inexpensive teacher appreciation ideas

Budget Friendly Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Is your Teacher Appreciation budget lower than you’d like?

Don’t let having a small budget get in the way of showing your teachers and staff how much you appreciate all that they do!

This post has nine terrific ideas for things you can do as a PTO or as an individual parent to show all of the teachers at your child’s school that you care!

All of these ideas are low-cost and easy to pull off!

Chalk it Up

First, get artsy with some chalk!

Grab some sidewalk chalk and write encouraging messages along the sidewalks leading up the school entrances.

This is a great activity to include kids in on the teacher appreciation action!

They’ll have fun creating drawings and leaving for teachers to see when they come into school the next day!

Make an Announcement

Draft up a fun announcement or find a poem about teachers and their dedication to your school.

This site has poems largely written by students, so they’re spot on with a nice variety of sentiments.

Then pass the announcement along to the school administrative assistant to read over the school PA during morning announcements.

This takes just a bit of time, but the teachers will appreciate the thoughtfulness!

Deliver room service

This next activity can either be a low cost event or no cost event, depending on if you’re able to get snacks donated.

Hang an order form on every staff members’ door for a little snack surprise!

I have a VIP room service order form template available in my shop where you can customize the entire form in about a minute.

You can customize the school and group name, day of delivery and snack items to make the form uniquely yours!

Set up a snack station

Who doesn’t love an afternoon snack?

The genius part to setting up a snack station is that it can be as simple or elaborate as you want.

All it takes is to pop up some popcorn and set out some drinks, and boom, you have a goodie bar they’ll love!

Add in other snacks and beverages if you’re able for a bigger selection, but it’s not necessary.

Shout it out on Social Media

Post love messages to your teachers on your PTO Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts!

I made a whole bunch of graphics for volunteer appreciation, but many of them will work for teacher appreciation as well.

Cover the car line or recess duty

Get a group of parents to cover the teachers’ shifts to work the car line or recess duty for a day.

If you have enough volunteers, you could cover the entire week!

You know they would love this sort of help!

Update the marquee

If you school has an old school letter board or new fangled electronic marquee in from of your school, make use of it to show the love to your teachers!

Craft a message thanking teachers and staff and put it up on the school marquee for all passersby to see!

Printable Art

One almost universally loved thing by all teachers are quotes!

Take a look at their email signatures and you’ll usually find an inspirational or motivational saying about the impact of teaching.

Because they love quotes so much, teachers will also love these beautiful quote art printable cards.

There are 12 different designs in all, making it super affordable to give one to every teacher and school staff member!


The last idea is simple: Ask teachers what they need help with.

Chances are, they’ll have some copying that needs to be done.

Or sorting.

Or some other small task that won’t take too much of your time or talent, but will ease their workload.

And less to do is something teachers will really appreciate!

Watch this!

Inexpensive Teacher Appreciation Ideas from Parents, PTO or PTA

Over to you!

Which of these low cost teacher appreciation ideas will your staff love the most?

Tell me in the comments below and let’s chat!

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