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5 Tricks to Boost PTO Fundraising Income

Some fundraisers go over with families like a lead balloon and some take off like a rocket!

So how exactly do you get more support for your PTO’s fundraisers?

Turns out there are definitely some things you can do to tweak things in your favor!

This post covers some simple strategies some tricks of the trade to spark a more generous fundraising response, resulting in a more successful fundraiser and more money for your PTO.

Go Online

Without a doubt, your PTO has to get your fundraiser online.

Most importantly, this will allow you to easily reach outside the school walls and out into your local community and beyond.

And it also reduces a few hurdles in the process too since parents and supporters can make a donation in a few clicks and don’t have to wrestle with the hassle of writing a check and making sure it gets to the right person.

Ask for It

This is simple, but so many groups hesitate to ask for a straight monetary donation because they think parents want to get something in return.

While this is true for some, for many others they really don’t care to get something in return other than the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with doing something nice by supporting the PTO and school by making a donation.

And to bolster this fact is the rise in popularity of “no stuff” fundraisers that have gone viral on Pinterest.

These supporters don’t want to flip through a fundraiser product catalog, find a magazine to order, or worry about whether they can make it to order pick up night.

They just want the satisfaction of giving the PTO exactly what it needs.

And they also love that 100% of the money goes to the PTO.

The bottom line is if you’re only raising money by selling things, you’re leaving a chunk of money on the table from potential supporters who’d much rather just send in a check and be done with it.

So always have a direct donation option available and let everyone know about it!

Suggest It

Along the same line, it’s also absolutely critical that potential donors have an idea of what you need to meet the fundraising goal and make few a suggestions for giving levels.

Because some people don’t know what to give or how much is expected and again, your PTO could be leaving money on the table by not giving donors some ideas for suggested amounts.

This falls in line with class non-profit fundraising- think about to the last mailer you got from your local NPR or PBS affiliate.

There were certainly several suggested amounts listed, along with a blank line for even more donor flexibility.

Essentially, when you display suggested amounts on the fundraising page, it gives more information to potential participants, so your chosen platform must have their feature.

Basically, preset amounts with both lower and higher amounts appeal to more supporters since there’s an option for every budget.

And that makes it easier to convert them into generous givers!

Let Them Hit Repeat

Another feature that you should insist on having for your next PTO fundraiser is recurring donations.

Because some families may not be able to afford a big lump sum donation, a smaller recurring donation can be the perfect fit for their budget. 

This translates into a more money for your PTO in the end since instead of the family just donating $25 , they can opt instead to give $10 each month, netting your PTO more in the end.

Simply put, this is a no-brainer enhancement every fundraiser needs.

Propose It

Finally, make it just as easy for donors to give a physical item to your PTO to be given away as a prize or auctioned off for another fundraiser.

Give potential donors an idea of what items you’re most interested in getting by putting together a wish list of items in a Google Doc and then add a link to the donation form for a donation generating machine!

Then share the wishlist on social media and also add the link to your donation request letters that are sent to local merchants and businesses.

It’s a great way to tap into the talents of the parents and families of your school too. 

You’re probably not even aware of what awesomeness parents have to offer.

The donation form gives you the chance to find out!

Over to You

Getting parents and the larger community’s generous support for your PTO in your fundraising efforts isn’t Optimizing your fundraiser to include any of these ideas will surely boost your fundraiser’s bottom line.  So incorporate them into your PTO’s regular fundraising routine and be wowed by the generous results!

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