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69 Raffle Basket Ideas for your Next PTO Fundraiser

Planning a fundraiser for your Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to coming up with fresh and engaging ideas.

One timeless approach that never fails to attract attention is the raffle basket fundraiser.

A well-thought-out raffle basket not only excites participants but also significantly boosts your money raising efforts and can help you bring in a lot of money to fully meet your target income for the fundraiser in one fell swoop.

To help you out with the fundraiser planning process, we’ve compiled a fun and diverse list of 69 raffle basket ideas that cater to various interests and occasions.


1. Sweet Tooth Heaven – A generous candy assortment, cookies, and baking kits is sure to satisfy the sweetest of sweet tooths!

2. Gourmet Chef – For the cooking enthusiasts, assemble high-end cooking utensils, nice dishtowels, a kitchen gadget or two, and a gourmet cookbook to inspire their next culinary creation.

3. Coffee Lover’s Dream – Coffee aficionados will love a basket filled with gourmet coffee beans, unique mugs, and a French press or artisanal coffee syrups.

4. Tea Time – A charming selection of teas, accompanied by honey, a stylish teapot, and some elegant teacups, makes for a delightful tea lover’s basket.

5. Chocolate Indulgence – Who can resist a basket brimming with gourmet chocolates, truffles, and chocolate-dipped fruits? This is a surefire hit for sweet tooths.

6. Wine Enthusiast & 7. Beer Tasting – Wine and craft beer baskets are always popular. Tailor them with a selection of wines or craft beers, appropriate glasses, and a corkscrew or bottle opener.

8. Mocktail and 9. Cocktail Mixologist – Cocktail shaker, mixers, and a recipe book are all it takes for an enticing basket.

10. Italian Cuisine – Pasta lovers will enjoy a selection of different pastas, nice olive oil, and an assortment of seasonings.

11. Sushi Making – Sushi rice, nori, a set of fancy chopsticks, a recipe book and a rolling mat and other Asian cuisine items will filled out this themed raffle basket.

12. Breakfast in Bed – Help them start the day off with a happy belly with some packages of gourmet pancake mix, syrup, and a breakfast tray.

13. Winter Warm-Up – Hot chocolate mix, marshmallows, and some fancy mugs and other wintery items will keep them warm all season long.

14. Pizza Night– a pizza stone and cutter, gourmet pizza sauce and fancy dough mix and seasonings is a wonderful basket idea.

15. Baking Bonanza – Baking mixes, high end utensils, and a recipe book all packaged in a set of large mixing bowls makes for an attractive non-basket prize.

16. BBQ Master – Help them unleash their inner pit master with a collection BBQ sauces, rubs and spices, grilling utensils, and a grilling cookbook.

17. Picnic Pleasure – Picnic basket, waterproof blanket, and gourmet snacks set the stage for a lovely day out.

18. Taco Tuesday– Taco holders, seasoning mixes, Margarita glasses, and a few gourmet jalapeño or Mexican spice dip mixes.

19. Ice Cream Lover – Ice cream bowls, an assortment of toppings, an ice cream scoop and gift cards for local ice cream shops.

20. Cheese Connoisseur – Variety of cheeses, cheeseboard, and cheese knives is a hard to pass up raffle basket.

21. French Gourmet – A selection of chocolate, French cheeses, baguette, and a bottle of French wine for a lovely night in of adulting.


22. Book Lover – Gather a few bestselling books, snacks, a bookmark, cozy blankets and a hands-free reading light.

23. Artists’ Corner – For the creatives, pack sketch pads, a fresh set of drawing pencils, a premium eraser and maybe even a voucher for a local art class

24. DIY Crafts – Craft supplies, a glue gun, and a DIY project book or two will set up some crafty fun for the winner of this basket!

25. Craft Beer Brewer – Offer a start up kit for Home brewing kit, pint glasses and a guide to craft beer.

Just for Kids and Teens

26. Science Experiment Kit – If your audience includes Elementary age kids, science-themed toys, books, and a DIY experiment kit would be a big hit.

27. Indoor Boredom Busters – A collection of board games, card games, and snacks catering to kids. You can also throw in some leftover prizes from prior years’ fundraisers for small basket fillers. Great way to clean out the PTO closet.

28. Outdoor Fun – Sidewalk chalk, a bubble machine, bubble refills and some playground balls will keep them busy when the weather is nice.

29. Teen Scene – Wireless headphones, candy and gum, gift cards, trendy accessories, and cool gadgets will appeal to all teenagers.

Entertainment and Activities

30. Movie Night at Home– Group popcorn, big movie concession stand style candy, fancy beverages and a gift card for a streaming service.

31. Music Lover – Audiophiles will go nuts over a set of bluetooth headphones, music gift cards, and a portable speaker.

32. Staycation – Offer a vacation in town with local attraction tickets, and area restaurant gift cards.

33. Zoo Adventure – Zoo tickets, animal-themed book, and a plush toy is perfect for animal lovers of all ages.

34. Salsa Dance Night – Dance lesson vouchers, Latin music CDs is great for beginners and more advanced dancers, alike.

35. Beach Day Basket – Beach bag, sunscreen, beach blanket and a beach read set the stage of a beautiful day at the shore.

