The Easiest Way to Thank Volunteers

Look no further for an easy way to thank your volunteers! From PTA/PTO and school volunteers and beyond, snag these awesome freebies to show your appreciation for all that your volunteers do!
Volunteers are the what keep groups like PTAs and PTOs running!  Without them, none of the wonderful things parent groups do for their schools would be possible.  It’s essential to keep parents and volunteers engaged and involved and thanking them is a small gesture that means a lot!
A super easy way to recognize and express appreciation for your volunteers is by using social media to give them a shout out!  I’ve created some super fun images you can use for volunteer appreciation in your group’s Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. feeds.
Feel free to use these images to thank your volunteers.  I know they’ll appreciate the recognition!  You won’t find a more low cost or easier way to let your volunteers what they mean to you!
thanks for helping our children bloom volunteer appreciation teacher appreciation


Thanks for helping our children bloom!


happiness springs from doing good and helping others volunteer appreciation teacher appreciation
Happiness springs from doing good and helping others.


volunteer appreciation flamingo thank you


You’re an awesome part of our flock.  Thank you!


those who can do those who can do more volunteer appreciation
Those who can, do.  Those who can do more, volunteer.


priceless volunteer appreciation
Our volunteers are not paid- not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless!


volunteer appreciation and thank you staff appreciation teacher
Thank you!


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volunteer team appreciation
Hey, thanks!  We love that you’re part of our team!  Thanks for all that you do!


helen keller quote volunteer appreciation
Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. – Helen Keller


dr seuss inspired volunteer appreciation quote
Dr. Seuss inspired: Oh!  The places we’ll go because of you!  Thanks for all you do for our school!


superhero volunteer appreciation image
Not all Superheroes wear capes!  Thanks for being a super volunteer!


rock themed volunteer appreciation
Thanks for being a rockin’ volunteer!  We appreciate all that you do!


volunteer appreciation thank you
Thank you: We appreciate everything you do!


love blooms when kindness is planted volunteer appreciation quote
Love blooms when kindness is planted


text inspired volunteer appreciation image
OMG: U R a totally awesome volunteer.  We can’t thank U enough!


there's nothing stronger than a heart of a volunteer appreciation


There’s nothing stronger than a heart of a volunteer


teacher appreciation you're of fishallly an awesome part of our school volunteer appreciation
You’re of-fishally an irreplaceable part of our school


volunteering is a work of heart volunteer appreciation
Volunteering is a work of heart.  Thanks for all that you do!


I hope you enjoy these images!  If you’re looking for other ideas of how to thank volunteers, check out this recent post.
For fantastic staff appreciation ideas, check out this post.


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