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Ultimate List of Teacher Appreciation Week Themes

Look no further for the most comprehensive list of staff and teacher appreciation event themes to help your and your PTO celebrate the people who make school happen for your kids!

This post runs down a whole host of teacher appreciation week themes for staff and also links to theme specific articles with ideas for decorations, daily events, gifts and food ideas.

Having a theme is a fun way to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week and way to show your staff how much you appreciation all they do for the students and school.

1. A Survivor theme will be especially appreciated at the end of the year. And you can style it like the television show or lean into the potential-campiness that staff are the true school survivors.

2. Show the staff a rootin’ tootin’ good ole time with a Western themed appreciation week.

3. Schools can be wild places, so a Jungle Safari theme is quite spot on.

4. Treat the staff like the Movie Stars they are and roll out the red carpet to pamper them!

5. Let’s Taco about how to treat your staff to a fiesta to remember, since Teacher Appreciation Week falls during the first week of May and often Cinco de Mayo too.

6. Staff are sure to love a Hawaiian themed party since who wouldn’t want to be treated to the delights of the island!

7. Show the staff you’ll be there with them with a Friends themed week of appreciation events. Sorry for the ear worm!

8. Perhaps a coffee themed celebration the whole week is in order, especially during a high stress time of the year like testing month.

9. Donut know what you’d do without your fab teachers and staff? Sounds like a doughnut themed celebration is in order!

10. Your school staff are the real All Stars, so treat them to a sports themed events for Teacher Appreciation week.

painted rainbow on blacktop

11. At the end of the Rainbow, you’ll not only find a pot of gold if you’re lucky, but your awesome staff since they’re as good as gold, right?

striped multi-colored pinwheels on organ background

12. Come May, all teachers cannot wait to get to Summer break, so give them a taste of what’s soon to come with a Summery party!

13. Bring in the relaxing vibe of the beach to help stressed out staff unwind and relax after a long year during Teacher Appreciation Week with a bunch of beach themed events and goodies.

14. Show your staff you think they’re hitting it out of the park with a Baseball bash.

15. A Football themed festivity is perfect for a Fall appreciation event, or one planned for late January or early February, in time for the Super Bowl!

spinning globe on pink background

16. A travel themed week to destination appreciation will have them packing their suitcases for the fun.

17. Light up a (decorative) Camp fire for the staff to gather round and feel appreciated with a Camping inspired week of events.

18. It’s all fun and Games as teachers, right? Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, but you can game-ify staff appreciation weeks to boost spirits!

pirate ship silhouette against blue background

19. A-hoy, mateys! There’s surely lots of treasure to be found with a Pirate themed appreciation week.

20. Put up a big top to celebrate teachers and staff with a Carnival or Circus function.

21. On land or Under the Sea, put on the best week of appreciation events for your school staff.

full picnic basket with a bottle of drinks and flowers on blanket

22. Pack a fabulous Picnic lunch one day or stretch it into a full week of festivities.

23. Pamper your staff to special Spa themed treatments throughout the week.

red and white tall dr. Seuss hat, cat-esque whiskers and a red bow tie

24. An ever whimsical theme is Dr. Seuss or any of his fabulous books.

rainbow of candies on blue background

25. Give them what everybody wants… Candy! Build a fantastical Candy Land for them to enjoy.

26. Sometimes there’s nothing better than to serve up some comfort food to celebrate your staff and Pizza certainly fits the bill!

27. Build the most perfect Teacher Appreciation Week with a Construction theme!

28. Bust out the crowns and scepters for a Royal event theme.

29. A Space or Out of this World themed teacher appreciation week has a lot of potential to leave staff feeling like they’re over the moon loved.

30. Make the staff feel like they’ve won the Lottery with a Lotto themed week of fun.

whipped cream milkshake with sprinkles against pink background

31. Throw it back to the golden oldies with a 50s / Sock hop jubilee.

32. You really won’t be rolling the dice with a Casino theme for teacher appreciation week!

Super hero costumes hung up on hook against white wall

33. Teachers are actually Super Heroes in disguise, so order up some capes and masks for your crew and throw them a party fit for heroes.

woman holding emoji balloon bouquet against colorfully painted brick wall

34. I know it’s hard to hide your feelings about how much you love your staff, so an Emoji themed appreciation event is perfect, no?

35. Get the staff buzzing with excitement with a Bee themed party!

multi colored concert lights

36. Set the stage for your Rock Star staff so they can jam out and enjoy the party.

37. It takes heart to be teachers and your staff will love to be loved on with a Heart themed week of events.

38. A Garden party would be so loves as a theme for Staff Appreciation Week since it falls during Spring.

table with lemonade for teacher appreciation week hosted by a PTO

39. A Lemonade themed week of appreciation events would be easy, peasy, squeezy!

red ombre hot air balloon against bright blue sky

40. Tell your staff “you lift us up” with a Hot Air Balloon themed celebration.

41. Teachers are Magic makers, but surprise them by pulling out some tricks of your own.

42. Let the compliments for the staff drip like Ice Cream on a hot day for a teacher appreciation week they’ll never forget!

43. Another fun theme for an almost mid point of the school year is Mardi Gras. Toss those beads!

44. Who could resist a free trip to Paris? Well, at least you can transport them there via a super decorated teachers’ lounge.

Harry Potter symbols: striped tie, sorting har, golden snitch, round glasses

45. Another word for teachers should be wizards given all the amazing things they conjure up to make schools so fantastic, so bust out the wands for a Wizard themed week of fun.

46. Set sail for a Nautical themed week celebrating your fantastic school staff.

47. Thank You Snow Much is a great theme option for a mid year celebration of staff and school employees!

48. School spirit will be boosted when you chant “2-4-6-8, who do you appreciate? Teachers, yeah, the Teachers!” as a part of a “Cheer”leader themed week of gratitude.

49. Everything will come up with roses should you decide to host a Derby themed week of appreciation celebrations.

50. Invite staff to follow the yellow brick road to the teacher’s lounge you’ve decked out with Wizard of Oz decorations and treats!

teachers toasting each other during staff appreciation week

51. Raise a glass of your favorite beverage (sans the alcohol if on school grounds, of course) and say Cheers to You to the teachers and staff during a week long of appreciations events.

Over to You!

You’re all done with my bad puns and jokes, so hat’s off to you for making it through!

Hope these ideas have given you inspiration when you needed it the most to help plan a fabulous event to let the teachers and school staff know exactly how much you appreciate them.

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