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Awesome Travel Themed Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas

As a teacher, one of the most important people in your child’s life, it is important to recognize their hard work and dedication. Teacher appreciation week is a perfect opportunity to show them how much they are valued and their efforts appreciated . If you’re looking for a fun theme for your teacher appreciation week hosted by your PTO or PTA, why not consider a travel-themed celebration? Here are some ideas to help you put on a memorable travel themed event for your school’s teachers and staff.

Decorate the Space

The first thing you’ll need to do is decorate the space. Use travel-themed decorations such as maps, globes, airplanes, and postcards. You can also create a “passport” for each teacher that they can use to visit different stations throughout the event. Deck out the space where you’ll be hosting events at the start of the week so they can be enjoyed throughout the week.

Balloons are a fun way to add pops of color around the room in an inexpensive way.  This earth print balloon mix is pretty fun and a change from plain latex balloons.

String a map pennant banner across a wall or along a table or counter’s edge for an easy decorative touch.

And then layer on this cloud and plane garland for a richer and more dimensional look.

Hang some international flag flair from the ceiling using these paper lanterns.

Add a combination wall decoration and conversation starter by hanging up a world and US map in the event space. Put a note nearby the maps along with some pushpins and ask teachers to indicate where they’ve travelled to.

Hang a colorful flag bunting above the maps to draw attention to them.

Set the table

Tables and counters in your space are prime locations for adding decorations to the space, so don’t overlook spending some time decorating these areas too.

Start by laying down a base layer tablecloth that goes with the travel theme, like this country flag themed tablecloth.

Sprinkle some glittery plane and cloud table confetti on the table space for some fun sparkle.

Another confetti option are these map paper heart confetti.

Add some tabletop decor that can be moved around the space to get a slightly different look depending on the day’s event.

Toss a few inflatable globes around the room for a different type of decoration- one that can be used by staff to blow off some steam!

The Weekly Plan

Make a plan for each day of the week to wow them and really show how much you appreciate the teachers and staff.


Surprise staff and teachers with love notes inside and out of the school. Chalk the walk with fun messages and then give everyone a customized note of thanks and gratitude.

Bring a stack of notecards to PTO meetings in February, March and April and get some help writing a note to every staff member.

This suitcase note card is a fun love note option.


Host a luncheon for all to enjoy. One bonus of having the luncheon earlier in the week is that leftovers can stay handy in the teacher lounge fridge and enjoyed for a few days more.

Get donations of food representing different cuisines, tailored to what’s available in your community.

A travel-themed menu is a great way to tie everything together. Here are some ideas:

  • Appetizers: You can serve international snacks like hummus and pita, sushi rolls, and samosas.
  • Main Course: Consider dishes from around the world, like pasta dishes from Italy, paella from Spain, stir-fry from China, or tacos from Mexico.
  • Desserts: Serve sweets from different countries like French macarons, churros from Spain, or baklava from the Middle East.
  • Drinks: Create a signature cocktail that reflects the theme of the event like a Mai Tai, Margarita, or a Moscow Mule (mocktail style of course!).

These world flag plates are fun and theme appropriate.


Give staff a customized to go tumbler. Since the tumblers are clear, you can literally decorate them with whatever you want: your school logo and mascot, a simple thank you or anything else!


Satisfy sweet tooth with a cupcake treat!

These reversible cupcake wrappers are perfect for a delicious dessert.

Top each cupcake off with a few mini flag decorations.

Use smaller plates for the desserts, like this cloud plate and napkin set.


Finally, don’t forget to give each teacher a thoughtful gift.

Package the gifts in a lovely way too. Add a gift bag to their mailbox the Thursday evening so they’ll have the surprise ready and waiting for them in the morning.

This suitcase gift box is adorable and perfect for a smaller collection of treats.

Consider giving them travel-themed gifts such as:

A travel journal is a thoughtful gift.

A colorful luggage tag will come in handy and make a lovely gift.

Chocolate is always a winner and these Earth shaped chocolates are theme-perfect.

This Earth stress ball is both fun and functional.

An airplane bottle opener is also cute and useful to have around.

A new keychain is always a nice gift.

Another practical and very thoughtful gift is a password holder. This four pack of passport holders offers a nice selection of colors to suit everyone in your school.

Over to You!

In conclusion, a travel-themed teacher appreciation week is a great way to show your child’s teachers how much they are valued. With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can create a memorable event that will leave a lasting impression. Teachers and school staff members are instrumental in shaping the future, so taking the time to show appreciation can go a long way in boosting morale and fostering a positive relationship.

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