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PTO Leader of the Week: Jennifer Cooper-Foreman

It’s that time of the week when we shine the spotlight on a PTO Leader and this week we’re focusing in on Jennifer Cooper-Foreman.

She’s been an active PTO volunteer for two years, and recently took the brave step up into leading her Richfield Elementary PTO as President.

Let’s get to know Jennifer a bit more!

Tell us a little about your family and your PTO/PTA journey

I am the Mom to a 9 year old as well as a 23 year old.

Both are boys that always have sports on their mind, lots of baseball, football and other hobbies are included. 

I started my PTO journey last year as being a Co-Treasurer.

I was at the school more times than I would like to admit.

Our PTO Board learned from our then current President in January she was stepping down.

Her kids are aging out and those things happen.

I prayed over the responsibility that I knew was headed my way.

In March of last year I was consumed by my prayers and knew what I knew I needed to do.

Basically stating if one doesn’t step up for our kids then who will.

We are a Title One school after all.

With that said, I can’t give credit to myself.

Yes, did I see that we as a PTO were running on fumes.

Absolutely, post COVID everyone is running on fumes.

I will never take away from what our previous President did for our elementary school during COVID.

She kept the PTO up and running.

We now have a mixture of past board members and new board members.

Our PTO is growing by leaps and bounds.

Of course there will always be hiccups in this PTO game.

Mom and son outside on a sunny day

Tell us about why you got involved in your school parent group?

To support the kids, school and staff.

What’s coming up in your PTO/PTA that you’re excited about?

Fall Fest.

What’s one piece of advice for PTO/PTA leaders who are just starting out you’d like to share?

Be inclusive and welcoming.

In a word, sum up your life as a PTO/PTA volunteer


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