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17 Easy Ways to Thank PTO Volunteers

Volunteers are the what keep groups like PTAs and PTOs running!  

Without them, none of the wonderful things parent groups do for their schools would be possible.

helen keller quote volunteer appreciation

Forget about the extra assemblies, room parents, playground additions, and volunteer and staff appreciation luncheons!

While not impossible to achieve all of those wonderful extras to the school experience, without parent help, it sure is a difficult uphill battle.

Parent involvement makes everything easier and enriches your school community.

those who can do those who can do more volunteer appreciation

So time to pay that fact a little respect by showering your volunteers with love.

When you do, you’ll find it’s easier to keep parents and volunteers engaged and involved.

It boils down to the fact that thanking them is a small gesture that means a lot!

Thanking volunteers with fun graphics in a variety of ways is a super thoughtful gesture that will leave your volunteers feeling very loved!

The 17 different images in this post a perfect for just that!

thanks for helping our children bloom volunteer appreciation teacher appreciation

Say it on Social!

A super easy way to recognize and express appreciation for your volunteers is by using social media to give them a shout out!

volunteer appreciation flamingo thank you

In addition to posting them on social media along with the specific shout out to acknowledge your volunteers generally, you can also highlight volunteers post-events.

Tag your volunteers or include a list of volunteers’ first names to make sure they feel included.

priceless volunteer appreciation

And if you really want them to feel appreciated and make your post stand out in newsfeeds, add a fun graphic like the ones sprinkled throughout this article to make your proclamation of gratitude pop off the page!

rock themed volunteer appreciation

The great thing about this method of volunteer appreciation is that truly making a volunteer feel appreciated doesn’t take a lot of money.

After all, what volunteers really want is to be recognized for their efforts and been seen for all they do.

happiness springs from doing good and helping others volunteer appreciation teacher appreciation

It’s important to keep in mind that volunteers who aren’t acknowledged will be less likely to continue volunteering.

And they definitely won’t be stepping up into bigger volunteer or leadership roles in your group, so be super generous with your accolades!

text inspired volunteer appreciation image

I’ve created some super fun images you can use for volunteer appreciation in your group’s Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. feeds.

You can grab the entire collection of 17 images for social, a printable version and a link to edit the graphics to customize them for your group right here!

volunteer team appreciation

Put it in the News(letter)

Another place to recognize volunteers is in your group’s newsletter.

Whether you’re sending home a physical newsletter or a digital e-newsletter, reserve a section to thank volunteers by name in each and every edition of the newsletter.

there's nothing stronger than a heart of a volunteer appreciation

Coupling the acknowledgement with pictures from the event is also a super smart idea.

Not only do your volunteers feel loved with this public expression of gratitude, but it also shows parents who may not have volunteered for the event a small glimpse of what the help entailed, what they missed out on, and that their efforts will be appreciated.

volunteer appreciation and thank you staff appreciation teacher

So by acknowledging volunteers in this way, you’re actually laying a solid foundation for growing your pool of helpers for future events and programs at the very same time.

Talk about a win-win!

Remember to switch out the graphics you use in the newsletter so that it’s not overlooked.

dr seuss inspired volunteer appreciation quote

Top It Off

So many people love the graphics featured in this post that they’ve been transformed into printable tags that you can attach to thank you gifts for your awesome volunteers.

The set comes with both the designs one to page and one of every design over 3 pages, making it easy to print off exactly what you need.

volunteering is a work of heart volunteer appreciation

Take Note

Another way to use these love notes is to write a note of appreciation on the backside like so many do with our Quote Tag Set of gorgeous word art that are just perfect for showing gratitude to school staff and teachers.

superhero volunteer appreciation image

Get the Perfect Fit

Using templates is a smart way to maximize your time.

And it’s always easier to tweak an idea than to come up with it in the first place!

That’s why these graphics are now also available in a fully customizable template format!

This means you’ll be able to change the colors to match your school’s brand colors and also add text to perfectly suit your needs!


love blooms when kindness is planted volunteer appreciation quote

Teacher and Staff Appreciation

In the spirit of multitasking, pretty much all of these graphics can also be used for Teacher and Staff Appreciation too!

How awesome is that?

teacher appreciation you're of fishallly an awesome part of our school volunteer appreciation

Which is absolutely perfect since your gratitude for all the people who make school such a great place knows no bounds!

For one day of Staff Appreciation week (aka the first week of May each year), you can print off a whole bunch of these graphics onto card stock and the cutest ready to go gift topper there is!

volunteer appreciation thank you

You can also write a personalized note on the backside of the card for a special touch that won’t go unnoticed.

Get the Graphics Pack

Now that you’ve seen just how versatile and useful this graphics pack is, add it to your bag of appreciation tricks!

The kit includes all the graphics featured in this post in 3 different formats:
-as individual graphics perfect for social media, newsletter or flyer use
-a print ready PDF with one of each design on three pages and then one design per page, repeated 6 to a page
– fully customizable Canva template set ready for your color and font customizations.

If you’ve never used Canva before, you’re really going to love how easy it is to tweak the designs to make them your own.

Once you sign up for your free account, you can customize the templates to your heart’s content!

Watch this!

Give this video a watch for volunteer and teacher appreciation ideas:

The Easiest Way to Thank PTO Volunteers

Over to You!

Hope you love these ideas for showing your volunteers how much you appreciate their help to make your PTO and school so fantastic!

It doesn’t take much to thank your PTO volunteers, so be sure to do it on a regular basis.

You never can thank helpers enough!SaveSave

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