Are In Person PTO Meetings Still Necessary?

Today’s post certainly covers a hot topic: PTO meetings! The debate goes a little like this: Do you really have to meet in person for PTO meetings or are there alternatives that can boost participation? Both of those questions will be answered in this post, so read on! Are PTO Meetings really necessary? In a […]

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How to Plan Staff Appreciation Events

Being in charge of staff appreciation for your PTO is not a task you can pull together at the last minute with success. Not to say that there aren’t ways to show school staff how much you appreciate them without it eating up a bunch of your time, but there is middle ground here for […]

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School teacher lounge make over ideas

How to Make Over the Teachers Lounge

One of the most fun things your PTO can do to delight your staff is to give them a renewed space that meets their needs. I don’t know about the staff lounges in your children’s school, but the ones in some of my children’s schools leave a lot to be desired… Too cramped, too cluttered, […]

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