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Plan the Perfect Donut Themed Staff Appreciation Week

I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love donuts, and it’s definitely a fun theme for Teacher Appreciation Week that’s sure to draw lots of smiles!

But how to take a simple theme like this one and stretch it into a week of events to celebrate your school staff?

You’re in the right place since I’ve rounded up the cutest and best options to take this theme from merely an idea to brilliant life!


First, start with some cute decorations…

Because decorating for a party is half the fun, am I right?

And balloons are an easy way to pull lots of color into a space and make the event feel instantly more special.

How fun is the balloon arch?

Need help putting it together?

Check out this post for tips on balloon arch and column construction.

It’s so much easier than it seems!

These balloons grouped as a centerpiece would be so fun, don’t you think?

I also could not love these confetti sprinkle balloons more!

So stinking cute!

Don’t forget about the ceiling as an area to decorate and add pops of color to.

These paper lanterns are a perfect addition.

Daily Ideas

Why limit the celebration to just a single day?

Here are some ways to stretch this theme to fill the entire work week, which is something the staff is certain to adore you for!


Start with a sweet beginning to Teacher Appreciation Week with a breakfast for the staff.

Protect the serving table surface with a disposable tablecloth to ease clean up too!

Make a plan for a statement display with this donut stand that’s sure to catch their eye.

Vertical stands are a space efficient way to display the donuts.

If there’s a larger area for your breakfast spread, these colorful trays will make for a bright presentation.

Set the stage for a special lunch with this adorable donut plate and napkin combination.


Deliver a personalized thank you note.

These notecards also fit in nicely with the doughnut theme too.


Keep staff fueled throughout the day with a snack station set up in the teacher’s lounge.

Whip up a few batches of popcorn for the staff to snack on and serve it in these adorable popcorn boxes.

Make the popcorn even more delicious by offering a few choices of popcorn seasoning.

This set of seasoning will add a sweet taste to the popcorn.

And this set offers more expected flavor options.

Put out a spread of delicious cupcakes topped with these cute donut toppers staff can enjoy during the school day or take home to enjoy later.

These sprinkle cupcake liners are a great base for the tasty treat!

These little carrier boxes make cupcake transport easy and the teachers will truly appreciate the thoughtful touch.

These donut shaped dessert plates are brilliantly colored and perfect for staff who want to enjoy the treats during the day.


Pop “Thanks a hole bunch” goodie bags into staff mailboxes and surprise them with an assortment of small treats.

If you have a smaller budget for goodie bags, then these bags are perfectly sized!

There’s still plenty of room to tuck a few treats in, and the bags won’t feel half empty.

And the donut sticker closures are super cute too.

Some ideas for what to include in the goodie bags:

Cute donut shaped stress reliever “balls.”

Just looking at them makes me smile and I can feel my stress level dropping, so I’m sure your teachers will feel the same way!

Yummy Krispy Kreme Jelly Beans are a delicious option.

Everyone likes to win, so give staff a chance to scratch their way to a prize with these scratch off game cards that’ll fit nicely in either of the two bag options featured above.

No matter what you choose, be sure to top it off with a cute gift tag.

Here’s one more donut themed gift tag that makes another great option to put the perfect finishing touch on the gift bag.


End the week with a scrumptious luncheon to further celebration your school’s teachers and staff.

There are too many fun donut themed plates to choose from, so I’m highlighting another set that caught my eye here.

Jazz up the drink station with these donut print paper straws.

Over to you!

Hope you enjoyed all of these fun donut themed staff appreciation ideas and they help you put on an unforgettable week to show your teachers and staff how much you appreciate them.

To expand on this idea even more, combine it with a Coffee or Friends event!

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