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Simple Steps for a Spectacular Balloon Arch Decoration

One of the best ways to brighten up any space and turn the atmosphere from blah to party time is with a bunch of balloons!

But with the cost of helium increasing so much due to supply issues, it makes sense to look for alternative ways to make a balloon display other then helium-filled balloon bouquets.

Balloon arches are such a dramatic decorative display that can bring a lot of life to you event as well as provide a great photo op as well!

But they seem awfully complicated to put together, right?

This post will do a deep dive into everything you need to know to put together the most fantastic and spectacular balloon arch as well as some alternative balloon creations to fit your space, time and skill needs!*


First, you’ll want to consider where you’ll be displaying the balloon creation.

For windy locations, you’ll definitely want to opt for a frame with a weighted base, go with a column structure instead, or choose a less windy position to ensure the arch survives.

Another great tip is to double stuff the balloons for extra durability.


You’ll next want to consider how much space you have for the balloon display.

Do you have room for a full arch or will columns be a better fit?

Perhaps a table top arch will be best?

Could a balloon garland be all that’s needed?

Bigger is not always better, so keep the size of your space in mind when planning out what balloon decoration you’d like.


One last consideration of the type of balloon creation is the amount of time you have to make it.

Bigger creations require more balloons, and that means more assembly time!

Most of these creations don’t take kindly to off-site assembly, so you’ll want to factor on-site construction time into the mix.

You could save some of that time by pre-inflating some of the balloons.

Just make sure they won’t have to sit in a hot car before installation (they could pop!) and also that you have enough room in your car to transport them.

Get a helper or two to make putting the display together easier.


Once you have those considerations figured out, time to get some supplies to make creating the balloon structure easier!

One of the first things you need to know about making a balloon display is that there are kits available that’ll allow for quick construction of many different types of displays balloon arches, including a floor arch, garland, tabletop arch or balloon columns.

Balloon Arches

For large, free standing floor arches, a kit is definitely the way to go so you have some structure to help guide the shape of the arch.

This 9 foot ballon arch kit is a great choice, and with the weighted base it’ll have some added stability. Fill the base pads water and reuse time and again.

The actual arch folds up for compact storage, lessening risk of breakage in between uses.


Prefer to make a balloon garland or stand-less arch?

Here are the specific supplies you’ll need:

A balloon strip and heavy duty glue dots are essential for quick assembly of lusciously full balloon garlands.

To hang your garland, you’ll need some clear string as well as temporary wall hooks.

Command hooks do a great job of hanging things up but coming off the wall with no damage (pull straight down and not towards you for foolproof removal!).

Tabletop Balloon Arch

For a smaller, yet just as impactful “wow” statement, consider a tabletop arch!

This compact display adds all the fun with way less time and effort!

The actual structure of this type of arch is just as important, if not more, as the freestanding floor arch, so be sure to make or buy a kit.

This tabletop arch kit comes with fantastic set up to keep the arch secured to the table and also folds up for compact storage.

Tabletop bouquet

No time for a big creation?

Small bouquets using balloon stands can be the answer if you’re time (or talent, but honestly, if you can tie a balloon, you should be good to go) crunched!

Balloon Columns

There are two ways to make balloon columns- with or without a stand kit.

They style will probably depend on where the balloon columns will be displayed.

A stand-less version wouldn’t hold up outside and would be iffy in high traffic areas.

This column stand kit would be good for locations with more wind or when more stability is desired.

To create a balloon column without a stand, you’ll need some ribbon to hold everything together.
Scroll to the bottom for an easy to follow tutorial!

For All Balloon Displays

Drastically cut your creation time and save your breath by getting a balloon filler.
This electric balloon filler pump comes with additional strips and clips, making it a handy bundle.

Last, in watching all of the how to videos featured below, it seems like having the balloons similar in size is the key to a beautiful creation, so grab a balloon sizer cube too.

This seems like a tool that will help everyone get good results, no matter their experience level!

If you don’t want to bother with buying another tool, check out this video for an easy way to size balloons with just 2 chairs. Smart, eh?

And last, don’t forget about the balloons themselves!

You’ll need about 100 balloons for a balloon arch or garland, and fewer (depending on the balloon size) for columns and tabletop arches.

Assembly tips

Now you know what ballon display style want to make and also what supplies you need, so let’s get clear on how to put the balloon displays together!

There are really great tips in each of these tutorials, so if you’re ready to make a ballon display, I’d watch all of them, even if you’re set on a different type.

Garland (no stand)

First up, is a garland style balloon creation that can also serve as an arch with some well placed wall hooks!

EASIEST balloon arch tutorial without stand | PARTY DASH

Spiral balloon arch with a stand

A spiral balloon arch would be a good Walk-a-Thon course finish line or school dance decoration.


Columns (no stand)

This simple balloon column design seems to most time friendly and easiest to construct.


Over to you!

Hope this post has been helpful in showing you how to put together all of these balloon creations.

Isn’t it surprising how uncomplicated it really is to put together a balloon arch or any other of the balloon decoration displays?

I know I’ll be trying my hand at the balloon columns for the next Staff Appreciation event since they’re high impact and pretty low effort!

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