movie star teacher appreciation week ideas

How to Plan a Movie Star Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers will appreciate being treated like the stars that they are with a Hollywood-glam Movie Star themed Teacher Appreciation Week!

For an entirely themed out week, you’ll need to get a plan together to cover decorations, daily activities and a plan for treats you’ll surprise the teachers with!

Movie Star Decorations

Unlike some other themes, this Hollywood teacher appreciation theme is one that will be universally enjoyed, no matter the person.

After all, who doesn’t like to be told they’re a star?

Daily Teacher Appreciation Plan

Really wow your school staff by treating them to a little surprise every day of the week!

Here’s a plan to follow:


How about treating your staff as the stars they are?

First, set up a School Walk of Fame and customize these stars with the names of each staff member for a personalized touch.

Use one wall and stick the stars up all over it for a special display!

Second, decorate the Teacher’s Lounge to set the fun tone for the rest of the week!

Cover all tables with this director’s cut table cloth.

These fun whirly gig hanging decorations are so on point for this movie theme!

Hang them from the ceiling or along the walls.

Add these Lights, Camera Action banners to the teacher’s lounge door or stick up onto the walls for a quick and easy way decoration.

Last, hang a banner to literally spell out how you feel!


For the second day of teacher appreciation week, set up a popcorn snack station.

Pretty much everyone loves popcorn, so making the effort to make enough for everyone and setting it up on a serving table in a nice way will surely be appreciated!

Since popcorn is pretty inexpensive, so you won’t blow a lot of your budget on this day.

If you don’t have a popcorn maker, contact a local movie theater and see if they’d be willing to donate some.


Today’s the day to put on a gorgeous luncheon!

To set up for the teacher appreciation luncheon, start by literally rolling out the red carpet leading to the entrance to the teacher’s lounge.

Consider putting together a gorgeous balloon arch– it’s easier than it looks!

The teachers will love this extra special step!

Since you decorated the room earlier in the week, you can turn your attention to the details.

Use the leftover boxes from yesterday or get some of these larger popcorn containers and use them to decorate the dining tables. On the buffet serving table, fill them with utensils or small, scoopable foods.

Next, dress the tables with functional decorative paper products.

I love these graphic movie set inspired napkins!

So bright and cute!

And I found these coordinating plates! These will look great on the table and the square share is pretty fun too.

Luncheon Menu Ideas

  • Mini sandwich and salad buffet
  • Small finger foods
  • Gourmet popcorn bar for dessert


Get the kids involved by chalking the sidewalks leading to the doors teachers enter the building with supportive and appreciative messages.

This is an almost zero-cost activity that your teachers will really love!


Save the last day of the week to be awards day!

Every teacher is a deserving winner, so whip up a batch of these award statuettes and put one in each teacher’s mail box.

Look at the gold statuettes holding the apples- so perfect for teachers!

Over to you!

And now you have a complete plan for an entire week of red carpet Oscars inspired teacher appreciation events!

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