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Great Gift Ideas for PTO Volunteers

Any time is a good time to recognize volunteers for their contribution to your PTO with a token of appreciation.

The thank you gift doesn’t need to be fancy, but coming up with a creative idea can be hard.

This post rounds up some great options that’ll make your volunteers feel appreciated and are really nice volunteer gift ideas!

This first volunteer thank you gift idea is pun-tastic! It’s a really nice idea to give volunteers a gift that’ll keep growing and reminding them of your appreciation the entire time!

Give volunteers a daily reminder of your appreciation for them with this lovely keychain.

This cute key chain is a nice thank you for the time volunteers commit to PTO!

This set of thank you cards pop open and come in a big pack, enough for all of your volunteers, making it an economical volunteer token of appreciation.

Prefer to give gift cards instead?

Head on over to Starbucks and pick up a gift card and then dress them up with these fun gift card holders!

Bright and colorful thank you cards are a great way to deliver a handwritten note to each volunteer.

These “Thanks for being awesome in so many ways” cards are a great foundation for notes of appreciation to volunteers.

This collection of thank you cards are a cute way to express your gratitude for your wonderful volunteers!

This notebook is a great way to let your volunteers know exactly what you think of them!

And they’re sure to smile when they use it, for PTO notes, of course!

This notebook is a great team builder.

It’ll remind volunteers that their contributions are true valued.

This notebook features a lovely sentiment that volunteers will be grateful for.

But really, who are we kidding? Call out your volunteers for what they are: magical people who make stuff happen! This unicorn volunteer t-shirt is so spot on!

If a t-shirt isn’t right, how about this cute unicorn notebook then?

I can’t decide if this unicorn notebook is cuter… what do you think?

Wrap up come chocolate in these simple thank you bags that volunteers will love!

This tumbler is a hilarious shout out to awesome volunteers!

This purple-blue-green ombre tumbler is a nice way to remind volunteers how great they are!

Put out a this box of gratitude cookies at your next PTO meetings and invite volunteers to snag one.

These Thank You Jelly Belly packs would be a sweet addition to the last meeting of the school year!

This bangle volunteer appreciation bracelet has a nice sentiment on the charm.

The sentiments and motivational statements on these bracelets aren’t directly related to being thankful or grateful for volunteers, but recipients are sure to love them nonetheless.

Plus, the bracelets come in a pack of five and are good for both female and male volunteers to wear a reminder of their dedication to the PTO.

The artwork on this notebook is lovely and paired with “volunteers make a difference” is a sweet token.

This notebook is like a fun award for volunteers to carry around for all to see.

Maybe a little cheesy, but thoughtful!

I love the idea of having this special message inside the bangle.

It would be pretty cheesy to have this message displayed on the outside of the bracelet, but it feels like it would be a special little reminder that would make me smile when I wore it.

Who else can related to this shirt? I need it in allllllll the colors!

And this notebook would complete the look!

Sometimes, after a long week, wine is the right answer! How nice is this tumbler from Crafty Chicks Designs that sums it all up?

Over to you!

What is the best volunteer gift you’ve ever received from your PTO?

Share with us in the comments!

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gift ideas for PTO volunteers and PTA volunteers
gift ideas for PTO volunteers and PTA volunteers
Gift ideas for PTO and PTA volunteers
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