A hack to get more PTO volunteer sign ups

A Hack to Get More Volunteer Sign Ups

There are so many different ways to get parents to sign up to help as volunteer for PTO events: You can pass around a sign up sheet at a PTO meeting Post on social media with the link to the sign up form Ask parents when you run into them around store or at the […]

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What's the difference between PTO and PTA?

What’s the difference between PTO and PTA?

The alphabet soup of school parent volunteer groups and their meanings can be pretty confusing. This post will clear up any and all confusion you might have. What’s a PTA? PTA is the “brand name” for PTOs (think “Kleenex” or “Puffs”) and local units feed up into a national group through state PTAs and are […]

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How to plan a Trunk or Treat

How to Plan a Trunk or Treat

One of my most favorite family fun events for the elementary age set of kids is a Trunk or Treat! The biggest reason why I love it so much is that it is so stinking easy to put on and families absolutely love it! If you’ve never put on a Trunk or Treat, but are […]

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