36. Theater Enthusiast – Tickets to a local live theater, a a gift card for dinner before the show is a fantastic raffle basket idea.

37. Road Trip Ready – A travel pillow and blanket, sleeping mask, travel mug, and a gas gift card get the winner ready for adventure.

38. Puzzle Paradise – An assortment of jigsaw puzzles and a puzzle mat or two make for a puzzler’s delight.

39. Lottery Luck– Put together a lottery ticket tree and watch the bids roll in for a change to win big!

40. Family Fun Night – Family board and card games (Exploding Kittens, anyone), gourmet snacks and an assortment of candy.

41. Traveler’s Trove – Packing cubes, luggage tags, and a scratch off map to note voyages is a fun raffle basket theme.

42. Romantic Getaway – Scented candles, massage oil, and a bottle of champagne is something parents would especially enjoy winning.

43. Pool Pass – Ask your city to donate a family pool pass for an ever popular prize.

44. Star Wars and 45. Marvel Fan Packs– Toys and other collectibles along with assorted themed home decor and office supplies is sure to be a big hit with all the fans in attendance.


46. Biker’s Basket – Cycling helmet, bike bell, bike accessories, water bottle, and bike maintenance tools.

47. Outdoor Explorer – Camping gear, hiking guides, a flashlight and some granola bars and fancy trail mix make for a lovely prize.

48. Sports Fanatic – Sports memorabilia, game tickets, and fan gear for local sports or college teams are sure to set off a bidding craze..

49. Golf Pro – Golf balls, tees, and a putting matted a gift card for a local course will round out this golf lovers basket.

50. Take Me Out to the Ballgame– Offer tickets to a game or two for an area Major or Minor League Baseball Team, some crackerjacks, peanuts sunflower seeds and merch from your local baseball team.


51. Local Pride – Celebrate all things local with a round up of items and products from local businesses. Bonus points if entrepreneurial parents donate items from their businesses and stores.

52. Gardener’s Delight – Gardening enthusiasts will appreciate seeds, tools, gloves, and perhaps a guidebook on gardening.

53. Cat and 54. Dog Lover – Pet toys, treats, and grooming supplies for furry pets will be right up cat and dog lover’s alleys.

55. Home Decor Refresh – A host of picture frames, vases, and decorative pillows are all it takes for a beautiful home decoration basket.

56. Sustainability Set – Single use is out and reusable is in with an assortment of sustainable home products like reusable shopping bags, water bottles, reusable straws, wool dryer balls, and other eco-friendly products.

57. Car Wash Bucket – Gather a selection of car cleaning products like interior cleaning wipes, tire and rim foam, and other supplies in a big bucket to make keeping cars sparkling clean easy.

58. Cozy Home – Scented candles, throw blanket, and houseplants instantly warms up a space and event attendees will similarly love this basket theme.

59. Holiday Cheer – Holiday decorations and treats, a festive movie and gourmet hot chocolate make for a holiday perfect prize.

60. Happy Host – Delight them with an assortment of gourmet cheeses, crackers, and a charcuterie board, cheese knives, along with guest towels and mini chalkboard food labels.

61. Handyman’s Helper – A basic toolset, hardware store gift card, and a DIY book round out a nice offering.

62. Gift Wrap Galore – Gather a bunch of rolls of gift wrap for all occasions and all the trimmings with rolls of tape and gift tags for a practical and fun raffle basket.

Self Care and Wellness

63. Spa Retreat– Imagine the bliss of a spa day packed into one basket! Include bath bombs, scented candles, luxurious face masks, and a plush robe to create a perfect relaxation package.

64. Fitness Fanatic– Create a motivating fitness pack with a set of resistance bands, a water bottle, and a subscription to a fitness app or a voucher for a local studio or gym.

65. Journaling Bundle – Notebooks, pens, and stickers set the stage for self reflection.

66. Luxury Pampering – High-end skincare products and a silk pillowcase is a prize basket everyone can enjoy.

67. Bath & Body Bliss – Body lotions, scrubs, and bath oils and a loofa sponge or other reusable body scrubber is a delightful self care prize..

68. Yoga Warrior – Draw together a yoga mat and block, meditation guide, stress relief spray and herbal teas.

69. Mindfulness and Meditation – Group together a guided meditation CD, incense, and a journal and fancy pen for a calm inducing prize.

Over to you!

Raffle baskets are a fantastic way to add an exciting element to your fundraiser and can act as a stand alone fundraiser or as an add on to a family fun event.

The key is to be creative and consider the interests and age range of your audience and event attendees.

Whether it’s a luxurious pampering set, a tech gadget ensemble, or a family fun night kit, there’s something for everyone.

Don’t forget to beautifully wrap each basket and include a descriptive label so everyone knows what’s included.

With these 69 raffle basket ideas, you’re all set to make your next fundraising event a huge success!

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