How to Finish Out School Year as PTA PTO Leader During a Pandemic

How to Finish Out the PTO School Year During a Pandemic

The PTO world has been rocked by the novel coronavirus and the timing is causing a lot of turmoil for all PTA/PTO leaders. Coming about 3/4ths of the way through the school year here in the US, the stay at home orders are forcing cancellations of school, events and activities. So what do you need […]

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How to Organize Records for your PTO PTA

How to Organize PTO Records

Have you just been handed a bag full of papers purporting to be everything you need to know about how to do your PTO volunteer job? Do your PTO board members waste time recreating event flyers because the digital file can’t be found? Does your PTO have communication issues that make the entire process more […]

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The Best Way to Get PTO Donations

In this post, I’ll explore the very best ways to get donations for your PTO!   Whether you’re looking for items for teacher appreciation events, silent auction items, or Carnival raffle items, the process is pretty much the same. Be prepared Draft a letter explaining the type of donation you’re looking for and why you’re […]

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