the best PTO treasurer software you're not using

The Best PTO Treasurer Software You’re Not Using

Hands down, PTO Treasurer is one of the most time consuming PTO volunteer positions.

That’s because it’s a job that requires regular financial housekeeping for the group to remain on track.

And because of that, it’s also one of the hardest PTO officer positions to fill, especially since it seems like the role involves many, many hours of work to keep up with!

But just like everything else, the job of PTO Treasurer, and the specifics of PTA accounting is easier with the right tools.

And really, there’s no difference between the needs for PTA accounting software or PTO accounting software.

For Treasurers, the main tool that’ll make a difference is treasurer software and financial management tools.

There are a bunch of different options for tracking your PTO / PTA’s finances and most groups have relied upon the paper and pen format or using a basic spreadsheet to track their group’s money.

So today in this post, I’m giving you a short cut to the answer of what the best accounting software, and honestly the perfect financial secretary software solution for all PTO / PTA groups, no matter your name or group size!

Your PTO Doesn’t Actually Need { Fancy } Software

Confession time, the very best PTO Treasurer software actually isn’t software at all.

And that’s because your PTO doesn’t actually need complicated software to manage PTO finances.

The truth is that PTOs aren’t so involved as to require fancy or expensive software.

What your PTO does need is a straightforward, simple, yet comprehensive system that organizes everything and is easy to manage.

And you need something designed specifically for PTOs.

Not something that was originally for some other sort of organization and adapted to fit PTOs.

You need a secure way to manage your PTO’s finances…

A easy method for telling Committee Chairs what’s left in their budget…

An effortless way to create and update a budget

A system that was designed from the ground up with every feature supporting the needs of PTOs…

And something that’ll quickly give you an idea of where your PTO sits financially…

Enter the Treasurer’s Finance Manager!

How the Treasurer’s Finance Manager Works

The Treasurer’s Finance Manager’s set up is very accessible.

It’s a straightforward spreadsheet system where all you have to do it input numbers.

The math is literally taken care of for you!

The spreadsheets have all of the formulas done for you, leaving you to customize the sheets with your information and automatically doing the calculations.

Works on Multiple Platforms

The Manager is flexible enough to work in Google Sheets.

If you choose to use it in Sheets, you can give other PTO officers permission to view the numbers, so they can see for themselves where finances stand.

This provides the greatest amount of transparency and is a good choice for groups that strong anti-theft and embezzlement procedures in place.

What’s Included

Included in the Treasurer’s Finance Manager are the following spreadsheets:

pto finance manager category list

Categories List

Customize with your up to 50 distinct categories for a budget that is unique to your group.

pto finance manager transaction ledger

Transactions Register

Keep track of each and every transaction and tag it with your predefined categories to see where your group’s money is going.

It’s easy to reconcile against bank statements with a nifty feature.

PTO finance manager budget template

Budget Tracking and Template Spreadsheet

Hate manually adjusting the budget so that it balances?

No problem.

The Budget Template helps define your annual budget amounts.

This sheet autofills the year-to-date income and expense totals from the tagged register entries to easily track to your budget.

Print this sheet for monthly meetings for the PTO Treasurer’s report!

PTO finance manager activity report

Activity Report

Committee Expense Summary Sheets easily give committee chairs a snapshot view of how much money they’ve spent and how much remains.

Proactive Treasurers print copies of these reports for Committee Chairs for the monthly meetings.

PTO finance software profit report spreadsheet

Profit and Performance Report

This spreadsheet gives you detailed insight into where you stand profit-wise. 

Excellent feature for tracking fundraisers to see if they’re worth repeating or if it’s time to move onto something new!

Easy Treasurer Transitions

The beauty of this system is that it’s so easy to pass down to the next Treasurer, no matter if they’re a PC or Mac user.

In fact, using the Google Sheets version of the spreadsheet makes it super easy to transfer the information to the new PTO Treasurer.

Simply pass along the PTO Treasurer login info and you’re done!

Cost Comparison

With the Treasurer’s Financial Workbook, there’s no annual subscription to pay each year.

It’s a one time purchase with zero strings attached going forward.

Alternative PTO accounting software costs anywhere from $40 to $900 per year!

That’s an outrageous amount of money to spend on the overhead of running your PTO.

I know you’d much rather spend that on something for the kids or school staff.

One the high end of the spectrum, alternative software is bloated with features you don’t need and won’t use as PTO Treasurer.

At the low end of the spectrum, alternative software lacks the capability to enter in custom budget numbers.

Um, that’s useless.

What’s more, it’s an reoccurring expense your PTO doesn’t need now that there’s a budget friendly option with the Treasurer’s Finance Manager!

Time Investment

Another advantage to the Treasurer’s Finance Manager is how super simple and straightforward system is to use and learn.

So you won’t have to put in much more time than a few minutes to orient yourself with the Treasurer’s Finance Manager and then dive right on in to using it.

There’s no wasted time trying to figure things out with this system.

pto finance manager and the best pto treasurer software you're not using

How Easy it is Really?


You don’t have to be an accountant to use the Workbook.

You don’t even have to be good at math to use it!

The financial terms used in the workbook are plain English.

Truth is, I’m not numbers inclined at all.

Once I added up a stack of fundraising checks twice and got two different numbers, and then a third person counted and got yet another number!

Yet, this system takes all of the trouble out of the equation.

This system has been designed by a PTA Treasurer who used it with multiple PTAs and then he streamlined the entire thing to make it easy for any sort of PTO to use.

Additional features have been added in to make it nearly fool proof. It’s easy enough for even the math challenged me to understand!

Convinced that you’ve Found the Best Accounting Software for your PTO/PTA?

You will love how much time, hassle and headache the Treasurer’s Finance Manager will save you. Get your copy by clicking on the pink button below.

Over to you!

And now you know all about the very best PTO accounting software that will be such a game changer for both you and your PTO/PTA.

The system has all the features you expect, plus a few more that make your life as a Treasurer infinitely easier and with no math to boot!

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