the decor.

Decorations make everything more fun, so don’t skip this step of adding some flair to the space, especially when there are so many done-for-you options to choose from!

Balloons instantly convert a sense of lightness and fun, so incorporating them into your decoration scheme is a smart way to make a big statement!

This coffee colored balloon arch will make quite the dramatic statement!

I love the creamy browns.

Reminds me of lattes!

Intimidated at the thought of having to put a balloon arch together?

Don’t be!

This post walks you through the whole (shockingly simple!) process!

This coffee hued wall tassel will add some nice texture up against the staff lounge wall or above the serving table or counter.

Once you have the coffee bar set up, make no mistake about where the staff should head for their caffeine fix by adding a banner to announce the coffee bar.

This coffee banner would look really cute layered in with the burlap one above.


Decorating a table is not only fun, but practical in that a plastic table cloth protects the surface below and makes cleaning up simple. Just fold and pitch!

If you’re trying to replicate the coffee chain look, these table cloths are the perfect shade of green and the creamy browns contrast so perfectly.

Daily Events

Give the staff a sneak peek of what fun you have planned for them with this customizable Coffee Run flyer!


Start the week off by dazzling them with a lush coffee and tea bar to enjoy right now and later!

How cute is this coffee themed plates, napkin and cup set?

If you need a larger set of disposable to go cups, this is a good pack of plain cups that you can dress up!

These Thanks a Latte Stickers are an easy way of jazzing up the plain cups.

Add a selection of syrups to flavor their drinks.

Many people enjoy Torani syrups and this pack offers a nice set of crowd pleasing options.

For a sugar-free option, this Jordan’s Skinny Syrups gourmet coffee flavoring trio is sure to find more than few fans.

One of the most fun things about staff appreciation events is that you can splurge on unusual items to make everything more special.

These rock candy swizzle sticks certainly fall under the out of the ordinary sweeter options for most people and will make a pretty addition to your tablescape.

If the staff lounge doesn’t already have one, surprise the staff with a Keurig machine!

This model features a large removable water reservoir, which means it’ll need to be refilled less and can be more easily cleaned.

They’re sure to appreciate the gesture and will really enjoy the convenience of having a fresh and hot cup of goodness ready in in moments.

For a lasting treat the staff can enjoy for days to come, leave a Keurig coffee sampler for them to find a new favorite!

Don’t forget that not everyone likes coffee, so be sure to offer alternative hot beverages!

This tea sampler has lots of fun options tea drinkers are sure to enjoy.

Round out the full compliment of hot drinks with hot chocolate pods too.


You can easily extend this coffee themed appreciation celebration by writing each staff member a personalized note of thanks and recognition for their contributions to your school.

This is an often overlooked way to make each person feel especially appreciated since you can customize the cards.

Recruit parents who know the staff members to help write the notes for a personal touch.

Here’s another cute coffee themed thank you notecard set.


Delight them with a breakfast to go along with their new coffee bar.

Add to the surprise by changing up the decor just a bit with the addition of this donut tablecloth decoration set!

These cute donut ceiling swirls will add a pop of bright color in an unexpected place.

Be sure to sprinkle in some coffee related options to stay on theme.

I’ll be many staff members would enjoy how much these Coffee Clif Bars keep them powered throughout the day.

Other Breakfast Menu Ideas

  • Yogurt
  • Granola
  • Fruit
  • Donuts (of course!)
  • Pastries (Check with your local Panera- they may donate a few boxes!)
  • Muffins and English Muffins
  • Bagels
  • Peanut butter

The nice thing about a breakfast is that most of the items can be set up the evening before, covered with plastic wrap and everything will be good to go until morning!

If you can’t be there in the morning to set out the refrigerated items, leave a sign on the table letting them know what treats are in the fridge.

Be sure add food labels to the table to help people to allergies identify what they should avoid as well as let everyone know what’s being offered.

Prefer reusable labels instead? These mini chalk boards can be used dozens of times!


If you want to really make the staff feel special, take their order for their favorite drink and deliver it to them personally!

This printable Coffee Run “order form” makes it easy to ensure each staff member gets exactly what they’d like!

The forms are even customizable with your PTA/PTO’s name so they’ll know exactly who to thank!


Sneak a candy filled goodie bag into their mailboxes for an unexpected end of the week treat!

There are lots of yummy coffee flavored candies to choose from!

Here are a few options:

There are even candy options for tea lovers!

And even hot chocolate lovers too!

Another idea is to get a case of Frappuccino bottles and top it off with a cute latte thank you tag.

That’s what I did one year and it was very well received, indeed!

Another Idea

Another theme you can easily combine this coffee theme with is a Friends theme.

Click here to get ideas for a week of appreciation events inspired by that classic tv show!

Over to You!

Hope this inspires you with a bunch of ideas for how to put on an entire week of coffee themed fun for your school staff during Teacher Appreciation Week!

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