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Must Haves Every PTO Needs

Ready to whip your PTO into shape and always have what you need at the ready?

I’ve pulled together the list of essentials for you so you don’t have to wrack your brain trying to create the list because I know you’re busy and need just the facts, ma’am.

This post will highlight items you’ll be so happy to have on hand when the times comes to use them!

Get Items Where They Need to Go

Don’t have at least one collapsible wagon on hand?

Then you are making things harder for yourself than it needs to be.

If your group is putting on events or running concessions, you will save yourself a lot of time and muscle strain by using a wagon to cart things around.

And having a wagon that folds down means that you’ll be able to stow it without the wagon taking up a lot of room.

Just think how much easier it would be to set up for the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon without having to physically carry everything in?

Simply load up the wagon, pull it into the Teacher’s Lounge and unload!

Even if you have tow make a second trip, you’re still knocking down how many helpers you need to haul everything into the building and saving yourself muscle aches, all at the same time.

Decorating Made Easy

Cinder block walls make it difficult to decorate for things like a staff appreciation luncheon or a special person’s dance.

That’s where the 3M Command Repositionable Hooks come in.

Even if you you’re working with drywall, the hooks make it super easy to hang decorations like banners, bunting and balloons without messing up the painted finish.

And what’s more, your custodians will love you for being so thoughtful and choosing a temporary adhesive like that!

Event Go Kit

I’ve mentioned this must-have before, but it’s worth repeating because I cannot stress the importance of having all the supplies you need for an event gathered all in one place in a Go Kit.

It’s definitely a sanity saver and you will so be thanking yourself for preparing things just a bit before your event so that you’re not scrambling at the last minute thinking of what you’ll need for the event.

Instead of having the supplies scattered about, collected them all in one place in a see through tote that is very portable, like this Sterilite Stack and Carry bin.

Supplies like:

What I especially love about the stackable nature of these bins is that you can easily leave off a layer if you need fewer supplies on hand.

Taking just what you need literally lightens your load!

Officer Binders

Every leader should have a go to resource that lays out their entire role.

If you’re not into paper, don’t fret- the binder can be digital, but just make sure that every leader is given the details and documents about their role and responsibilities.

Having this information organized like this in a binder will make it not only easier to recruit new leaders, but they’re also more apt to stick around because they won’t have to waste time figuring everything out for themselves!

PTO secretary archive binder for past meeting minutes

Knowing that they’ll be handed an organized binder chock full of the information about your PTO and their specific role is absolute gold and will leave volunteers set up for success.

Need some help to get the binders together? Check out the PTA/PTO Success Kit bundle. There’s a resource for every leader in your group, from President to Room Parent and everything in between.

Over to you!

Did anything on this list of must-haves surprise you?

I hope it sparked some ideas for you about what systems you can implement to make your life easier and more enjoyable as a volunteer!

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