How to get organized as PTO Treasurer

How to Get Organized as a PTO Treasurer

Drowning in a mess of disorganized bank statements, reimbursement requests and receipts?  Getting your treasurer life organized doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming.

I have the best step by step solution for you right here to get organized as PTO Treasurer in just a few minutes!  

One note before we dive in, this system works equally well for PTA, PTSA, and all other school parent groups!

Beyond the obvious need for a sturdy binder (find my recommendation below), you’ll need something to provide the internal structure for your organized system.  Enter this…

pto treasurers planner and organizing kit

The Treasurer’s Planner

What you really need to stay organized is an overarching system that has not only the structure for your treasurer’s binder, but also all the forms and checklists you’ll need as well.

The Treasurer’s Planner is all that!

It’s flexible to meet your needs as PTO Treasurer and will whip your hot mess of papers into shape in no time!

The Treasurer’s Planner comes with a Front and Back Binder cover.

Plus, you can print an extra copy of the back cover and trim it down to use as a binder spine.

There’ll be no mistaking which binder is your treasurer’s binder with these colorful covers!

treasurers binder divider pages

The structure of the binder comes from 8 separate sections.  

There’s a place for everything.

After printing out the Treasurer’s Planner, follow the included set up instructions or freestyle it if you have a vision for a customized set up.  

Either way, this system will give you an organized planner in just a few minutes!

Printable Treasurer Planner With Treasurer To DO List and Monthly Reminders

The planner also comes with loads of forms and suggested weekly, monthly, annual suggestions actions to take!

Use the To Do List and Monthly Reminders to stay organized with your tasks, and never fall behind again!

Essential Supplies

In addition to the fabulous Treasurer’s Planner, you’ll need a few more physical components to ensure the binder stays perfectly organized.  

Avery Heavy-Duty View 3 Ring Binder, 2" One Touch Slant Rings, Holds 8.5" x 11" Paper, 1 Black Binder (05500)

Heavy Duty 3 Ring Binder

Now’s not the time to try to get by with a flimsy binder that won’t stand up over time.  

Make a small investment in a quality binder now, so your planner will look fantastic for months and years to come!

I highly recommend Avery heavy duty binders.  

They have a lot of features (D shaped rings, reinforced seams, pocket covers and spine) that all combine to make a terrific binder!

What size?

You’ll probably need a 2 or 3 inch binder.  

A 1 inch binder won’t be big enough for everything you’ll need to keep.

Anything bigger than 3 inches gets to a bit unwieldy plus a pain to lug around!

Swingline Hole Punch, Desktop Hole Puncher, 12 Sheet Punch Capacity, 2-3 Holes, Adjustable, LightTouch, Black/Silver (74026)

3 Hole Punch

If you don’t already have a 3 hole paper punch in your home office supply collection, now is the time to add a quality one!  

Putting papers in your binder in the rings versus using pockets makes keeping the binder super organized much easier.

Nothing to fall out if your binder gets turned upside down!

And this version of a punch requires less force to push the holes and you can punch up to 20 sheets at a time.  Such a time (and wrist) saver!

Avery Binder Pockets, Clear, 8.5" x 11", Acid-Free, Durable, 5 Slash Jackets (75243)

Binder Pockets

Having more storage options for papers you get at meetings is exactly what you need to keep your binder organized!  

Carrying around a 3 hole punch isn’t exactly practical, so using these slash pockets for temporary storage is so smart.

I especially like these clear binder pockets.  Avery products typically hold up really well and pocket pages are no exception.  

Plus, I really like that these pockets are clear, so they don’t add any visual clutter.  

Lord know there’s enough going on in the planner already, so not having anything else to distract your eye is brilliant!

Made in USA 8 Tab White Write-on,eras Tab Indexes

The last thing you’ll need to keep your binder organized is two sets of divider tabs.  Get one set of 8 and one set of 12 tabs.

After printing out the Treasurer’s Planner, put the divider sheets in the order you’d like them.  

Then trim them down and adhere them to front of the 8 tab divider set.  

Make sure to note the page name on the tab for custom tabbed dividers in mere minutes!

For the second set of tabbed dividers, write the name of each month on the tabs, and add into the 3 ring binder.  

Then keep everything organized by “filing” receipts under each month.  

Slip the receipts into an open top page protector or punch holes in the receipts to eliminate needing the page protector.

Organizing the receipts this way makes it so easy to prepare for the annual audit at the end of the year!

Printable PTO Treasurer forms including full page payment request form and 3 to a page check request form
Printable PTO Treasurer forms save so much time and make it easy to get organized as treasurer! All the forms you need to succeed as Treasurer in the Treasurer’s Planner.

Load in everything else

Now that you have the bones of the binder set up, you’ll want to load in all of your existing paperwork and incorporate it into the binder.

For example, load in your monthly treasurer’s reports into that section.  Load in your receipts that you’ve gotten so far this year under the appropriate month.

Add any and all paperwork from this year to your binder, under the appropriate section.

Continue to work until everything is in your binder, nice and tidy!

Wrapping up

What you’ll need to get organized as treasurer:

  • The Treasurer’s Planner
  • 3 Ring binder
  • 3 Hole punch
  • 2 set of tabbed divider sets
  • Page Protectors

Watch this!

This video also dives into this topic, so give it a watch!

How to Get Organized as a PTO Treasurer | PTA Treasurer Organization Hacks

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