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How to Be the Best Room Parent

Have you just stepped up (or been selected!) to be your child’s Class Room Parent and now wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into?

You’ll absolutely love this room parent guide filled with tips to not only help you get started in your new role, but also support you throughout the entire year.

And also help you avoid some stumbling blocks too, since no one likes to make mistakes.

Alrighty then, let’s dive right on in to room parent responsibilities so you can have a deferred understaffing of the room parent role!

Fulfill all Room Parent Duties

Good Room Parents go above and beyond with fulfilling their job responsibilities.

Being a Room Parent is so much more than planning parties or coordinating treats for the kids.

And the specific duties of Room Parents can vary from school to school, as well as from PTO to PTO too.

But generally, here’s the list of duties for all Room Parents to consider as part of their job:

Coordinating Classroom Volunteers

One of the most important functions of the Room Parent is to coordinate volunteers for the teacher.

Effective Room Parents can drastically cut down on what the teacher has to handle, freeing up a bit of the things they’re tasked with.

Because for everything that comes off of the teacher’s to do list, they have more time to teacher your child!

Coordinating Donation Opportunities

Similarly, Room Parents should be helping to coordinate asking parents for donations of items to improve the classroom environment or supplies for projects and class parties.

Promoting PTO / PTA Goals and Happenings

This is not an always recognized job duty for Room Parents, but spreading the word about upcoming PTO meetings, fundraiser and event information to students’ families is really an essential responsibility for Room Parents to handle.

Because there’s a lot going on in school that is happening outside the boundaries of your child’s class and schools are better, with happier teachers and students when more parents are involved with the PTO.

So do you fellow parents a solid and include PTO sponsored events in emails to keep parents in the lop about events, programs and other opportunities to get involved.

Help with Staff Appreciation Week

The first week of May is when Staff Appreciation Week (aka Teacher Appreciation Week) is traditionally observed and celebrated.

Check in with other Room Parents to see what they have planned as well as the Head Room Parent (coordinator for ALL Room Parents in the school) to see how your class can participate.

Many PTOs sponsor Door Decorating during the week as an outward expression of their love for teachers.

Coordinating End of the Year Teacher Gift

The end of the year provides a time to thank the teacher for all they’ve done for the class and most classes choose to give the teacher a gift to mark the occasion.

The Class Room Parent is usually best suited to organize this one last project since they have the contact information for all and are accustomed to arranging things for the class.

Note that there may be limitations on what the teacher is allowed to accept, so check with the Principal before deciding on a specific gift for your teacher.

Need ideas for gift ideas for male teachers? This article has some really fantastic gift ideas perfect for anytime of the year!

Planning Class Parties

Last, we’re ending with that most people know to be involved with being the class Room Parent: holiday party planning!

Traits of a Strong Room Parent

Wondering what skills and traits one needs to be an absolute rock star Room Parent?

Here’s a list of the most important traits:

Excellent communication skills

The best Room Parents communicate efficiently and effectively with the teacher, class parents and the PTO.

Honed planning and organizational skills

Whether they’re born with these skills or get a resource to help, the best Room Parents keep all the requests and opportunities organized throughout the year.

Excellent follow through

Tracking the details and plans and seeing plans through is another characteristic of a strong Room Parent.

Is fair and gives equal chance for involvement

Good Room Parents don’t play favorites. Enough said.

Enjoys collaborating with others

Likewise, the most excellent Room Parents either like working with others or they fake it extremely well!

Acts as a partner with the classroom teacher

Due to the fast pace of school happenings, good Room Parents recognize the importance of collaborating with the teacher and acting as their partner to make it all happen.

Who Chooses Room Parents

Some schools delegate the Room Parent Program to the PTO because it’s easier to have parent volunteers coordinating communication and class parties across classrooms.

This goes a long way to ensuring classroom parties are similar and kids in one class don’t feel left out of the fun because another parent goes hog wild with treats and activities galore for a class party.

Other times, the classroom teachers select a parent to help coordinate and communication with the students’ families.

Their choice is either based on an existing relationship with a parent, or a wild guess about who would be a good organizer to help with activities throughout the year!

Top Resources for Room Parents

Want even more help to be the best Room Parent ever? Enter the Room Parent Success Kit!

This resource tool kit has everything you’ll need to be such a fantastic Room Parent.

You will absolutely love the customizable and editable pre-worded letter to parents and the checklist to follow when meeting with the teacher so you don’t skip a beat!

And if your school is looking at starting a Room Parent Program, then you will be so grateful to have the Head Room Parent Manual that lays out in detail the role and responsibility of the position for your school.

Another fabulous resource for Room Parents is this Favorite Things survey set.

No matter which theme you choose, apple or pencil, you’re sure to easily pick out the most perfect class gift once you know what the teacher most loves!

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Recommended Reading for Room Parents

Check out this recommended reading to further build on your Room Parent knowledge base:

Over to you!

Does being a Room Parent sound like a lot?

It is, but it’s a crucial role within the school and PTO since being a room parent really boils down to being the main conduit between the teacher and the rest of the class parents as well as doing the same for the PTO and the class.

So it’s well worth taking the time to learn the ins and outs of the role.

Hope this guide detailing room parent responsibilities and job duties has cleared up some questions and sparked some inspiration for you in your role as Room Parent.

And also that the information for room parents has made you feel more prepared and less overwhelmed for a great year in your volunteer role!

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