11 PTO Treasurer forms you'll need to stay organized and do your job as Treasurer of your PTO or PTA

11 Essential PTO Treasurer Forms You Gotta Have

As PTO Treasurer, there are several treasurer forms that are absolutely essential for an organized term as treasurer!

These forms support a financially healthy PTO by providing a clear process to follow.

This helps everyone stay on the same page, and reduce confusion about the proper procedure.

In turn, using these treasurer forms makes it easier to prevent theft, fraud or embezzlement in your PTO.

Plus, these 11 forms make preparing for the annual PTO financial audit so much easier!

So it’s really a win-win to have exactly what you need right at your fingertips.

You’re busy enough with all of the work being treasurer entails…

Why spend time trying to figure out what you’ll need to fulfill your treasurer job duties?

Nah, you’re looking for the shortcut answer to exactly what you’ll need and I’m here to help with just that.

Deposit Forms

As Treasurer, you’ll be handling a lot of money and will need to make many deposits.

Ease the process by providing a streamlined Deposit Form that’ll provide all the information needed for complete record keeping.

Depending on the situation and your PTO’s preference, you’ll need one of two different types of deposit forms: A simple deposit form or a more detailed, itemized deposit form.

Ask that officers and committee chairs submit these deposit forms with all cash or check deposits, without exception.

One bonus side to using these deposit forms is that they form the paper trail the annual PTO audit requires.

Oh, and they also follow good bookkeeping practices!

Check Logger Form

A Check Logger form is an absolute must when depositing several checks at once to keep everything organized.

The check logger ensures no check turns up missing during the deposit process.

Plus, some banks require submission of a check log along with your stack of checks.

But in reality, it’s an easy way to track each check.

And can be super useful in case of a returned check!

This form is essential for fundraisers when you’ll have lots of checks to manage.

Payment Request and Funds Request Forms

When an officer, committee chair needs a check, insist that a Payment Request Form or Funds Requests be filled out and submitted officially.

Using this form will eliminate the possibility of sending money to a scammer.

Several PTOs have been contacted via email requesting a check to be issued to a particular vendor, purportedly from a PTO officer.

But as it turns out, the PTO officer didn’t actually make the request and their email has been spoofed in an attempt to steal money from the PTO.

Unfortunately, scammers are taking advantage of information published on websites to use them to for fraudulent money requests.

Once your PTO is regularly using these payment request form, you won’t risk falling for this type of scam.

The forms also have the added bonus of providing all of the information the Treasurer needs to attribute expenses correctly.

Cash Box Request and Start Up Forms

One of the worst things a Treasurer has to contend with is uncertainty.

The Cash Box Request Form eliminates Eliminate one uncertainty by knowing by answering the of how much cash- in terms of quantity and specific denomination, with this cash box request form.

Once once you’ve withdrawn the amount of requested cash, you’ll create a paper trail that cash never does with the Cash Box Start Up Form.

Make sure to include the start up form with the cash box when you hand it off for the event.

When you get the cash box, the money handler should count and confirm the money present money against the Cash Box Start Up Form.

Cash Counting Form

After an event, have multiple cash counters count up the cash and fill out the cash counting form.

This form should stay with the cash.

Once the treasurer receives the cash, again be cross checked against her count.

Repeated counting by different individuals reduces the change of any financial funny business!

Bank Account Signers Tracker

Best PTO financial management dictates that there should be multiple people on the PTO bank account so that no one person is in charge of singing checks.

The dual signature system allows a second safeguard to make sure the check is going to pay for a legitimate PTO expense.

After the conclusion of their term, past officers should be taken off the PTO bank account.

This Bank Account Signer Tracker makes it easy to see who’s on the account and who’s not without calling the bank!

Password Tracker

Treasurers have to track a lot of information and it’s easy to lose track of passwords.

Eliminate any confusion and ease Treasurer transition with this Password Tracker form.

It’s also a handy way to share the password with the other officers who monitor the PTO bank account.

Bank Account Tracker

The last essential form all PTO Treasurers should have is the Bank Account Tracker Form.

This form provides space for the specific bank information to be noted in an easy to reference sheet.

Fill it out once and add to your Treasurer’s binder for quick access!

The Ultimate Form Resource: The Treasurer’s Planner

All of these forms can be found in the Treasurer’s Planner available now in my shop.

There’s no other place you’ll find this collection with everything you need to put together an organized treasurer’s binder in mere minutes!

The planner also features a sample Treasurer’s Report, sample bounced check and donation acknowledgement letters.

You’ll also find a front and back cover and 8 topic-specific divider pages that form the structure of the binder.

The Treasurer’s Planner also has the guidance you need with Record Retention Guidelines and a Treasurer’s To Do list.

The To Do list has specific weekly, monthly annual as well as officer transition tasks.

There’s even set up instructions so you’ll have everything ready to go in no time at all!

The Treasurer’s Planner is perfect for every Treasurer who wants to fulfill the duties of their position with flying colors and have all the answers right at their fingertips!

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11 Essential PTO Treasurer Forms You Gotta Have
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