Running Your PTO During a School Shut Down

How to Run your PTO During a School Shut Down

As schools and activities are being cancelled for weeks at a time, you’re probably a little anxious and worried about what this means for you and your PTA/PTO. The reality is that rest of this school year is pretty uncertain. In fact, I originally wanted to call this post How to run your PTO in […]

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The Secret to Getting Parents Involved in PTO

The one question that I hear all the time is how in the heck to get parents involved? Now to you, being the fearless PTO leader you are, this is an honest question.   You really want to know what to do to bring more parents in to be actively involved.   Because for you, […]

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What can PTO Funds Be Used for?

What Can PTO Funds Be Used For?

Have some money burning a hole in your PTO pocket that you’d like to spend? But you’ve heard that there are some big no-nos about what your groups can pay for in terms of keeping your 501c3 non-profit status? This post is going to give you clarity on this topic and you’ll walk away knowing […]

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