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35 Gift Ideas for Math Teachers That Add Up to Appreciation!

Hey there, math enthusiasts and gift-givers extraordinaire!

We all know that behind every amazing mathematician is an incredible math teacher who sparked their love for numbers.

Why not celebrate the unsung heroes of the classroom with some thoughtful, unique gifts that show just how much you appreciate math teachers?

Whether it’s Calculus or Algebra, Geometry or Statistics, these gifts are sure to make your math teacher’s heart do a little happy dance.

And these gift ideas for math teachers are perfect for mid year, holiday, Teacher Appreciation Week or a token of end of the school year gifts too, so read on to be inspired by a bunch of fantastic ideas!


Math teachers love a good challenge, and what better way to keep their brains buzzing than with a mind-bending puzzle?

KINGOU Wooden Brain Puzzle Cube 3D Brain Teaser Puzzles 54 Pieces T-Shaped Blocks Builder Creative Educational Toy for Kids and Adults Desk Puzzles for Gift

Consider a high-quality wooden puzzle.

Rubik's Impossible, The Original 3x3 Cube Advanced Difficulty Classic Color-Matching Problem-Solving Puzzle Game Toy, for Adults & Kids Ages 8 and up

Or a complex Rubik’s Cube.

Both of these puzzles are a fun and interactive gift that’s bound to keep them entertained during those well-deserved breaks.

Magnetic Poetry - Math Poet Kit - Words for Refrigerator - Write Poems and Letters on the Fridge - Made in the USA

Math teachers would get a kick out of exploring their literary side with this set of math poetry magnets.

DO YOU EVEN KNOW MATH? The Ultimate Mental Math Game for Kids 8+, Teens and Adults

This Do You Even Know Math game looks like a fun one to gift to a teacher for in classroom use or at home.

A puzzle book is another good option that any math teacher is sure to love.

Here are some additional puzzle game books:

300+ Mathematical Pattern Puzzles: Number Pattern Recognition & Reasoning (Improve Your Math Fluency)

This puzzle book focuses on pattern recognition.

Perilous Problems for Puzzle Lovers: Math, Logic & Word Puzzles to Challenge Your Brain (Alex Bellos Puzzle Books)

This puzzle book has math, logic and word games to play.

The 125 Best Brain Teasers of All Time: A Mind-Blowing Challenge of Math, Logic, and Wordplay

If wordplay is something the math teacher loves, this puzzle book with brain teasers is a great gift possibility.

The Ultimate Brain Games And Puzzles Book For Adults: Tricky But Fun Brain Teasers, Trivia Challenges, Crosswords, Word Searches And Much More To Keep Your Mind Young And Engaged

One last option is this book with the ultimate collection of brain games and puzzles.


How about a gifting a math related clothing item they can wear?

Coming up next are some gift ideas that not only showcase the math teacher’s dedication to the subject but also lets them wear their mathematical heart on their sleeve – quite literally!

From quirky math-themed t-shirts to stylish accessories that add a touch of geometric flair, we’ve compiled a list of clothing gift ideas that are sure to resonate with any math aficionado:

SARA NELL Men's Classic Woven Business Tie Silk Necktie Math Teacher Pattern With Mathematical Formulas Neck Ties

A necktie is a thoughtful gift for a male math teacher.

This tie with a math formula pattern is a fun option.

Men's Math Equations Trigonometry necktie Ties Novelty Business Formal Neckties

A Trigonometry teacher would love this tie in particular.

Math Teacher Shirt Women Back to School Mathematics Tshirt Letter Print Graphic Teachers Gift Teach Inspire Tee Tops Grey

A funny t-shirt is another fun present for a math teacher and this shirt with a math joke is a good option.

It's A Good Day to Do Math Shirt Math Teacher Shirt Short Sleeve Inspirational Teacher Letter Print Shirt Tops(L,Blue)

Teachers are passionate about their jobs, so let them show it off with this good day shirt.

Jet Fighter Pi Day Retro Math Symbols Teacher Student Gifts T-Shirt

This Pi t-shirt has a retro cool design.

Math is No Prob-Llama - Math Llama Teacher T-Shirt

And this llama shirt is a yet another great option.

How To Be A Math Person - Teacher Mathematics Professor Gift Premium T-Shirt

T-shirts are a great way to communicate a point, and this shirt is a nice way to challenge perceptions of students about not being good at math.

Math Students & teachers Gift | Funny Rhombus Math Joke Pullover Hoodie

For chillier days, your favorite math teacher would love this rhombus sweatshirt.

Socks are a great option for a male or female math teacher.

Here are a few especially fun designs:

HAPPYPOP Funny Math Socks Math Gifts Teacher Socks Teacher Appreciation Gifts Math Teacher Gift for Men, Gifts for Math Lovers

This pair of math formula socks are a simple way for teachers to add some silliness to their day.

HAPPYPOP Funny Math Socks Math Gifts Teacher Socks Teacher Appreciation Gifts Math Teacher Gift for Men, Gifts for Math Lovers

And this pair of Pi socks may become their uniform for March 14th each year.

