20 Ways to Dress Up Inexpensive Teacher Appreciation Gifts

It’s totally the thought that counts, they say.

And that’s true, so that’s why going the extra mile to dress up what is an inexpensive teacher appreciation gift can totally turn it into something so much more!

I’m always one to be budget conscious and especially during Teacher Appreciation Week where I want to stretch my PTO’s dollars to the max, while giving fun treats to the school staff!

These ideas of course also work if you’re looking for an idea to give from you personally, instead of on behalf of your PTO and they also are perfect for volunteer appreciation gifts as well!

Read on for 20 super cute ways to dress up any teacher appreciation or volunteer gift and turn something kinda ordinary into a thoughtful gift!

Food Gift Packaging Ideas

Thank You for Being a Terrific Teacher Tea Themed Printable Gift Tag

One thing I know for sure is that teachers have plenty of coffee mugs.

So why not surprise them with something to go in the mugs?

And topping off a nice tin of fancy, but not too fancy tea with this Thank You for being a Tea-riffic Teacher gift tag is just perfect!

Thanks a Latte Printable Coffee Themed Gift Tag

One way to delight just about anyone is to serve up a coffee or tea treat!

And be sure to complete the present with this coffee themed Thanks a Latte gift tag!

printable donut ever forget how much we appreciate you printable gift tag

A pun- filled sentiment is never the wrong way to go, in my opinion!

So that’s why this Donut ever forget how much we appreciate you gift tag is a great gift topper!

Add the tag to a box of doughnut holes or a box of their favorite treat!

Looking for another doughnut themed gift tag?

Maybe one with a cute smiling donut dude????

printable doughnut thank you gift tag

Well you’re in luck!

This bright and cheery Thanks a hole bunch printable gift tag adds a playful touch!

One Smart Cookie Printable Gift Tag

Who doesn’t like cookies?

This next gift tag idea is great for sprucing up a simple, but delicious gift!

Attach it to a commercially baked cookie or a whimsically decorated cookie.

Either way, it’s a yummy idea!

Lemonade Themed Thanks for a Refreshing Year Tag Set

A sweet little bottle of lemonade is much cuter with this Thanks for a refreshing year gift tag!

These bottles would look really cute all tagged up at a teacher appreciation luncheon.

Without Your Help We Would've Fallen to Pieces Printable Gift Tag

This next gift tag and gift elevation idea is pretty pun-tactic!

The Without your help, we would’ve fallen to pieces tag is a fun addition to a theater sized box of candy.

Thanks for a Sweet Year Printable Gift Tag Set

Candy is another popular choice for an appreciation gift.

You can stretch your teacher appreciation budget even further by individually packaging pre-wrapped candy.

And I think it looks a lot better than giving it in the original packaging!

This Thanks for a sweet year gift tag really leans into the theme, don’t you think?

Over the Rainbow Themed Appreciation Printable Gift Tag Set

Sometimes using the tagline of the product you’re giving as a present can be a fun thing to do!

That’s kinda what this We’re over the rainbow thankful for you gift tag does since Skittles’ tagline “Taste the Rainbow.”

A super economical gift idea for the entire teaching staff is microwave popcorn. But you can’t exactly pop the bag into their mailbox and call it a day.

But once you add this Thanks for making our school POP! gift tag, you totally can!

Thanks for being a Lifesaver Appreciation Printable Gift Tag

Sometimes a school staff member, teacher or volunteer goes way above and beyond during the year.

And you definitely need to recognize them for that!

This Thanks for being such a Lifesaver printable gift tag is a great way to let them know how you feel!

Sweet Sentiments

Turning away from food ideas for a bit, here are 9 more gift tag ideas that’ll make any gift really cute!

I really dig the whole life saver theme because it’s pretty versatile.

Sure, you can do the obvious and add it to some Lifesavers (like I did with the other tag version), but you could also add it to just about anything to show your appreciation!

This rainbow stripe thanks for being a lifesaver gift tag is attached to a bottle of hand sanitizer (not that you can tell!), making it a very practical gift!

delicate and elegant floral thank you gift tag

First up is a timeless option that will look absolutely fantastic on any number of teacher appreciation gifts!

This floral thank you gift tag is the perfect gift topper.

The flowers are so delicate and the color scheme will blend with so many looks.

Think of all the different ways you could use this, whether for PTO or other gifting occasions!

Awesome to the Core Apple Themed Teacher Appreciation Printable Gift Tag

Apples are a common theme for teacher gifts, but plain ole red apples are a little played out.

This You’re Awesome to your Core gift tag is a fresh take!

Best Teacher Ever Printable Gift Tag

Do you have a teacher you especially love?

This Best Teacher Ever bright pink gingham printable gift tag is a really cute addition to any gift.

I especially love the look of the pink with the turquoise gift box.

Cuuuute, right?

Thanks for Helping Us Shine Tag Set

How cute is this next gift packaging idea?

I found the red ribbon in my stash and knew it was THE ONE to set off this Thanks for helping us shine gift tag!

We'd Be Nuts Not To Appreciate You Squirrel Themed Appreciation Printable Gift Tag

Seems like I see squirrel stuff every where nowadays, so I couldn’t help but share this We’d be nuts to miss a change to thank you gift tag!

The gift tag is featured here on a bag of individually wrapped chocolates.

You're the Balm Thank You Printable Gift Tag Set

Another practical, but fun gift idea that won’t break the bank is lip balm.

And it’s even a better present when you top it with this You’re the Balm gift tag!

The tag will match just about any lip balm, so the more colorful, the better!

Berry Appreciated Thank You Tag Set

I have another punny gift tag idea to share with you. But this You are berry appreciation gift tag is one I especially love because it could go on so many different gifts.

It’s featured here on a small box that would be best for candy, but it could top just about any gift. IRL, the lettering really pops and it’s quite fun to look at!

Thanks for Putting Up With All the Crap Printable Gift Tags

I’ve saved my favorite for last with the Thanks for putting up with all the crap gift tag!

I could totally see giving this not to the entire staff, but to that certain teacher, staff member or PTO volunteer that has put up with a lot and needs a good laugh.

And it has to be someone you know relatively well so they will especially appreciation the poop emoji!

Want to see how I used some of these packaging ideas?

Watch this!

How to Dress Up Inexpensive Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Need some help knowing that to give your teachers?

If you’re in need of a little inspiration for what to give as teacher gifts this year, stop guessing and just ask!

This Teacher’s Favorite questionnaire helps you quickly zone in on what will be loved and what to forget about!

Over to you!

What’s your favorite teacher gift packaging idea?

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