PTO Planning During Uncertain Times

Understatement of the decade: This whole pandemic is throwing a wrench into normalcy on so many different levels! But it’s not really helpful to not dwell on the fact that times are so uncertain. Instead, let’s be productive and look forward to what we as PTA/PTO leaders do have control over! Things won’t look or […]

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PTO / PTA officer Transition Best Practices

PTO Leader Transition Best Practices

The best leader transitions are such more than handing off binders like a baton pass in an Olympic race. But the very best leaders know they need to finish off their term strong. And this includes setting the incoming leader up with everything they need to be successful! This post will review some of the […]

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How to Handle PTO Volunteers Who Don't Do Their Jobs

What To Do When a PTO Officer Doesn’t Do their Job

How to handle a PTO / PTA officer who’s not quite doing their job is one of the top questions leaders need to know the answer to, but at the same time hope to not have to deal with during their term. How to address irresponsibility from board members & be “extremely” tactful about it? […]

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