Seasonal T-shirts

Help them celebrate the season with a holiday specific t-shirt.

Halloween Math Teacher Trig Or Treat Student School College T-Shirt

This Trig or Treat shirt would get a lot of wear during the month of October.

Merry Christmath Merry Christmas Math Teacher Professor Gift T-Shirt

And in December, this Merry Christmath shirt would surely be on heavy rotation.

The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer Is Teaching Math T-Shirt

As would this elf inspired shirt.

Classroom Decor

Spruce up your teacher’s classroom or home office with some eye-catching math-themed artwork.

Choose prints that showcase famous theorems, fractals, or mathematical patterns.

It’s a wonderful way to add a touch of personality to their workspace while also providing a source of inspiration.

Decodyne Math Wall Clock - Unique Wall Clock - Each Hour Marked by a Simple Math Equation

This wall clock is great gift that’s fun and functional.

Funny Teacher Gift Metal Tin Sign Wall Decor Math 4 out of 3 People Teaching Classroom

How funny is this sign?

Sweetzer & Orange Growth Mindset Posters for Middle and High School Classroom Decorations – Set of 13 Motivational Posters, Inspirational Posters and Quote Posters! 15 x 22” Large Poster Bundle

Gifting a fresh set of wall art for their classroom is a thoughtful touch.

Math Classroom Poster Math Class Easy As Pi Canvas Wall Art For Algebra Classroom Boho Classroom Decor With Inspirational Quote Decorations Gifts For Teacher Back To School Poster

And this sign is a super lovely way to inspired confidence in students, something every math teacher deals with just about every day.


Give your teacher a trendy tote or mini pouch accessory that celebrates their passion for numbers and is also functional too, keeping them organized every step of the way.

JYTAPP Math Teacher Gift Canvas Teacher Bag Math Science Geeky Gift Math Teacher Tote Bag Funny Gift

A math-themed tote bag is not only practical for carrying around teaching materials, but it also makes a fashion-forward statement.

Look for designs that incorporate equations, geometric patterns, or even a playfully nerdy math joke.

Here are even more bag options:

TOBGBE Math Lover Gift Funny Math Teacher Makeup Bag Math Geek Gift Math Lover Gift Teacher Cosmetics Bag(Math Teacher bag)

This zippered bag is another fun and functional gift that’s absolutely perfect for math teachers.

PWHAOO Come to Math Side We Have Pi Funny Pi Day Gift Math Teacher Bag Math Gift for Math Teacher, Mathematics Lover (We Have Pi B)

This math side pouch would work for every math teacher, especially those who are Star Wars fans.

Mxrymvu Math Teacher Cosmetics Bag Math Lover Gift Makeup Bag Funny Math Teacher Appreciation Gift from Student Mathematician Gift Teacher's Day Birthday Gift for Math Teacher Travel Makeup Pouch

One last zippered pouch is this Math Whisperer option.


Gifting an accessory like a scarf or pair of earrings is something that they don’t already have!

Here’s a few fun and unique gift options that are wearable too:

Math Teacher Gifts For Women Earrings Best Funny Cute Math Symbol Earrings Items Fun Math Earrings

How about a cute pair of earrings like these dangly kind?

YINLIN Creative Asymmetrical Math Compass Ruler Dangle Earring For Students Jewelry(Silver)

This funky math reference pair of earrings is a unique option, with the compass and ruler combo.

Etwoa Claret Red Mathematics Infinity Scarf Circle Geek Scarf

I’ll bet your math teacher doesn’t have this infinity scarf in their wardrobe!

EASTEX Alphabet Lanyard Keychain - Teacher ID Lanyard for Keys Badge Whistle Hall Pass - Back to School - ABC ID Holder Keychain for Students Kids Men Women Gifts (1 Lanyard)

A lanyard is a good route to go for a gift that’ll get a ton of use on the daily.

A Handwritten Thank You Note

40 Pack Teacher Appreciation Cards with Envelopes Teachers Greeting Thank You Cards in 20 Designs, Grateful Words for a Year End and Teacher’s Day, Nice Notes to Teachers Birthday, 4 x 6 Inch

Last but certainly not least, a heartfelt thank-you note can go a long way.

Express your gratitude in your own words, letting your math teacher know just how much they’ve impacted your love or your child’s love for math.

VTCTOASY Math Formula Blank Greetings Cards With Envelopes 4'' X 6'' Note Cards Thank You Cards All Occasion Cards For Christmas Holidays Birthday Graduation Anniversaries

This personal touch of a note, especially on a math themed note card, is sure to be cherished for years to come.

Over to you

Finding the perfect gift for a math teacher can be a delightful challenge.

Their love for numbers and equations often extends beyond the classroom, and what better way to celebrate their passion than with a thoughtful gift?

Remember, it’s not about the monetary value of the gift, but the thought and effort you put into selecting something meaningful.

So go ahead and spread some mathematical love to the teachers who have shaped your school’s academic landscape or impacted your student personally.

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