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PTO Leader Transition Best Practices

The best leader transitions are such more than handing off binders like a baton pass in an Olympic race.

But the very best leaders know they need to finish off their term strong.

And this includes setting the incoming leader up with everything they need to be successful!

This post will review some of the time-tested best practices for PTO leader transitions!

Outgoing Leaders

Read the post on what to do before leaving office.

Get all of this done before the Installation of Officers, if at all possible.

For most leaders, your official duties should be all finished by the last meeting of the year (typically when Installation occurs).

Right after the Installation, hand over your binder and schedule to meet with the incoming volunteer.

Ensure the incoming leader has access to your Google Drive or other digital filing system.

This’ll give the incoming leader a chance to look over everything.

And they’ll be ready with questions during your transition meeting, making it a meaningful exchange.

The transition meeting should happen within a week or two of the installation so that the new officer can get going with making plans for the upcoming year.

Giving early access to materials will save you time in the long run!.

The incoming leader will have the opportunity to answer some of their own questions in their review of the binder.

Transition Timing

Some PTO volunteers believe they need to wait to turn over information until the financial books close for the year.

This isn’t true at all!

Assuming you have safeguards to prevent theft and embezzlement, make the official switch shortly after installation.

Also, not all leaders have to “come on board” all at once.

Given the timing of end of the year events, it may make sense for the current Treasurer to stay on to finish up tasks.

This way, the incoming Treasurer won’t be unprepared when faced with a deluge of requests!

And the incoming Treasurer can shadow or even assist the outgoing Treasurer as she wraps everything up.

Incoming Leaders

Once elected to your new position, the transition begins!

Start by reviewing as much information as you have access to.

This’ll give you a deeper idea of what your new role involves.

Depending on how familiar you are with your new role, you should start initial plans.

Get a monthly calendar and calendar all known dates.

If you’ll be in charge of events, pencil in some possibilities to prepare for the Summer Planning Meeting.

Meet with the outgoing leader within two weeks of installation.

Do your homework before the meeting.

Review the binder the outgoing volunteer has given you at Installation.

Reviewing the information in advance will help you figure out some of the questions you have.

If you don’t review the materials in advance, you’re more likely to be overwhelmed.

Everything will be new to you and the meeting with the outgoing leader won’t be as helpful for you.

Watch this!

For more Officer Transition Best Practices, watch this video!

PTA:PTO Officer Transition Best Practices

Over to you!

What other things do you routinely do during the transition time? Let’s chat about them in the comments!

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