survivor themed teacher appreciation ideas

Spectacular Survivor Appreciation Week Ideas

By the time Teacher Appreciation Week comes in May, you bet that teachers are definitely feeling like they’re survivors!

As much as they love their jobs and the children in their classes, the reality is that post-Spring Break is a real struggle.

So play up that fact by putting on a silly theme that they’ll really love!

Celebrate the fact that they’re outwitting, outplaying and outlasting the school year and absolutely killing the individual immunity challenges they face each day!

Survivor Themed Decorations

The trick to a successful teacher appreciation event is to make sure the food served during the week is deliciously spot on.

But if you go the extra mile to fully decorate the room, then the event will be so much more enjoyable and the teachers will see how much you care!

Decorate the teacher’s lounge at the beginning of the week and add in elements such as the buffet serving table as needed throughout the week.

But since you might not have the time or skill to be extra crafty, there’s no shortage of options for Survivor themed decorations!

First, these tiki cut out wall decorations can double as “immunity idols.”

This paper tissue flower garland is such a pretty and perfect way to set a tropical tone for the appreciation event!

Another inexpensive decoration that fits the Survivor theme are these super fun paper tiki lanterns.

Check out this post for even more Jungle themed decoration and appreciation celebration ideas.

Daily ideas

Now that you have the staff lounge decked out with decorations galore, it’s time to make a plan of events for each day!


Start the week off in the most lovely way with a morning smoothie bar!

Of course you’ll want to offer lots of tropical fruit.

Here’s a yummy pineapple and banana smoothie recipe.


Show your staff some love with letter from loved ones by giving each a personalized note from students or parents in their mailbox.


Put together a gorgeous spread of delicacies and favorites to treat your staff to a teacher appreciation luncheon.

Serve it up buffet style to mimic the merge feasts!

A bamboo print tablecloth is a cute way to make staff feel like they’re on the island.

Add in a green raffia table skirt to dress the table from floor to top and conceals supplies from view.

Spread these large palm leaves across the table for a very casual and organic feeling tablescape.

Serve food on palm leaf plates and don’t forget the coordinating napkins!

Survivor Themed Food Ideas:

For a teacher appreciation event that they’ll actually enjoy, avoid going the route of the creepy-crawly gross food challenge route!

Instead, head towards tropical delights like:


Print off a copy of this gorgeous and on point C.S. Lewis Quote Wall Art and give a copy to each staff member to help them always remember this great week!


Old Navy and other stores often have $1 flip flops heading into the Summer months, so snag a pair for each staff member as one final treat to top off the week!

Let them Know What’s Coming

Don’t forget to set the tone for the week by sending out an invitation highlighting your teacher appreciation events on parchment paper.

Run the paper through the copier to make your invitations, then slightly burn all for edges of the paper for the authentic Survivor parchment paper ballot look.

Roll into little scrolls and tie off with twine before putting them into teacher’s “tree mail” boxes.

Over to you!

I hope this post has given you some great ideas on how to put on a successful Survivor themed Teacher Appreciation Week!

Share in the comments below your other creative ideas!

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