How many Fundraisers Should PTA PTOs have?

How Many Fundraisers Should PTOs Have?

Just how many fundraisers is it ok to have each year? Is there a drawback to having monthly fundraisers? Is the right goal to have to raise as much money as humanly possible during the school year? If you’re unsure of the answers to these questions, you could be making a tragic mistake that is […]

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How to Double Your PTO Fundraising Income

Does your PTO fundraising need a big boost? Tired of working so hard for so little money? I don’t blame you! I’ve been there too- putting in a ton of work for very little money. It’s so frustrating, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. Time for a plan to turn things around. And […]

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How to Make DIY PTO Shirts

Looking to make your very own custom PTO shirts? It’s easier to do than you think! Making your own t-shirts can be a cost effective way to have custom shirts for your PTO or PTA- as long as you have the right tools! Many of the options featured in this post as SVG files which […]

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