A hack for more PTO volunteer sign ups.

A Hack to Get More Volunteer Sign Ups

There are so many different ways to get parents to sign up to help as volunteer for PTO events:

  • You can pass around a sign up sheet at a PTO meeting
  • Post on social media with the link to the sign up form
  • Ask parents when you run into them around store or at the soccer game
  • Hang up a sign up sheet on a bulletin board at school
  • Send home a flyer with the sign up link on the form

All of these methods for getting parents to sign up to volunteer are great options, except for the last one mentioned.

If you’re using a program like Sign Up Genius to track volunteers, then you probably know what the issue is…

When you make a sign up form, the url address link to the form is hella long!

And let me tell you, the parents who will take the time to type in that super long URL address to sign up to help can be counted on a few fingers at the very most!

Long links are costing your PTO volunteers

This is a point in the volunteer funnel where there are a bunch of holes and more people are falling out than are staying in.

Trust me on this one.

People are busy.

Some are even lazy.

You must make it as easy as possible for them to sign up, or they won’t!

The Long Link Antidote

You’ve made the sign up form to make it quick and easy for parents to sign up online, so why make them jump through another hoop to actually sign up?

Lower the time involved for parents to sign up for a volunteer slot by using a free link shortening service like bit.ly.

With bit.ly, you can paste that 48 character long link into the link shortener and a much shorter link pops out for you to use!

Plus, bit.ly is free and easy to use!

And pave the way to easy sign ups even further

What’s more, you can even customize the link to make it easy to remember!

For example, https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c044cafaa2ea6fe3-fall23 becomes bit.ly/Ug2te which then can be customized to bit.ly/fall19concessions

(Note, I made up these links just to show an example, so don’t try to use them!)

Genius, right?!?!?!

Be honest, which would you be more likely to type in to a browser to sign up?

Such a silly question, I know!

Watch this!

Prefer to watch me talk about this hack instead?

I’ve made a video for you about this!

A Hack for More Volunteer Sign Ups from PTO Flyers and PTA Fliers

Over to you!

Such a good hack, right?

Simple, easy, anyone can do it.

But tell me, what other hacks do you have for getting more volunteer sign ups?

Let’s chat about them in the comments below!

More Help

But first, I want to make sure you know about another resource to help you out with getting more volunteers.

Actually, this resource will help with more than just volunteers, as the title suggests!

If you’re looking for even more help to get parents involved as both parents and members, then be sure to check out the Membership Master Plan!

There’s a 31 page plan chock full of ideas along with 9 editable forms and flyers to guide you every step of the way!

The Membership Master Plan ensures you’re reaching each and every parent at school with effective messaging to inspire and motivate them to get involved and help out!

Stop wasting time and energy on parent involvement strategies that aren’t working.

Time to load up your membership roster with parents who’ll see that no event is cancelled due to lack of help!

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