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Does Your PTO Really Need a Welcome Packet?

A PTO welcome packet, meaning information about your school and PTO to be given to either families new to the school or new PTO members (or both!) can be not only time consuming, but also intimidating to put together.

Just figuring out everything that should be included in a Welcome Packet is a project in and of itself.

So you might be wondering if your PTO actually needs a Welcome Packet at all, or if it’s just busy work that’s something that’s nice to have?

So here’s the straight answer: Heck yes, you absolutely need a PTO welcome packet or z letter to parents at the very least!

It is *not* just something that’s nice to have.

A Welcome Packet is essential and your PTO will be worse off without one.

Now listen, this isn’t to make you feel bad in anyway or sure you into thinking you’re going to screw something up.

The bottom line is that you have limited time as a leader and you need to be choosy about when and where you’re spending time.

You don’t have the luxury of time, so you need to cut right to the heart of the matter!

Why Welcome Packets are So Essential

Here’s why PTO Welcome Packets are essential and should be an integral part of your PTO’s membership growth plan!

Without a welcome packet, your PTO will struggle to communicate effectively with families unfamiliar with the school or PTO.

The truth is that there’s a ton going on in your group and your group also does a lot in the school.

So much so that it’s not obvious at first glance and needs to be explained to most parents.

So without some sort of introduction to the PTO, how will parents know what the PTO does and how they can get involved?

Sadly, they won’t.

Without some guidance, they’ll probably feel overwhelmed and confused and won’t seek out the information on their own.

Parents will stay disconnected and uneducated about what the PTO is all about, what they do and that’ll make the possibility of them getting involved with your PTO all that much more remote.

With a Welcome Packet, you’re giving an easy way for parents to learn about your PTO on their own time.

You’re laying it all out the basic information they need to know all in once place.
This is a big time saver for them!

Welcome Packet Time Saver

A good PTO Welcome Packet takes a good amount of time to put together to ensure all the needed information is in there.

But if you don’t have the time to figure out what should be included in the PTO Welcome Kit, let alone how to word it all fear not, I have you covered!

All of the guesswork and busy work has been eliminated and replaced with an editable and customizable kit in the Membership Master Plan!

This kit has everything you’ll need to put your welcome packet, including a welcome letter to families that’s perfect for back to school time and an introduction to the PTO letter from the President!

You’ll love how easy this kit works for both families that are new to your school as well as new members of your PTO.

Paper or Virtual?

One thing I should add to this discussion is that it’s not necessary for the Welcome Packet to be in a paper format!

A virtual packet can be just as effective for communicating all the necessary information and you can use the Membership Master Plan to create the virtual kit all the same.

For brand new families, print out one of the customized templates to include in the paperwork given to them at registration and add a link / web address in a prominent way on the one sheet. But make sure the link is a short link!

Don’t rely on only virtual resources because they’re easy to overlook!

Watch this!

In dive into the topic of New Family Welcome Packets more in this video, so give it a watch!

Does Your PTO Really Need a New Family Welcome Packet? | Parent Involvement Hack for PTA
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