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How to Get Engagement on Facebook for Your PTO

Social media is a great place for PTOs to spread the word about volunteer and donation needs, fundraisers, and events.

But many groups have noticed that they get virtually no engagement on Facebook and are wondering what gives?

This post is going to shine the light on how you can get more people to see and take action on your posts!

Decide on a Purpose

First, before you can decide whether or not your PTO Facebook account is getting the love and attention you think it should be getting, you have to first establish why you have the account to begin with.

Is it to get more parents involved with PTO?

Raise general awareness about your PTO?

Keep parents informed about goings on in the school and/or PTO?

Having a goal for what you hope to achieve on Facebook will help you make all the other decisions needed to keep your PTO alive and well on the platform.

And keep in mind that everyone is not on Facebook, so it may not even be the best platform for your PTO.

You might be better focusing your PR and communications efforts on an email newsletter or something else!

Decide on the Format: Group or Page

Once you’ve decided on why you’re using the platform, you net need to decide how you’ll deliver information off Facebook.

Facebook is a tricky platform.

They’re a business and need to keep the lights on and do that with paid ads.

So if you don’t pay for anyone to see your Facebook Page posts, generally about 1% of the people who follow your page will see the posts!

That’s not good and maybe even a little shocking to boot!

So that’s why starting a Facebook Group can a much better way to go since Facebook is actively encouraging Groups right now!

In fact, many more Facebook Group members will see your posts and there’ll be a better chance of engaging with group posts!

Share Information They Need

No matter which format you choose, Page or Group, you’ll need to share information parents and families actually want and need, or else they’ll ignore what you’re putting out there!

Some ideas for information families need (News They Can Use):

  • PTO sponsored events
  • Fundraiser information and deadlines
  • Schedule change alerts
  • Holiday reminders
  • Picture Day reminders
  • Deadline reminders – for permission slips, fundraisers, order forms, etc.
  • Community opportunities (Limit these types of posts because schools and PTOs usually have enough things going on to fill calendars sufficiently and posting competing events isn’t in your PTO’s best interest!)
  • Share information of interest to parents (For example, how to spy vaping devices, Summer Camp information, links to buy Summer reading books)

Share Inherently Engaging Content

Another category of posts to consider is information that’s people can’t help themselves from commenting on!

Some ideas that come to mind include:

  • Pictures from events
  • Volunteer shoutouts
  • Current event discussions (Not world current events, but hyper local current events like the school levy that was just proposed or the school district’s Superintendent search or a proposal for a curriculum change.)

Make it a Team Effort

As with anything else in PTO, make managing and posting content on your PTO Facebook Page or Group a team effort!

Your family events chair and fundraising chair should have editor rights, just as long as they’re not typo prone!

It helps to have more than one voice contributing to your PTO Facebook account since that lends itself to different content getting shared.

It’s just more interesting that way and will lead to more parents and families following and commenting!

Watch this!

I have even more tips for getting more Facebook engagement in this video, so give it a watch!

How to Get Engagement on Your PTA / PTO Facebook Page

Over to you!

Does your PTO have a Facebook account?

What strategies have you used to get people engaged in this arena?

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