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Last Minute Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Need some quick and easy ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week?

I’ve got you covered in this post with some really awesome and super easy ideas!

Just because you’re short on time, doesn’t mean you can’t pull together a thoughtful gift to show teachers and school staff how much you appreciate them!

Print a Gift

There isn’t a much faster way to get a unique gift to show your appreciation than with printables!

Quote Art Cards

Have you ever noticed how teachers really seem to love quotes?

This mini-quote art card set features 12 different quotes with a sayings that are perfect for every staff member of your school!

Simply print, trim, write a message on the reverse side and pop them into the staff mailboxes.

They will really love this gift and it is super cost effective!

Snag your copy of this mini-quote art set here!

Dress up the otherwise ordinary

Simple gifts can be easily transformed into super thoughtful gifts really easily!

Just attached a gift tag that has a play on words

You're the Balm Thank You Printable Gift Tag Set

Like this You’re the Balm gift tag!

Thanks for being a Lifesaver Appreciation Printable Gift Tag

Or this Thanks for being a Lifesaver gift tag!

Punny Teacher Appreciation Gift Tags

Or just really go for it with full on puns!

This set of punny gift tags are geared more towards specialists and encore teachers like library, PE, Stem and bus drivers, but they’ll work for all staff, really!

Write a Note

It feels so good to have sometime tell you nice things.

And if you ask teachers, they’re sure to tell you that they’d take a note from their student over a physical present any day!

There’s no doubt the teachers will love this gorgeous Letter to my Teacher note!

It comes ready to be printed so it can be filled in by hand or there’s also the choice to type in the note and print it out all completed!

Looking for a more masculine version of the Letter to my Teacher?

I’ve got a suggestion for that option as well!


Another quick and easy way to show the love is by filling their bellies with treats!

Be sure to offer a variety of options that will suit everyone (ie don’t skip vegan and gluten-free options)!

Put out bowls of snack foods in the teacher’s lounge.

printable donut ever forget how much we appreciate you printable gift tag

Get a few dozen doughnuts for a morning surprise!

Stock the fridge with satisfying drinks!

Lemonade Themed Thanks for a Refreshing Year Tag Set
Lemonade anyone?
Thanks a Latte Printable Coffee Themed Gift Tag
Coffee and tea are also crowd pleasers!

Bust out your PTO popcorn machine and pop up some bags of popcorn and have them ready for staff to snag.

Thanks for Making Our School Pop Thank You Printable Gift Tag Set

Or pile up a stack of tagged microwave popcorn bags and let them pop when they’re ready!

Put together a snack cart and wheel it around offering a treat to the teachers.

Fill the tables in the staff lounge with treats before the last staff meeting or on the last day fo school for teachers.

Announce your Appreciation

Just how much do you appreciate your teachers and staff?

Be straightforward and tell them!

Morning Announcements

A zero cost way to express your gratitude is coming up with fun morning announcements to highlight your thankfulness:

  • Recite five reasons why you love your teachers.
  • Say three things you couldn’t do without their support.
  • Spread out individual shout outs for each teacher all week to cover everyone!

Be creative in your messages and I’m sure the staff will love them!

Social Media Shoutouts

Don’t just limit announcing your appreciation to the morning PA announcements!

Post the same messages on Facebook, Instagram or any other social platform your PTO is on.

Say It With a Sign

Hang up signs as love notes by copiers, teacher mailboxes, the staff lounge and in teacher bathrooms, places they’re sure to be seen!

Or if you have a little more time and can get an Amazon delivery to you before the end of Teacher Appreciation Week, then here are some really nice ways to recognize the school staff!

Big Dot of Happiness Thank You Teachers - Yard Sign and Outdoor Lawn Decorations - Teacher and Staff Appreciation Yard Signs - Set of 8

These reusable teacher appreciation lawn signs are so cute!

What an eye catcher that your entire staff is sure to love!

Teacher Appreciation - First and Last Day of School Yard Sign Outdoor Lawn Decorations - Thank You Teachers Yard Signs - We Love Our Teachers

Another great teacher appreciation lawn sign set!

Love the polka dot letters!

VictoryStore Outdoor Lawn Decorations, We Love Our Staff Yard Decorations, 19pcs, 12514

And here’s another version of clever lawn signs for staff appreciation.

These wouldn’t take long to set up, and are a great way to start the day for your teachers and staff.

The nice thing about these signs is that they’re pretty sturdy and you could totally reuse them several time.

That makes them even more cost effective since it’s not a one-and-done situation!

Chalk it up!

Another fun idea for letting the school staff know you love them is to write supportive messages on the walkways leading up to the entrance with sidewalk chalk.

Have more than one entrance?

It’s easy activity to involve students and more hands make for a more impressive message display!

Worried about weather?

One option is to just hope for no rain until the teachers and staff have had a chance to see it all!

Of course, if you’re at all worried about weather ruining the surprise, you can snap a few pictures of the project and share them on social media.

This its actually a great idea even if you’re not rained out since not everyone may have the chance to see it in person.

Make sure everyone knows

One last reminder to be sure to post on social media and report at meetings what the plans are for all the teachers and staff love!

Making a big deal about what your PTO or PTA is doing for the teachers can be a great motivator for parents to get involved to help, so don’t be shy about being boastful and really spreading the word!

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