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Need Money Quick? 5 Fast Money PTO Fundraisers to Try

Every PTO has at one time found itself in a position where money was needed, like stat! 

Maybe the Fall Fundraiser fell flat, or maybe an opportunity popped up that everyone is excited about, but the funding for doesn’t currently exist. 

For almost every PTO fundraiser, careful planning and preparation is the secret to success.

If your PTO ever finds itself in a bit of a pinch, where money is needed pretty quickly, you definitely won’t be out of luck. 

There are several really good options for making some fast money any PTO can pull off.

Ask the Crowd

The first idea for getting your PTO money quickly is to set up a crowdfunding campaign, preferably on Better World. 

This way, you don’t have to spend any time finding or pitching the product to your community. 

You just ask for their support and if they’re able, they respond right then and there.

Another benefit to running a crowdfunding campaign is that you don’t have to wait until the goal is reached or a certain time frame before accessing the money, since you’ll have access as it comes in. 

Make It Personal

The next fast money maker is a challenge campaign, which is similar to the crowdfunding initiative only students (and or parents or teachers) are engaged to help raise the money. 

Peer to peer fundraisers are a pretty powerful, yet unassuming, way to engage students and leverage their connections!

Use the Daily Lottery

The next fast fundraising idea is to hold a Lottery Fundraiser.

You pick a month and either sell physical three digit numbered tickets (000 – 999) or virtual tickets where purchasers get to choose their own numbers.

If the ticket number or the chosen number matches the number’s drawn by the evening Pick Three Lottery Game, commissioned by your state, then they win.

The prize here is usually cash, and you can vary the amounts to add excitement.

This fundraiser has the potential to earn as much as $10,000 within about a month, so it’s definitely a fundraiser to consider!

Give It Away

Yet another fundraising option is to host a giveaway (or raffle) to benefit your PTO, especially if you can get a big ticket item. 

Something like a car, or a highly desirable item, or something that can’t normally be purchased, like an experience. 

The combination of desire plus exclusivity is a winning duo that will boost ticket purchases.

Giveaways are a smart fundraiser because pretty much everyone likes the chance to win!  And if your PTO is hosting the giveaway, then it’s doubly good since they’ll also be supporting the school at the same time!

Put On an Event

Yet another fast money generator is to put on an event, like a spaghetti dinner or movie night concession booth. Both events can be arranged in a matter of a few weeks. 

And that means money will land in the PTO bank account before the next meeting! 

Even for free events, you want to be sure to get a headcount in advance so you’ll know how many attendees to plan for in terms of volunteers and refreshments and offering free tickets will give you an exact number.

Over to You

When your PTO needs a quick infusion of money, steal one of these ideas to raise some fast cash!

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