Staff Appreciation Themes They’ll Love!

Look no further for really awesome teacher appreciation themes for your next event! From luncheons to treat bars and more, there's a theme to fit your PTA / PTO needs!
How to Plan Staff Appreciation Events They'll Love

Planning a teacher appreciation event soon and need ideas for a home-run event that the  teachers and staff will absolutely love?  

Word on the street from some teacher friends I have is that they are soooooooo over apples.

 One now-retired principal pal of mind actually fake barfed when we were discussing a theme for my PTA/PTO Planner and Organizer kit because I thought apples were a cute embellishment.  

Apparently not.

Since then, I’ve shied away from anything apple themed because she’s a wise lady!  

I thought teachers and school staff would appreciation some fresh themes!

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of a few themes that all staff would enjoy along with some fantastic accessories and decorations to set off the themes perfectly!

Super Heroes

I actually did this theme two years ago (and it was a huge hit!).  

I used my Cricut and the Paper Doll Dress Up Cartridge and made about a dozen or two super heroes.  

I also nabbed some bulletin board paper from the staff lounge and made a cityscape background.

One teacher was so enamored with the adorable super hero paper dolls that she asked if she could keep everything and use them to decorate her classroom the following year!  

Of course I obliged!

Here are some other cute accessories that I wish I had found when I did the luncheon!

These themed signs could be used to add some extra pops of color and theme consistency throughout the part room.

Cover the tables with these fun tablecloths!

These cute plates fit the theme perfectly!

How about a a fun sign for the teacher’s lounge?

Add some functional decorations to the buffet table with this set of printable superhero themed candy bar labels.

Movie/Academy Awards

Honor the star staff in your school with a movie or Oscars themed event!

Give them a preview of what’s to come to pique their interest!

What a way to greet the stars of your event!  

A door decorated with this door cover is an awesome way to set the stage for a beautiful staff appreciation event.

Add a custom decoration to the space by spelling out your appreciation for the staff with this banner:

This film strip poly streamer is an awesome!  

You could use this as a streamer or use a few strips as a table runner.  Too cute!

You could give out awards to staff members, or use these award statutes strategically in the room as decorations.


Your teachers and staff are out of this world, so throw a space themed event in their honor!

Balloons are a super inexpensive way to add color and round out your color palette and theme.  These rocket balloons are perfect for a space theme!

These whirly-gig space decorations are really fun and an easy way to decorate a room quickly!


Photo booths are all the rage right now and are a super fun way to add some excitement to any event.

Your staff is no exception!  

Check out these space themed photo booth props.

Rock Stars

Take note- your teachers rock!

So treat them like the rock stars they are!

How awesome is this glittery curtain?  

Your teachers and staff would love to be surprised with it as they walk into their appreciation event.  

A rock star would expect nothing less!

These star decorations are an inexpensive way to jazz up the event and add to the theme.


How fun is this musical note garland!  

After the event, you could give it to your music teacher as decoration for their room.  Fun!


There are so many cute sayings to go along with a garden or flower theme:

  • Thank for helping our children bloom.  
  • We couldn’t pick better teachers.
  • Teachers plant the seeds of knowledge that grow forever.  
  • From small seeds grow mighty trees.  

All good sayings that you can incorporate into a garden themed event.

Here are some other ways to decorate for a garden themed event:

It’s really the small details the make an event special.  

This grass tablecloth is one of those fantastic details.  

It’s hard to tell from this pictures, but the tablecloth really does look like grass!  

It would be a cool base to have the food spread on or to use to cover the eating area tables.

When I plan a PTA event, one of the things I take into consideration when purchasing event supplies is whether or not the items, especially decorations, can be used again.  

And these super cute paper lanterns not only fit the garden theme, but they are totally re-usable, making them a great buy for your group!

Another fab party detail that is all the rage right now are themed straws.  And I found some that are garden themed!  

How cute!

A cute and inexpensive idea for favors are live plants!  

I did this as an end of the year treat in a lower elementary and an upper elementary school for about 125 staff members for just $60.  

I got a few flats of flowers, cut the packs apart and made a note to go along with each plant.  

It was something no one had ever done before and the staff was delighted!

The best part…

What I love about all of the ideas here is that none of them is going to break the bank or blow your event budget up either.  

They’re all nice touches that will make your teacher appreciation event spectacular!

Want even more ways to show your appreciation?  Check out these 19 different ways to say thanks.

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